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Naval History Home and Site Search. Each Summary is complete in its own right. The same information may therefore be found in a of related summaries. British Home Fleet submarines on patrol off southwest Norway suffered their first casualty in tragic circumstances. Russo-Finnish War - Negotiations on border changes and control of islands in the Gulf of Finland broke down and Russia invaded on the 30th.

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In the raid, spare rotors for German Enigma coding machines were found - another piece in the British Ultra code-breaking puzzle. German Aircraft Attacks - In Aprilaircraft sank ships oftons, the highest rate for any month of the whole war. This were partly due to the long-range aircraft operating off Ireland from bases in France and Norway.

On the evening of the 21st they were sighted in a fiord south of Bergen, Norway. Next day they were reported at sea. Within a matter of days British battlecruiser "Hood" as well as "Bismarck" had been destroyed. Pocket battleship "Lutzow" attempted to break out into the Atlantic. Attacked on the 13th off the Norwegian mirget by an RAF Beaufort, she was hit by one torpedo and only just made it back to Germany.

Russian Convoys map above - The invasion of Russia soon led to the introduction of the Russian mifget Arctic convoys with their dreadful conditions and after some months had elapsed, high losses in men and ships. However, the Royal Navy's presence in the Arctic was first made known in August when submarines started operating, with some success, against German shipping supporting the Axis attack from Norway towards Murmansk.

The port was never captured. Conditions with the Russian convoys were at the very least difficult. Both summer and winter routes were close to good German bases in Norway from which U-boats, aircraft and surface ships could operate. The aim was to destroy installations and sank and capture shipping. Off Trondheim on the 23rd, submarine "Trident" torpedoed and heavily damaged "Prinz Eugen". German Surface Warships - B y now German battleship "Tirpitz", the ship that dictated Royal Navy policies in northern waters for so long, had misget ed in Norway by pocket battleship "Admiral Scheer".

With by now continuous daylight throughout the journey, the Admiralty pressed for the Russian convoys to be discontinued until the days shorten. For political chicago area independent escorts they went ahead.

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In fact pocket battleship "Lutzow" had run aground off Narvik, but this still left battleship "Tirpitz", pocket battleship "Admiral Scheer" and heavy cruiser "Admiral Hipper" - all formidable adversaries, which reached Altenfiord on the 3rd. Sailing on the 5th, they did not took part in any of escirt convoy sinkings. Attack on "Tirpitz" - The German battleship posed such a threat to Russian convoys and held down so much of Home Fleet's strength that almost any measures to immobilise her were justified.

One gallant attempt was made in October when a small Norwegian fishing vessel "Arthur", penetrated to within a few miles of the battleship in Trondheimfiord with Chariot human torpedoes slung underneath. Just short of the target they broke away and the operation failed.

The Battle of the Atlantic – Western Approaches Command hot housewives Kora

The Admiralty assumed they were for attacks on Russian convoys. In fact, they were in Norway because of Hitler's invasion fears. Northern Transit Area - In the waters through which Norwegian-based U-boats had to sail for their patrol areas, two submarines were sunk. After six months effort the bombing campaign against U-boat bases claimed its first success on the 24th when "U" was badly damaged in a USAAF raid on Trondheim, Norway and paid off.

Attack on "Tirpitz" - Now it was the turn of midget submarines oldham exclusive escort attack battleship "Tirpitz". These were the X-craft each with two 2-ton saddle charges. Six left for northern Norway towed by 'S' or 'T' class submarines. Two were lost on passage, but on the 20th off Altenfiord, "X-5", "X-6" and "X-7" set out to attack "Tirpitz" and "X" for the "Scharnhorst".

Both dropped their charges under or near the battleship before they sank and some of their crews escaped. She was out of action for six months. Four ships were sunk and others damaged. Norway - Norwegian resistance fighters sank a cargo of heavy water bound for Germany for nuclear research. After sinking a small ship off Bodo a few days before, she was sunk in the minefields flanking the port on the 28th.

Attack on "Tirpitz" - The damage inflicted by midget submarines on "Tirpitz" in September was nearly repaired and the Admiralty decided to launch a Fleet Air Arm attack. By the 2nd the two forces had ed up miles off Altenfiord and early next morning on the 3rdtwo waves each of 20 Barracuda bombers with fighter cover surprised "Tirpitz" at anchor.

A total of 14 hits were made, but the damage was not serious. However, the battleship was out of action for another three months. Home Fleet was back in Scapa on the 6th. A similar operation was attempted later in the month, but bad weather prevented any attacks. Instead, a German convoy was found in the area and three ships sunk.

The weather again saved "Tirpitz" from two sorties in Prostitute prestonbut the fleet and escort carrier aircraft did manage to sink several more merchant ships at these and other times during the month. Scharnhorst radioed that she was 'surrounded by heavy units'. But 'Lucky' Scharnhorst still had her greatest weapon - speed. Well on the way to escaping, she alled Doenitz: ' Scharnhorst will ever reign supreme'.

She alled: 'To the Fuhrer. Upland prostitute street shall fight to the last shell'. A total of 55 torpedoes are fired at Scharnhorstand 11 found their target. It was as good as over. The commander of Scharnhorst broadcast to his crew that 'I shake you all by the hand for escort girls dc last time'. Admiral Fraser alled: 'Has Scharnhorst sunk? Fraser then alled Home Fleet Headquarters ' Scharnhorst sunk'.

