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Kathleen Cross. This research paper reports on a news analysis of prostitution during the period of an Ontario Court Ruling which struck down escort services minneapolis three major laws regarding prostitution. This paper focuses on the representation of poverty within the discourse of prostitution while discussing race and gender as forms of class analysis within the news. The three laws in which Himel challenged were communicating for the purpose of prostitution, living off the avails and keeping a common bawdy house. This event provoked interest to conduct a quantitative research analysis on how major Canadian newspapers covered these issues.

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Gender Inequality. Our media analysis focused heavily on gender as a key theme in the discussion on prostitution.

Professionals Writing on Life, Love, Money and Sex

The inequality of women is ificant factor in causes of prostitution curryville mo milf personals women are not economically equal to men Farley et al, We analyzed articles for mention of gender inequality and male demand for paid sex as a possible cause of prostitution in relation to tone on prostitution and tone on court decision see chart G, below and chart H, appendix 1.

Not surprisingly, this percentage increased to Only This resulted in only Ottawa comparison between tone on court decision and gender inequality as a cause yielded similar.

These findings are ificant as like poverty this demonstrates that like poverty another key factor in prostitution is rarely highlighted in the media. This also leaves the general public uninformed when it comes to understanding one of the main causes of prostitution. Gender showed to be ificant when it came to the sex of reporters and their stance on the court decision Chart I.

However it is critical to note that in This may have skewed our slightly. Regardless the difference in stance based on gender may have been the result of female reporters specifically chosen by the editor to write the anti-decision articles. However female reporters may have identified more easily with the inequalities and marginalization of sex workers as they may have experienced gender inequality themselves. Benoit et al and Farley point to the overrepresentation of women in prostitution and suggest that it is gendered oppression.

Also critical is the ificant amount of violence that sex workers experience. Lowman and Farley et al both discuss how the violent rape and abuse these women are often afflicted with are often symptoms of misogyny.

Williams once considered suspect in Ottawa prostitute killings | Brantford Expositor

Sex workers are most vulnerable to this violence because they are poor marginalized members of society LowmanFarley et alJiwani and Young While male demand and gender inequality was mentioned as a prostitite in some of the articles we analyzed it still was towson escort available today acknowledged frequently enough to inform the readers. The media prosyitute to focus on the male role in perpetuating this inequality and purchasing sex.

The of our study illustrated that race was invisible in the vast majority of articles.

As demonstrated in Chart C earlier only 4. Not only does this show that race was underrepresented in these articles as a cause of prostitution but it also demonstrates that different groups representing racial minorities get no voice in the media. This invisibility of race did not differ based on the publication see Appendix 1, chart K.

As noted above Aboriginal women are vastly over representated in prostitution. Jiwani and Young and Farley et al both grand rapids personals the abundance of Aboriginal women in prostitution is due to the past colonization of First Nations people, racism and poverty.

As the of our study indicated, race not mentioned as a factor in prostitution at all even though aboriginal women are the majority of street prostitutes.

Steps to Justice

This is a huge void in the discussion of prostitution in the media needs to be remedied in order to for the public to be fully informed. Although we have discovered that within supplementary studies and literature reviews, authors seldom separate the discourse of prostitution and the concepts of poverty, gender inequality, and race. However, as the findings for this research paper show, it is evident that mainstream media fails to explore and analyze these factors forcing readers to have an inadequate understanding of this social issue.

Poverty, gender inequality and race were infrequently discussed in relation to prostitution within our articles regarding the Court Ruling. Throughout this news analysis we have had some difficulties with furthering our research and extending it. This analysis could have been more thorough if we were to include television analysis as part of the research; however television news analysis is a time costly study and would require longer than one semester to provide a methodical examination of all news stories.

This process needs to be done manually where each coder would have to physically record all of the news stories. However, this is not the only limitation we had for this project, escorts leipzig one which may have deterred our sample would be the limited choice of two weeks following the Court Ruling.

If more time were available, our group would have been able to extend this two-week period to include a longer period of time which would prosyitute the relevant of articles available for us to analyze. In addition, our research did not include a specific question which analyzed the representation of male prostitutes within the media.

TI's Alluriarniq program helps Inuit sex workers in Ottawa | Nunatsiaq News

The reason this question was prlstitute available within the coding sheet is due to the fact that the idea was only provided following the finalization of the coding process and inputted the data into SPSS. This question is relevant to our research because it analyzes the difference between gender representations within the media and can provide explanations regarding the differentiation of class within gender analysis. Another pttawa would be that, our sample was only limited to mainstream wife swapping personals savannah and did not include other alternative print media which would have also provided some interesting findings.

As communication students, we have been taught to seldom take in information through media as objective reality; however, to critically analyze it to view the underlined encoded messages. For this reason, we expected to find discrepancy within our and our hypothesis and we did not expect to find much information on causes of prostitution within the available sample.

However, there was absolutely no pprostitute of race as a cause leading to prostitution and there was an especially low of articles which mentioned international examples when providing information regarding prostitution milf personals in brooklyn al and its effect on society.

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Therefore, due to the lack of sufficient information on what prostitution is considered to be in Canada, our research group members agree that the news publications analyzed were not able to provide the reader with a well informed background on the topic. Furthermore, our research analysis can be further extended if a longer period mistress escort woking time was available allowing us to examine a bigger sample and analyze more articles.

This research can also be broadened by researching how many articles dealing with homelessness actually mention the rates of prostitution within the realm of poverty. Another point of view which could be taken to further widen the variety of this research is the analysis of prostitution in light of wealth rather than poverty.

Sex on Ottawa streets: how a bill blurred the line between sex work and trafficking horny asian Shelby

In addition, with the analysis on TV broadcasts regarding this topic, the research would be granted a higher level of ability with the variety of resources. Works Cited. Kara, S. Sex trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery. Columbia University Press.

New York. Farley, M. Transcultural Psychiatry. Sage Publications.

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Merseyside model for tackling crime against sex workers. France imposes prostitution fines. Purpose-built sex zone for prostitutes in Zurich. The ruling follows a court challenge filed by former and current sex workers. The justices' decision gives the Canadian government one year to craft new legislation.

Appendix B - Bibliography: Prostitution in Canada ('m-y') - Identifying Research Gaps in the Prostitution Literature

Community 'nuisance'. Anti-prostitution laws will continue to be enforced in the meantime.

But the Supreme Court ruled it was not a choice for many. More on this story. Room tip: Covers legal prostitite when it comes Prostitutes pollution and environmental damage. Speak out about violence against sex workers, including violence from police, institutions, clients, and intimate partners, while challenging the myth that sex work is inherently gender-based violence.

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