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Higher educational attainment in the immigrant population is partly related to Canadian immigration policy. This is particularly true as it relates to principal applications to the economic class, where educational attainment is an important selection factor, intended to reflect the applicant's ability to adapt to changes within the labour market sekeing necessary.

Note 20 Inthe Immigration and Refugee Protection Act Selena cambridge escort came into effect, placing additional weight on educational attainment, along with proficiency in an official language, in the selection process of economic applicants.

Bachelor's level education or higher was less common amongst recent immigrant women of the same age who were admitted under the family class; Refugees were the least likely to have attained this level of education, with only In addition to selection factors, family factors also contribute to greater educational attainment amongst the immigrant population. Immigrants who arrived in Canada at younger ages were also more likely than their Canadian-born peers to attain a university degree.

Note 22 Factors contributing to their achievement included having parents who were also highly educated, and who placed value on education at the high school level.

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Inrecent immigrant men and women were similarly likely to have attained a university education. Nonetheless, as inin there was a gap between the proportion of recent immigrant men and women who had attained a graduate level degree. Of recent immigrant women in the core working age group, Among immigrant women who had earned a postsecondary certificate, diploma, or degree, the majority Foreign-earned credentials were even more common amongst recent immigrant women, Of the recent immigrant women who completed a postsecondary credential outside of Canada, School attendance during this period was reported by However, this difference is related to the different age structures of these two populations; the immigrant population is older, and therefore less likely to have attended school.

A higher proportion of immigrant women between the ages of 15 and seekinh reported attending school sex buddies yarm to their Canadian-born counterparts This was also the case for women aged 25 to 44, among whom Womaj school might be a good strategy for some newcomers wishing to enter the Canadian labour force; for example, to become a more competitive candidate for beemuda, or to transfer foreign credentials. This difference carried into older ages as well — A similar pattern existed for men; however, men in general were slightly less likely to have attended school.

Among those aged 15 and over, In particular, it examines the relationship between skills and socio-demographic characteristics, such as age and gender, and highlights the skill levels of certain subpopulations in Canada, such as the immigrant population. Although the majority of immigrant men and women have a mother tongue that is neither of these languages, the test is intended to assess skills in the context of Canadian society.

Within this context, immigrants showed lower proficiency than the Canadian-born population on all three tiers of the PIACC skills assessment. However, on this measure alone, Canadian-born and established immigrants were similarly likely to fall seeling the bottom two proficiency levels; recent immigrants were more likely than both of these two groups to do so. Sydney asian escortsPIAAC reported that in general, men have higher numeracy skills across all age groups covered, with differences increasing alongside age.

Literacy scores did not vary ificantly by gender. Immigrant and Canadian-born women obtained postsecondary education in similar fields. They were also somewhat less likely 8. Compared to Canadian-born women, immigrant women were more likely to bermuca earned a postsecondary credential in the sciences, mathematics, computer and information sciences, or architecture, engineering and related technologies. Black male looking for 85257 morning bang, immigrant women were about twice as likely as women born in Canada to have earned a postsecondary credential in mathematics, computer and information sciences, or physical and life sciences and technologies.

The fields of study chosen by recent immigrant women were similar to the overall population of towson escort available today women and Canadian-born women. They were also slightly more likely to have studied in mathematics, computer and information sciences or architecture, engineering and related technologies. The educational profile of immigrant men differed from that of immigrant women.

Immigrant men aged 15 years and older, similar to their Canadian-born counterparts, were concentrated in two areas of study.

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They were most likely to have a postsecondary certificate or diploma in architecture, engineering and related technologies Immigrant men were also somewhat more likely than immigrant women to have earned a postsecondary credential in mathematics, computer and information sciences. The coulpe labour force grew from 8. Note 28 Of those women who were part of the labour force in1. Senior immigrant women and Canadian-born women participated in the labour force at the same rate.

There was a negligible gap in the participation rates of Canadian-born and immigrant men of core working age, Both groups of men were more likely to be labour force xeeking than their female counterparts. Participation rates also varied by admission category. research milton ontario escorts shown a strong relationship between source-country female labour force participation rates and immigrant women's labour force participation in the host country.

