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Carlie Continually updated. Gang members often come from homes where they feel alienated or neglected.

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Carlie Continually updated. Gang members often come from homes where they feel alienated or neglected.

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They may turn to gangs when their needs for love momjy not being met at seeklng. Leeset al, The National Science Foundation recently summarized the current state of affairs regarding families in the United States. Their report portrays the family as being in the midst of a struggle to survive the impact of social and economic changes. There is varney ky sex personals agreement that the well-being of American society depends on the health of America's families.

Consensus also exists that the social and economic changes of the last generation or more have made it increasingly difficult for families to raise the next generation successfully. The list of changes is familiar - real incomes have declined since the early s and have become more polarized, public schools are less able to meet the challenges of preparing a well-educated citizenry, married women have ed the work force in large s, divorce rates have increased dramatically, and a rising share of American children are being raised in single-parent households.

These changes have posed challenges particularly for poor families, and also for racial and ethnic minorities. However, no segment of our society is immune to the effects of these changes, which have produced a growing sense of crisis even among the well-to-do. National Science Foundation There are several factors that contribute to the formation of youth gangs: lack of parental guidance, lack of love and respect from the family, and deterioration of the family unit.

It seekin these factors that drive the youth elsewhere to satisfy their needs to be accepted and to belong. Campbell, p.

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If a culture values human life, that value will be transmitted from parent to child through the process of socialization. If respect for another person's property is valued, that value will also be passed along. If adherence to society's seekjng are valued, the child will probably become be a law abiding adult because that value was passed along. A myriad of values are transmitted in this fashion if there are family members or guardians present early in 's life who believe in those values and who are willing to spend the time to pass them on.

Other individuals, groups, and social institutions participate in the socialization of a culture's youth such as schools, peer groups, mass media, and faith institutions.

But the family is the first and primary socializing agent. Terence P.

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Thornberryin an excellent summary of family-related risk factors for gang membership, wrote:. In general, poor family fivure strategies increase the risk for gang membership by adolescents Le Blanc and Lanctotin press; Moore; Vigil More specifically, low family involvement Friedman, Mann, and Friedman; Le Blanc and Lanctotin pressinappropriate parental discipline Winfree et al.

These family-based risk factors are moommy consistent with those generally observed as increasing risk for involvement in delinquency Hawkins, Catalano, and Miller; Loeber and Stouthamer-Loeber Lucy loveland escort take root in schools for many reasons, but the primary attraction of gangs is seking ability to respond to student needs that are not otherwise being met; they often provide youth with a sense of family and acceptance otherwise lacking in their lives.

Burnett and Walz If the family is absent, if there is a dysfunctional family, or when there are competing value systems being presented tothe transmission of mainstream cultural values may be endangered. The values may not be transmitted or those which are may run contrary to the values of the mainstream culture. Ladies seeking nsa maxwell newmexico 87728 disorganization, such as single-parent families or conflict between parents, does not as such predict gang membership.

A variety of other variables must accompany a weak family structure to produce a gang problem youth, including [failure to complete developmental stages] and the availability of a peer group that does not fully support family and school. Spergel et al. The family relationships of juvenile female offenders were characterized by mother-daughter friction, criminal role modeling of siblings, and multiple sources of abuse.

Although familial abuse and modeling of criminal activity is typical in the history of most delinquents, what was most striking in profiling family dynamics of juvenile females studied was the stormy relationships with adult females, such as mothers and teachers. Fejes-Mendoza, et al. Many gang youths come from dysfunctional families. Among the dysfunctional traits are child abuse, spouse abuse, substance abuse and addiction, parental gang membership, the absence of one or both parents, internal family strife, and poorly blended families a family made up of two adults, each with children from relationships other than the current one.

If is raised in a family in which the parents are themselves gang members, there is little hope the child will escape being socialized into a gang and adopt the values of its members. Family problems and parenting difficulties can increase the risk of kids ing gangs.

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Many kids who gangs come from middle-class families with two biological parents at home. However, many of these youth come from homes that are lafayette louisiana escort troubled. They seek from the gang what they are not getting or will not accept from their families. They are looking for acceptance, love, companionship, leadership, encouragement, recognition, respect, role models, rules, security, self-esteem, structure and a sense of belonging.

When children's emotional needs are met in families, the are positive; otherwise they may look to gangs, and the outcome is usually negative. Lingrena ingren. Unconditional love is love that endures through hardship, disapproval, and time. It is not contingent upon some condition or requirement.

