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In. Hide Spoilers. Yes, he must have but I watched the program and couldn't help but whee hit by his brilliance. Clarity, courage, directness. I couldn't wait to see "Client 9" Now, 24 hours later Lut feel a sense of loss. Albany adult personals could have been a great American president.

The kind of leader that the world needs. One who won't shy away from confront corruption from any side of the aisle. What a terrible pit for all of us that a man like that could fall in such a common trap.

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His enemies, which by the way, they all look as if from the cast of The Sopranos used what HE gave them to destroy him. Damn shame! Sex, sex, sex. How many great men have fallen in the trap of their own needs. The documentary does a great job in allowing us to go into Spizer's personal and public jungle and come out with enormous amounts of food for thought. Sad, frustrating and very, albqny good.

Was this review helpful? Were is not a movie about a client of prostitution, the title notwithstanding. Obviously the title was chosen to "sell" the documentary, and my guess is that it has failed in its purpose. This is a truly terrific film about power politics. If you don't know much about the inner workings montreal gfe escorts government at the highest levels, this movie will go a long way to educate you.

If you do know, this will likely confirm your experience. It is also hugely instructive about the brilliant Eliot Spitzer who was and is clearly dedicated to furthering the public good. The loss of his public service is a huge loss for American consumers. His responses to questions about his foolish indiscretions are forthright; that doesn't mean he fully understands why he did what he did-- who can? People are imperfect. They goof up at the worst possible times.

The title of this documentary pretty much explains what it is all about.

It sums up the story of how Eliot Spitzer, governor of New Yorkwent from fighting the corruption on Wall Street to reing after the embarrassing media scandal that took place when Spitzer was revealed to have been using an escort service. The documentary goes back and forth in time while interviewing earlier colleagues, sworn enemies, people from the escort business, and of course: Eliot Spitzer.

Who all contribute with interesting interviews that are often enlightening in covering the story from more than one angle. Client 9 is an entertaining documentary that rarely neglects the necessity prostitutea the cinematic aspect of filmmaking. In fact it is filled with interesting shots of the city, and manages to capture the passion of its subject as well as it reveals his faults. This documentary is also sure to entertain those who barely know who Eliot Spitzer is, as it takes on a of heated issues that are sometimes explored philosophically.

It also tells the tale of a politician, fighting for what he believes is right and what he has to deal with as a consequence, while not being devoid of the occasional laugh. I don't go to any movie as a first attempt to "learn" about "current events" or history. I make it an ongoing point to learn about the evolution of facts on any topic that interests me through multiple sources, all of which I try to double-check and cross-reference, until my doubts about veracity are tranny escorts albany county satisfied.

Otu can still leave matters unresolved, especially when compelling evidence is stacked up on the sides of both thesis and antithesis.

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When I see "documentaries," it's part of challenging my current take on which way I believe the weight of truths and contradictions are tipping. Hanng interpretative and editorial spin of any given documentary becomes a strength, and not a weakness, in this context. Many times, I come away with my own understanding of things further honed. Sometimes, I find myself completely reversed. I thought long and hard before Whefe went to see C9.

I was, and still am, deeply disappointed over the personal failings of the disgraced former Governor. I know that White Collar crime exists and that the pervasiveness of it, especially today, is not strictly a matter of a handful of Machiavellian masterminds. Broken oht, broken systems and failures of regulation on many levels are also necessary for the few to be able to relentlessly plunder the many.

It is a cancer that must be fought. Eliot Spitzer's fall from grace was unforgivable, in my mind, not just because of the damage he wreaked upon himself and his family, but because of anal saint clair shores escort huge setbacks that we have all suffered in the "war" against Woman seeking serious czar Collar crime in the US.

He never took a bribe, but he still managed to find a spectacular way to violate the public's trust while in office. Spitzer took one huge measure of personal responsibility by reing from office; but he also created a huge political vacuum for the sorely needed fight against ongoing crimes in high places.

I also knew that outrage toward Spitzer was the largest part of what I felt, going in, and that outrage creates its own blindspots. So, I stood under an umbrella, in light rain, for an hour, to see this film and I am very glad that I did.

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The facts presented in C9 han to Spitzer's record of public service were well presented and jibed with what I already knew. But there is still special value in actually seeing the major adversarial players as they tell their own stories. Gibney pulls off a of compelling interviews, not just with Spitzer who was interviewed on four different occasionsbut also with some former aides.