In the past, this relationship has independiente escort rialto attributed to source-country gender-role attitudes that persist following emigration to a new country. Note 31 That is to say that women who emigrate from countries with less equitable attitudes towards education and employment for females and males, will be less likely to participate in the labour force of their new country.

Indeed both source-country participation rates and source-country gender role attitudes have been shown to be individually related to female labour force participation rates in Canada. However, recent evidence has shown that source-country female labour force participation rates and source-country gender role attitudes are only moderately correlated. To be sure, while countries with the lowest scores on gender-role attitudes i.

Rather, countries with the highest labour force participation rates i. Similarly, those with the highest gender-role attitude scores i. Thus, while low scores on attitudes towards gender equity do appear to be related to low female labour force participation, it does not necessarily follow that high female labour force participation rates are indicative of favourable gender-role attitudes.

In doman, when source-country participation amsterdam independent escorts are taken intogender role attitudes were no longer a ificant predictor of immigrant women's labour force participation in Canada. This suggests that, although gender-role attitudes may be related to participation in the labour force, this relationship is mediated by source-country labour force participation to predict labour force participation in Canada.

The same pattern held for Canadian-born women; however, the employment rate for Canadian-born women was consistently higher than that of immigrant women, reaching Recently arrived immigrant women were the losantville in dating personals likely to be employed. The employment rate for recent immigrant women in the core working age group of 25 to 54 year olds was Canadian-born women were most likely to be employed, with an employment rate of Inthe unemployment rate for immigrant women aged 15 and over was 9.

The unemployment rate was higher for immigrant women incompared to in when it was 7. In contrast, the unemployment rate rose by only cople of womqn percentage point for Canadian-born women. Within the core working age group of 25 to 54 year olds, there was a gap of 3.

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Unemployment was highest amongst recent immigrant women, at The decision to enter the labour force may involve several factors, including: family responsibilities, ability to converse in a local language and other settlement issues. Participation in the labour force, that is to say working or looking for work, increased with time spent in Canada for all immigrants of core working age. Recent immigrant men of core working age were less likely than their Canadian-born counterparts to be labour force participants However, immigrant men who had been in Canada for longer than 5 years had a participation rate that was similar to the Canadian-born population.

The difference in participation rates between recent immigrant women and Canadian-born women of core working age was broader than that of their male counterparts. Sixty-seven percent of recent immigrant women of core working age were labour force participants, compared to Although the participation rates of immigrant women increased alongside time spent in Canada, even those who had arrived before had slightly lower participation rates than their Canadian-born peers This same pattern, whereby immigrant women take longer to reach Canadian-born levels of labour force participation compared to immigrant men, was also observed for employment rates.

Immigrant women of core working age also appeared to experience more persistent challenges becoming employed. Recent immigrant women of core working age had an unemployment rate of Only those who had arrived in Canada prior to had an unemployment rate that was similar 5. Finding employment can be a challenge for newcomers to Canada. This issue may be compounded by difficulties having foreign educational credentials and work experience recognized by Canadian employers.

Note 33 Consequently, there is a greater degree of education-to-job mismatch amongst immigrants compared to the Canadian-born population. In contrast, this was the case for This difference was slightly more pronounced for the core working age group of 25 to 54 year olds, where Recent immigrant women were least likely to be employed in positions that matched their education.

Of those in the core working age group who had attained a bachelor's level degree or higher, Men were less likely to report a mismatch between the skill requirements of their occupation and their education level. This was particularly true amongst male immigrants. Among people who worked inwomen Note 34 As a group, immigrant women discreet college aged guy looking for same Within the core working age group, immigrant women worked part-time Of the immigrant women aged 15 and over who worked at any time duringthe vast majority A smaller proportion 9.

This breakdown was similar for the core big cock escort hemet age group of 25 to 54 year old immigrant women, except that there were slightly more wage earners The worker profile of Canadian-born women was similar to that of immigrant women as a whole, however, Canadian-born women were slightly less likely 7.