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Those who experience it are fortunate and many of them possess an internal strength and acceptance of self which prepares them for life as contributing members of society. Fatherlessness in America is at historically high levels.

Four out of 10 children - an estimated 24 million - do not have their fathers present in their homes. Research shows that children from father-absent homes are more likely to looking for birthday company poorly in school or drop out; suffer from lower levels of self-esteem; get involved with drugs, alcohol and gangs; become teen parents; get into trouble with the law; or become incarcerated.

Department of Education Those who seldom or never experience unconditional love seem bound to seek it out or face a life of self-doubt. A visit to the Psychology or Self-Development section of an American book store should provide sufficient evidence of the seemingly overwhelming desire of people to be loved unconditionally, accepted, and to feel as though they are wanted. She filed a complaint with juvenile court that he was "incorrigible," an offense which may be committed only by juveniles and which asserts the alleged culprit was incapable of being corrected or reformed.

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The judge asked the mother "What do you want us to do? Do what ever you want.

He doesn't listen to me anymore! In his case, that was a one year sentence. My own experience with gang members suggests few came from a loving environment - certainly not one which offered unconditional love.

Even gangs may be momny in this regard. Their abuse of some of their own members and continual tests of loyalty do not resemble unconditional love. According to Dr.

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When a girl s a gang, "her role models are other gang members, and not responsible adults," and although these girls may have poor adult role models at home, the gang members they may idolize are equally poor role models. Often they are seeikng down a path of violence, drug abuse, and casual sex, ending up pregnant or in court before they have graduated from high school. Winder Most youths north bay escort tranny become gangsters have had no positive adult role models in their lives.

In too many cases, their adult role models are frequently in and out of prison.

Yablonsky, p. Field Note: A federal prison official who has worked for nearly 15 years in some of America's rigure federal prisons told me "There are problems in African-American culture that need to be addressed, and men not wanting to be fathers is one of them. What do you think the impact of that is on prospect independent escort children?

And on the women who bear their children?

They're not around to roommates melton escorts financial support, let alone the other kinds of support a man should provide his wife and. The women So they have latchkey. Who's going to take care of them - their grandmothers? Gangs end up puerto rico prostitute the parents or family for these.

From 50 to 85 percent of gang members come either from a single-parent home, or one in which no parent resides. If the parent is not available to provide structure, supervision, support, and caring during this crucial time of adolescent development, teens may turn to gang participation to fulfill their needs. Lingrena As has been noted in much of the literature on gangs, many of their members come from single parent homes in which the mother is the only parent present.

As we have learned, in families where the father is absent there may be no positive adult male role model for a young male child to emulate. Research during and after this period appeared to grant considerable support to this belief, although the language was altered somewhat to fit the terminology of the times. The research suggested a causal link between youth gangs and males reared in fatherless households.

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The argument, in brief, was that the absence of a stable male role model in many low-income households created identity problems for males and that the gangswith their emphasis on tough masculinity, male bonding, and macho values, in essence took the place of fathers in seekinf a model of male identity for boys raised primarily by women. Gang membership played a vital role in learning and practicing the characteristics and attitudes of male adulthood.

Insofar as the proposed link between gangs and fatherless families is jenifers models, one would expect that communities with gangs would have more female-headed households than other communities and that an increase in the of female-headed households would lead to an increase in the of gangs. Available data support both assumptions.

The Six-Figure Community That Was Built Around A Culture Of Family And Mutual Support

Between andthe population of gang cities in the United States increased from 21 percent to 50 percent of the city population. Statistics for the periods from through and through show that the of households with children under 18 living with 'mother only' increased from 11 percent to 23 percent for the general population and from 30 percent to 54 percent for African Americans.

A substantial majority of the African American households were located in the inner-city areas where gangs traditionally have been found. While the increase in the of children raised in female-headed households is smaller than the increase in gang-city populations, both the direction and milf escorts magnitude of the speed dating minnesota, sex personal ads are similar.

The increase in female-headed households would thus appear to be related to the increase in gangs. Miller, p. The area in which this family lives is in a culture of street violence. I think youths in the USA gangs as a substitute for the lack of a family in their own life.

At least that's the way I think it is with the core gang members. Surprisingly, the next thing he said was "In 20 years time we'll have exactly what you have. It may provide its members with a sense of belonging, affection, mutual support, and association.