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Recently single looking for a distraction

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I can see this in myself, and in watching everyone else around me: constant use of laptops, switching between browser tabs, checking things on iPhones, typing in a message here and there … we all do it. In truth, we all have this problem. This causes people not to be able to study for class, to get important or difficult work done, to create, to be mindful throughout their day.

The lost art of concentration: being distracted in a digital world | Life and style | The Guardian

But it takes practice. Try this today, see where you falter, forgive yourself and try tomorrow.

With practice, you can develop a less-distracted mental habit. us here. Next post: A Call for Compassion for the Defenseless.

Author discusses strategies for overcoming natural student distraction

See your mind rushing from one thing to the next. See your main distractions.

What are the things your mind runs to? What about these things appeal to you?

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What fears are recentlu running from? Find one thing to focus on. Clear everything. Turn off your phone or put it on silent and hide it. Just have this task in front of you.

Set a timer for 20 minutes. Or 10 minutes, or 15, if 20 seems too long.

No switching to other things. At all.

If you finish the task before the 20 minutes is up, you can pick another task to focus on for the remainder xistraction the time and then do it again if you finish earlybut no going to your distractions. Watch your mind try to run. This will inevitably happen.

You can stay with the task even with the fear. Sit with the redently to go to a distraction, without acting on the urge. Watch it, let it rise, then let it fall. Stay with the task. Take a break.

Smartphones make people distracted and unproductive | Computerworld

After your 20 minutes is over, set the timer loking 10 minutes, and take a well-deserved break. Allow yourself to go to the distractions. This break will give your mind some relief, which it needs. This process, incidentally, is a form of meditation. Pretty productive meditation, actually.