This small difference was primarily carried by immigrant women in the older working age group of 55 to 64 year olds, Recent immigrant women were less likely 5. Within the older working age group of 55 to 64 year olds, they were also slightly more likely 1. Regardless of immigrant status, men were generally more likely than their female counterparts to be self-employed. Likewise, Most immigrant and Canadian-born women reported working in traditional female occupations in Women aged 15 and over were most commonly employed in sales and service occupations and in business, finance, and administrative disciplines.

Of immigrant women who were employed during the week before census day in Immigrant women in the core working age group of 25 to 54 year olds were also most commonly employed in sales and service occupations Other common occupations for this group of women included education, law and social, community and government services These occupations were also most common for Canadian-born women in the core working age group.

However Canadian-born women more frequently reported being employed in business, finance and administration fields Canadian-born women were also slightly more likely Meanwhile, immigrant women were more likely than Canadian-born women to have worked in occupations related to natural and physical sciences 5. These occupations were held in similar proportions by recent immigrant women.

Regardless of immigrant status, men were more much likely than women to work in trades, transport and equipment operation as well as in the sciences. Men were also more likely brillion wi housewives personals women to hold management positions. An individual's total income consists generally of two broad components: market income, such as employment and investment earnings, and government transfer payments, such as employment insurance and child benefits.

Employment earnings including wages, salaries, and self-employment income ed for The contribution of employment income to total income was higher for recent immigrant women In comparison, Canadian-born women reported that The share of income from employment was higher among the core working age housewives personals in lagunitas ca of 25 to 54 year olds.

However, relative to the Canadian-born population, immigrant women reported a smaller share of income from employment sources. Among Canadian-born women of core working age, Conversely, government transfer payments comprised a larger portion of immigrant women's income compared to their Canadian-born counterparts in this age group. Canadian-born women of core working age reported that In comparison, immigrant women reported Income sources differed for men compared to women, and differences by dirty escorts status were also less pronounced among men.

In general, men reported a higher proportion of income from employment compared to their female counterparts. Within the core working age group, Men reported a smaller proportion of total income from government transfers compared to their female counterparts. Among men of core working age, government transfers ed for 3. Senior men also reported a smaller proportion of total income from government transfers compared to senior women.

As a group, immigrant women earned less than their Canadian-born counterparts in Employment income disparity, however, differed across age groups. The median employment income of younger earners, between the ages of 15 and 24, was similar between immigrant and Canadian-born women. Immigrant women of core working age, however, had a lower median income than Canadian-born women. Senior immigrant women, however, were earning more than their Canadian-born peers.

Like Canadian-born women, immigrant women had a lower median employment income compared to their male counterparts. Integrating into the Canadian labour market can be challenging for new immigrants to Canada — particularly in terms of finding work that reflects their training. Consequently, recent immigrants typically have lower employment income than immigrants with longer tenure in Canada. Inrecent immigrant women had the lowest employment income across all age groups.

Past research has suggested that changes to immigration selection policy in the early s have resulted in better economic outcomes for recent immigrants. Note 35 Compared to immigrants who landed in the s, principal applicants admitted under the economic class who arrived after earned more upon landing, and had a median employment income that increased at a faster pace. Despite improved economic outcomes within the recent immigrant population, the earnings gap between recent immigrant women and Canadian-born women widened between the s and the mid s.

Note 37 Time spent in Canada narrowed this gap.

Note 38 Immigrant men also experienced greater income parity with time, although at a lesser rate. The prevalence of low-income was highest amongst recent immigrants at Prevalence of low income was slightly lower misty chicago escort male immigrants Of the total female immigrant population, girls under the age of 15 had the highest prevalence of low-income In contrast, senior immigrant women aged 65 and over had the lowest low-income rate Longer time spent living in Canada was related to lower prevalence of low-income status.

For example, inthe prevalence of low income after tax for recent female immigrants, who arrived between andwas This pattern was consistent for immigrant women and girls across all age groups, except for senior women aged 65 and over. The prevalence of low-income remained approximately the same, dropping only lehigh acres escorts ladyboy those who had arrived prior to West van lear ky adult personals Longitudinal Immigration Database links information from immigrant landing files to annual tax files.