Spitzer is allowed to evade specifically answering certain questions including campaign financesbut the expression on his face and in his eyes, in nude waterlooville babes same moments, still spoke volumes to me. There's also a rogues gallery of the powerful enemies, in finance and in government state and Federalthat Spitzer made over the course of his career in office. Several of these players get as much individual talk time as Spitzer.

The middle part of the film is a whodunit-style look at how the sexual scandal came into fruition. Here's where the tag line, "You don't know the real story," comes into play.

The net effect of this is to desensationalize just about everything that print and television "news" got mostly wrong, which is no small order. It turns out that she very likely only had a one night stand with Spitzer. The ongoing liaison that Spitzer came to seek out through the Emperors' Club was with an entirely different "escort. The smb looking for a real woman thing that I disagree with about the execution of this is that Gibney does not make it clear, from the onset, that it's an actress standing in for Ashley on camera.

C9 created a new context for me, in which to re-think much of what I already knew. Spitzer is by no means let off-the-hook for literally screwing around, but the media creation is brought several notches down from shining knight and a few notches up from pariah. I was once again reminded of all of the good that Eliot Spitzer and his assembled associates managed to accomplish while in office. Some of the strategic and tactical mistakes were made clearer, wher.

Important questions are raised about the scandal, itself. How did a prostitution and money laundering investigation come to focus on the Mann Act and the interstate transport wbere women who were of majority age and not by any stretch of the imagination "white slaves" to provide prostitution services? Who were the other clients of the Emperors' Club?

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Why were there so many investigative leaks to the press pointing specifically in the direction of Spitzer? Why not anyone else? As a result i seeing C9, my own view of Spitzer has become better tempered and from that improved vantage point useful prostitites questions arise. If we set aside the sex scandal, can we say that Spitzer's official conduct in office, as AG and governor, was ends-and-means right or wrong? A handful of BadGuys TM were brought down, but there are many more undaunted.

Has anyone else picked up Spitzer's mantle? Where are his replacements? The stuff of thriller fiction jdesando 24 January Filled with sex alabny power, it presents the gamut of intrigues worthy of tragedy or soap prostittes dull, almost always entertaining. Cheesy and improbable, it is the story of the New York State attorney general who rose in the early years of the first decade to become governor and after a year to re because he was caught using a call-girl service.

Having sex with a prostitute is hardly worthy of Sophocles' plays, but it is richly ironic when the governor prosecuted the very services he used. To Spitzer's credit, he attributes his fall to himself with southampton st escorts hubris befitting Greek tragedy. Gibney's interview of Spitzer is first-rate journalism with a willing subject and reasonable questions.

Irony abounds: Gibney does an admirable job showing how Spitzer could have been the first Jewish president—he's that gifted as a hard-charging, ethical avatar until Gibney explores his fatal decision to albamy on faith leon escort of the loveliest political wives this side of Elizabeth Edwards. As always, unanswered hsng remain about the marital circumstances that could drive him to pay for attractive hookers.

However, the off-center wwhere of the FBI probing into Spitzer's private life is absurd anyway when terrorists and corrupt bankers are bringing the world down. Until the overly-long disquisition on the call-girl industry and lurid shots of the young women, the treatment of Spitzer's "war" with Wall Street and giants like AIG is the stuff of thriller fiction, except it's real. In that part of the doc, Gibney is historically spot prostitufes about the beginnings of the Great Recession. Irony again reigns when the very knight to fight these corrupt forces is neutered by the most common failing of all mortals—hubris.

The story of Eliot Spitzer is certainly interesting: an abrasive man who fought the demigods of Wall Street; a hajg crusader brought down by his own lusts. The tale also provides insights into high-class prostitution and raises the idea that a conspiracy existed against a man who made a career of making enemies. But the problem with this documentary is that is doesn't ask hard enough questions.

Spitzer is allowed to brush off charges of his own monstrous behaviour; his enemies likewise side-step the charges of conspiracy; while the call-girls are allowed to simper their way through the mill hill escorts unchallenged. And some stories are silly - Spitzer implies his father was ruthless because he beat his son at 'Monopoly'!

One is tempted to feel that all of them deserve each other; but the ordinary people of New York lost a highly flawed champion when Spitzer fell - you may not like him, but the financial services industry suffers little authority gladly, and arguably we are all now living with the consequences. If I could give this a zero, I would. I was a fan of Spitzer's early in his purported campaign against Prostiuttes Street.

As a New Yorker, I had followed his silk purse career from the beginning. What the writer director does here is imply, use innuendo prosttutes ultimately avoid the bottom line single issue.