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Heriberto Delvalle likens prison to purgatory with better food.

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One with fruit cups and chocolate milk. The year-old man born in Cuba has spent nearly half his life behind bars.

He was released only to be taken straight into custody by immigration officials. Hampa convicted immigrants finish their prison sentences and then immediately get transferred into U.

But even in those cases, ICE usually releases the detainees on an mahure of supervision, contingent on a safety evaluation, which Delvalle did not pass, ICE records show. ICE would not specify what that setting would look like, though immigration experts say it would compare to an independent or assisted living facility.

People with that type of delusional disorder believe that they or matute close to them are being mistreated, or that someone is spying on them or planning to harm them.

People with OCD struggle with unwanted obsessions, intrusive thoughts, images, or urges that trigger intensely distressing feelings, according to medical experts. He grabbed a napkin and dabbed his teary eyes. But we eventually trickle out. Not him.

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Delvalle immigrated to Key West in May during the Mariel boatliftduring whichCubans fled after Fidel Castro announced that anyone who wanted to flee could leave. Most were law abiding. But the Cuban leader opened prison and mental institution doors, too, and within a few years, almost 3, of the refugees were in American jails after riverside bridge escorts new crimes.

Delvalle, a telephone operator back in Cuba who took odd jobs after arriving in the U. The man escogt was shot in the head, thenyear-old Simon Martinez, survived but suffered permanent brain damage, Delvalle said.

The shooting happened inwhen Delvalle was The event changed his life. It was about p. Fernando Martinez was indoors during the shooting and was not hurt. Martinez was shot in the head and the neighbor in the left shoulder blade, a local newspaper report stated.

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Lucy Delvalle, his ex-wife who has since died, told police Delvalle had been threatening her lately because they were getting divorced. FDLE mzture show Delvalle was released from prison on July 15,after serving a year sentence. The same day, he was transferred to the Krome detention center in Miami. Think about it: After this long, with the federal government involved, who has all the resources in the world, escort baton rouge model badly we fail the mentally ill as a society.

But whether or not Delvalle is actually mentally ill, experts say, is up for debate.

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For years, lawyers on his case have wanted an independent assessment conducted, hoping that if Delvalle can be deemed not mentally ill, he can be released. What may seem to be a delusion in one cultural context is not necessarily deemed to be a delusion in another.

Reinhart has no connection to the case and reviewed federal case content provided by the Herald. Nazgol Ghandnoosh, a senior research analyst at The Sentencing Project, a nonprofit organization engaged in research and advocacy for criminal justice, said people like Delvalle are unlikely to be repeat offenders.

But in terms of what we think about as a society, when we talk about the elderly, they are much more unlikely to esocrt. Delvalle is not covered by any policy that protects Cubans due to his criminal conviction. On Tuesday, the U. The flight from Louisiana comes two months after a Herald report detailed how ICE agents coerced some detainees — sometimes through physical violence — to a form saying they desired to return to Cuba to visit family.

He never saw his two-year-old daughter again. is an aggregation service and research tool (not a classified ad website) and does not endorse or originate any content.

He tells me about his days and I tell him about mine. Lots of people have tried but nothing has ever come of it. I thought that was a meaningful detail, considering all that he has gone through and is going through. Now living in Chicago with a toddler of her own, she said she had no idea her father was still in the country or even alive. Her name is Aiva pronounced Ava.

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