Respondents were selected for analysis if they had positive employment income at both time points. Principal applicants to the economic class are admitted to Canada based on their suitability for the Canadian labour market, and potential to adapt to labour market changes. As such, as a group, women in this category had higher employment income one year after landing inand experienced the largest increase in income over a 15 year period. Records from the Longitudinal Immigration Database showed that time spent in Canada is related to an increase in share of total income from employment earnings and a decrease in share of total income from government transfers.

The remaining After having resided in Canada for 15 years, employment earnings ed for Meanwhile, the proportion of total income from government transfers decreased to The proportion of total income from employment earnings was higher for women who were principal applicants admitted under the economic class in One year after landing, Fifteen years after landing, nearly 150 northampton escorts tenths An individual's social network is comprised of connections to family, friends and acquaintances.

Academic research has often used the term social capital to describe the benefits associated with these connections. For independent escorts grand junction, a larger social network has been associated with better life satisfaction, as well as higher levels of self-reported mental and physical health. Note 39 On the other hand, more diversified networks, with connections to people in a variety of occupation types, has been linked to better employment outcomes.

Data from the General Social Survey showed that there was a small but statistically ificant difference in the of social connections reported by men and women aged 15 and over. Immigrant women Note 41 had fewer social connections than Canadian-born women 24 compared to 29, respectively. Within age groups, however, this difference was only apparent for those between the ages of 25 and Recent immigrant women, on the other hand, had networks that were comparable in size to their Canadian-born peers, with around 26 connections overall.

Current technology can facilitate the maintenance of long-distance or internet-only connections. However, local connections Note 42 may be particularly important to accessing certain resources, such as employment and childcare. When leaving their home country, immigrants typically leave a large part of their local social network behind and must rebuild that network in a new environment, and this process may take time.

Within other age groups, there were no ificant differences, suggesting that with time immigrant women in most age groups build social networks that are comparably sized to those of their Canadian-born peers. Upon landing in Canada, immigrants are typically healthier than the average Canadian-born person. Note 43 One contributor to the "healthy immigrant effect" involves self-selection: people who choose to migrate are able and motivated to do so.

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Another contributor involves immigrant selection procedures, which may exclude those with serious medical conditions, and favour those with characteristics such as higher education, and language ability related to positive health outcomes. Some health measures by which recent immigrants have surpassed the Canadian-born bermhda include: a lower mortality rate, lower incidence of chronic conditions, lower incidence of mental health problems, and better self-reported health.

Note 45Note 46 However, these health advantages have been shown to decrease with time spent in Canada, seeling certain subgroups of immigrants persons with low-incomeseniors and women at greater risk than others. Note 47 For example, immigrant women who had been in Canada longer than 10 years had poorer self-reported health than their Canadian-born counterparts, while seekjng men who had been in Canada for the same time period had similar levels of self-reported health to the Canadian-born population.

This decline in health asiatique escort been attributed in part to stresses associated with migration including: challenges finding an adequate source of income, language difficulties, and rebuilding social networks in a new country. However, cuople risks known to be associated with the stresses of migration can be mitigated by social support and services provided within the community.

Indeed, according to research, "social support from family and community sources buffers the stresses of migration and resettlement, promotes mental and physical sdeking, and enables help-seeking. ing associations and organizations offers the opportunity to broaden and winnipeg ind escorts one's social network. Note 50 Within age groups, this difference wwoman only ificant for those between the ages of 25 and Males and females were equally likely to have participated in at least one association or organization; however there were some differences in the whitney wonders escort of activities they were involved in.

Women, regardless of whether they were or were not immigrants, were more denver post personals than men to participate in religious groups, school or community groups, cultural and educational groups, youth groups, and seniors groups. Woan were less likely than men to participate in political groups, service clubs, unions and professional organizations or sports and recreation groups.

Nonetheless, the top three reported group types were consistent across males and females. In addition to participation in organizations and associations, another measure of civic engagement that may indicate integration into Canadian life is voting behaviour. Note 52 In contrast, voting behaviour among immigrant men was not statistically coupoe than Canadian-born men at the federal or provincial level.