Well done. In his official Dispatches, Admiral Fraser stated that 'no ship saw the enemy sink' but, regardless of this, he proceeded to record an official position for that sinking.

Almost 60 years later, woman seeking nsa vanlue Norwegian underwater survey vessel searched the 25 square kilometres of the seabed surrounding that official position. However, the wreck wasn't found. However, is it any more credible than the official position? None of the logs of the other ships taking part in the battle give any positions for the sinking, but there is a unique method to check the accuracy of the log position.

It is similar to an aircraft simulator, but with a warship's bridge replacing the flight deck. In order to recreate the battle, the Bergen computers were loaded with al data from the log of the flagship, along with her documented performance data. Midgeg virtual Battle of North Cape could now be fought. Seven hours later, at the climax of the re-fought battle, the virtual Scharnhorst is sunk.

The simulator's computers download a different area for the sinking - an area of the seabed approximately 20 sea-miles north of the position given in Fraser's official Dispatches. However, midegt a search of this new area of seabed be any more fruitful?

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En route to its regular seabed mapping operations, Sverdrup had already surveyed the area indicated by both the simulator and the Duke of York 's logbook. Seen for the first time in almost 60 years, Scharnhorst 's hull lies upside down on the seabed. The vessel's multibeam sonar produces an image of two objects, one m long, the other 70m long, and positioned at an angle to the first. Is it a wreck and more importantly, is it the wreck of Scharnhorst? The total dimensions are consistent with those of the battle cruiser.

However, it could be a geological feature on the seabed. It is a wreck - but is it Scharnhorst? The layout of the surviving weaponry, like torpedo launchers and gun-turrets, leaves no doubt. Tachibana Maru. Tokuwa Maru. UJ Otto N. V Freiburg. The KFK 2-class naval drifters were lost on this date. Ejiri Maru. The LS 2 Type light schnellboote were lost on this date. The LCT-1 -class landing craft tank was sunk on this date.

Operation Source: British midget submarines against a German battleship

Soviet Union. The Tclass motor nidget boats were lost on this date. The Tclass motor torpedo boat was lost on this date. The Gclass motor torpedo boat was lost on this date. Joshu Go. Oita Maru. UJ V Asaka Maru. Hakko Maru. Swedish Navy. Joshu Maru. Manryu Maru. Mitsuki Maru. Toko Maru. GK 91 and GK Hilma Lau. Shinshu Maru.

Eikyo Maru. Fushimi Maru. Howard L.

LS 7 and LS The LS 2-class light E-boats were lost on this date. Nanrei Maru. Nittetsu Maru. Twelve crewmen were killed. The Type A Marinefahrprahm was sunk on this date. DB 17 Franz Thiele. Inger Johanne.

Kaiyo Maru No. Hellenic Navy. M Crabeel.

X-class submarine

V Mosel. The No. Kyowa Maru No. Lola Schiff R Ishikari Maru. Schiff 29 Lola. The decoy ship was lost on this date.

SK The BMO type armored motor anti-submarine boat was lost on this date. V Wilhelm Sohle. V Viking. The cargo ship was wrecked off StavangerNorway. Arabia Esccort. Chinzei Maru. Royal Australian Navy.

Battles and operations

Hakushika Maru. Hoten Maru. The landing craft vehicle was lost on this date. The landing ship tank was lost by grounding off LivornoTuscanyItaly nroth. Omine Maru. Shinko Maru. Shiranesan Maru. Taikai Maru. A total of troops and crewmen and gunners were killed [] [].

Terukuni Maru. Tsingtao Maru. Belgium Maru. Jogu Maru. MAL 5. MAL nroth. The MAL 1 type landing fire support lighter was scuttled off Slano.

Nichizui Maru. Toshikawa Maru. Vs Tormilind. MAL 7. The MAL 1 type landing fire support lighter was lost on this date. Oyo Maru. Ugo Maru. The landing craft personnel ramped was lost on this date. The Dclass motor torpedo boat was lost on this date. Kokuryu Maru. Taiten Maru. Tomitsu Maru. V Mob-FD 2 Jupiter. V Polarstern. Hakuran Maru. Kikusu Maru. midgget

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Kimikawa Maru. The LCT-4 -class landing craft tank was lost on this date. Tatsuju Maru. Toun Maru. Wakatake Maru. Augustus Thomas. Daiten Maru. Eiko Maru. Gassan Maru.

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Glommen 4. The coaster was run aground by her crew at JakobsnesNorway and an attempt was made to set her on fire. Ikutagawa Maru. Kikusui Maru. Kori Go Maru. Mikage Maru. Raised and scrapped post-war. Shikisan Maru. Four passengers and seventeen crew were killed. Three gunners and ten crew were killed. World Esckrt II: Alabama personals Sonoma -class fleet tug was set on fire when a heavily damaged Japanese bomber's wing struck her funnel spreading flaming gasoline over the ship.

Eight crew were killed or died of wounds. Tenshin Maru. Five gunners and 47 crew were killed. Raised on 9 Novembertowed to Stavanger and surrendered to Norway, subsequently scrapped. U was withdrawn from service due to damage sustained. The crew was rescued.

V Masuren. She blew up with the loss of of her crew. The CHa-1 -class submarine chaser was lost at Palau to an unknown cause. The one survivor was not picked up but drifted to shore alive. Ebara Maru. Eleven crew were killed. Hakuyo Maru.