However, immigrant men were less likely than Canadian-born men to have voted in the last municipal election. At the sierra pine escort level, differences in voting behaviour between immigrant and Canadian-born women were only statistically ificant among the two youngest age groups; 18 to 24 and 25 to 54 year olds.

At the provincial and municipal levels immigrant women were generally less likely than Canadian-born women to vote regardless of their age. Due to small sample sizes, voting behaviour among recent immigrants is not reported here. However, research has shown that recent immigrants are less likely to vote than more established immigrants. Note 53 This relationship persisted even after ing for the younger age of recent immigrants.

Ckuple difference did not exist when only immigrant men and women were considered. Immigrant women most commonly cited not being interested as the main reason they did not vote in the last federal election. Immigrant population refers to a person who is or has ever been a landed immigrant. This is a person who has been granted the right to live in Canada permanently by immigration authorities. Immigrants are either Canadian citizens by naturalization or permanent residents landed immigrants under Bdrmuda legislation.

Some immigrants have resided in Canada for a of gaastra mi milf personals, while others have arrived recently. Most immigrants are born outside Canada, but a small are born in Canada. The immigrant population excludes non-permanent residents, who are persons in Canada on a work or study permit, or who are refugee claimants. Recent immigrants also known as newcomers or recent arrivals are landed immigrants who came to Canada up to five years prior to a given survey year.

Canadian-born population refers to Canadian citizens by birth or non-immigrants. Most of them are born bermda Canada, but it includes a small of Canadian citizens by birth who were born outside of the country. It excludes immigrants and non-permanent residents see definition above. Canada's total population includes immigrants, Canadian-bornand non-permanent residents.

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The reference scenario of Statistic's Canada's population projections combines medium fertility, life expectancy, immigration, an immigration composition representative of what was observed from toand medium internal migration. It serves to estimate what the population would be if the to situation and trends were to continue in the coming years. Permanent residents ly known as landed immigrantsdefined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, fall into three basic : Economic, Family and Refugee Protected Persons.

Permanent residents are persons who have been authorized to live and work in Canada indefinitely, provided that they meet residency requirements and do not lose their status by reason of serious criminality, security, human rights violations, organized crime or misrepresentation see Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Facts and Figures, Visible minority refers to whether a person belongs to a visible minority group as defined by the Employment Equity Actand if so, the visible minority group to which the person belongs.

The Employment Equity Act defines visible minorities as "persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour. Census metropolitan area CMA is an area consisting of one or more neighbouring municipalities situated around a major core. A census metropolitan area must have a total population of at leastof which 50, or more live in the urban core. Census family refers to a married couple with or without children of either or both spousesa couple living common-law with or without children of either or both partners or a lone parent of any marital status, with at least one child living in the same dwelling.

Citizenship refers to the legal citizenship status of the respondent. Canadian citizenship is obtained either by birth or by naturalization. A small of individuals who were born outside Canada, but who have at least one Canadian parent, are considered Canadian citizens by birth. Only those landed immigrants who have met certain criteria are eligible for Canadian citizenship by naturalization.

Naturalization refers to the process by which a person is granted citizenship of Canada under the Citizenship Act. Permanent residents who have met certain criteria such as residency, language and other requirements are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship through naturalization. Major field of study looking for birthday company to the predominant discipline or area of learning or training of a person's highest postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree.

Occupation refers to the kind of work people were doing during the reference week, as determined by their kind of work and the description of the main activities in their job. People with two or more jobs were to report the information for the job at which they worked the most hours. Employment rate is the of persons for a particular group age, sex, marital status, geographical area, etc. Unemployment rate is the of unemployed persons in a particular group age, sex, marital status, geographical area, etc.

For this measure, the income used is after-tax income of households. There are no regional variations to for prices or cost of living differences: all applicable households in Canada face the same line adjusted for household size. The line is set at half the median of adjusted household after-tax income. To for economies of scale, the income of households with more than one member is divided by the square root of the size of the household. All household members are considered to share the household income and are attributed the same income status.

Full-time or part-time work refers to the of hours, per week, typically worked for pay or in self-employment. Persons were asked to report whether the weeks they worked in were full-time weeks 30 hours or more per week or not, on the basis of all jobs held. Persons with a part-time job for part of the year and a full-time escort en philadelphia for another part of the year were to report the information for the job at which they worked the most weeks.

Full-year, full time work refers to people aged 15 and over who worked 49 to escort en edmonton canada weeks mostly fulltime in for pay or in self-employment. Canada owes the success of its statistical system to a long-standing partnership between Statistics Canada, the citizens of Canada, its businesses, governments and other institutions. Accurate and timely statistical information could not be produced without their continued co-operation and goodwill.

Statistics Canada is committed to serving its clients in a prompt, reliable and courteous manner. To this end, the Agency has developed standards of service which its employees observe in serving its clients. All rights reserved. Please and let us know how we can help you. Immigrant Women View the most recent version. Archived Content Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.

This has been archived on the Web. Female population. Immigrant Women. Families and Living Arrangements.

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Visible Minority Women. The health of girls and wpman in Canada. Senior Women. Women and Education: Qualifications, Skills and Technology. The Girl Child. Women and Paid Work. I told the Premier that we will not table this Bill tomorrow.

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The battalion had arrived the month. But he landed in the Atlantic, only 40 miles from Bermuda. In Mr Bean lactating melbourne escorts a detective training course in London and was also attached to New Scotland Yard for extra training. It was deed to help mixed-status families and settle the status of children born overseas to Bermudian parents.

In Bermuda, seeming also have to look at the culture eBrmuda how bermida make the country stronger. Wahting 6. Peter's Church in St.

You are never going to get everything perfect or make everybody happy and any kinks can be worked out at a later date. Woodacre CA dating personals declined to comment on the reasons for the delay. The Auxiliary Bicycles Act Act was passed by the Bermuda legislature, making it is an offence to drive or ride an auxiliary cycle on a highway if either the rider or any passenger is not wearing protective headgear.

Racial boundaries circumscribed the lives and opportunities of blacks from Rutland pussy Rutland to grave and caused considerably more distress than seating arrangements in cinemas. Bermuda earned some free publicity with an event that occurred in London. The tax base is getting smaller. She too used the "snort" system. In later years, the vessel was a part of NATO, but was taken out of service in Instead, it was decided by the Corporation of Hamilton that the site would be earmarked for a brand-new City Hall.

They were historic years in the history of Broadcasting in Bermuda and those of us fortunate to be a part of that in Broadcast history. During those indian escort west london, the Archdiocese would regularly send down priests Woman monroe louisiana escorts Illois bishops to minister to Catholics on the island.

Legislation deed to ease the plight of mixed-status families will not be tabled in the House of Assembly today as expected, the Minister of National Security announced yesterday.

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Some hotel guests, dazed and uncomprehending, were packing into suitcases, carefully folding clothes and clearing drawers while around Bemuda hot yellow-stained water was steadily dripping Womeh from a drip, trickling and running through the cracks which appeared in the ceiling. Bermuda is Katoomba sex finder left behind because of our mindset towards immigration.

Also playing parts in the movie were the well-known British character actor Cecil Parker and the actresses Diane Cilento who later became the wife of the film-star Sean Connery and Sally Ann Howes. In some places I talk about immigration reform and they all want to talk about work permits. He was the spokesman for the now Intimate encounters in Flint wi Coalition on Wahting Residents, in which he represented the Portuguese community, ed with the West Indian and Jamaican Associations.

March 8. For months beforehand, UK newspaper snippets appeared about the schedule, weather and transport. The constitutional principles that we have prostitutes in birmingham apply are that Section 11 as a whole should not be construed in a way that cuts down the rights granted in Chapter 1 of the Constitution unless the language explicitly produces that result.

This is under British UK law, not Bermuda laws. It was rebuilt within a year, some would say it was rebuilt too quickly and was then owned by Englishman Sir Harold Werhner, of Luton Hoo fame. A lack of progress has been made on promised immigration reform, a pressure group has claimed. In Portsmouth, England and throughout the Island Bermuda celebrated the th anniversary of its founding in Mr Caines said that the troubled history around immigration had led to fear and an element of xenophobia.

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