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A motorcade is escorting the body of Rep. John Lewis to the U. Capitol, where he will lie in state later today.

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A motorcade is escorting the body of Rep. John Lewis to the U. Capitol, where he will lie in state later today. Jump to. Accessibility help. Up. Log In.

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Forgotten ? Not Now. Motorcade escorts body of John Lewis to Capitol. TMJ4 News was live. Related videos.

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Just want to get water. The Angels. How are you doing? If you wanna go to Park. Taylor Oh my God. Find out. Keep this thing away escort vip pueblo my hand. I'm working. I'm working on. Guys out of the Street, you're blocking all the cameras. Guys, america is your blocking all the cameras out of the Street. Get out of the Street. Guys we're on the TV. You can't stop here.

They love they love. Over there, it's right there. Merry Christmas Right No. We'll give you a little heart-attack.

On the right thing. I hear you're just fine. Thank you can we get the network al that. Hi Emma.

How are you? Hi, Matt.

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How are you I can I can do personal stories. I can talk about what's gonna happen here. I've been listening to Ms, so I don't know what you've already esforts. Thank you sir. To honor her with being set here at the Capitol and he went through so many of his personal momentos talking about his love for her and I was so struck by realizing here I am nagive to John Lewis, a sitting member of Congress and a figure of generations talking about this historical figure she had passed on Rosa Parks and realizing you know the amdrican humanity of these two people and the real relationship and friendship escort guide new sherbrooke had and he amrican those kinds of personal details and you can imagine what's throughout his life.

About those things to see notes from Martin Luther King Junior that we're part of this all those personal things he was very generous in offering that as a way to keep people interested in his causes, but it really spoke to his gentle spirit and his kindness. There were many Republicans who would want to escofts in proximity to John Lewis on certain occasions to their benefit, but there were times where people thought he was too partisan on issues he chose not to attend the inauguration of this President President Trump saying believed he was illegitimate.

He also did not go to the inauguration of George W Bush and later it was Barack Obama and George W Bush walking with John Lewis on the fiftieth anniversary of bloody Sunday so their relationship was repaired. John Mccain. For a long time had a good relationship with John Lewis, but inthere was one point where Lewis sort of pulls out the McCain-Palin campaign concerned about some of the rhetoric and John Mccain was deeply saddened by that and they were able to repair that and Lewis said he was not suggesting that it was John Mccain being like George Wallace but a call to be concerned about rhetoric much of that feeling from John Lewis was about his criticism.

Donald, who as you know, has not really participated in any of these events, he tweeted that he was saddened by the passing that he and Melania were said, but he has done very little to acknowledge the passing and in some ways we've seen Trump just stay away from these sorts of events. There were times where he was viewed as. It's a hardened Democrats in in the day-to-day of life, but you will hear many Republicans now acknowledge m4m escorts nyc ultimate service and sacrifice and speak in their own way about their moments of interacting with him So in that way, he was a sunny lane model figure going above the day to day.

Time there's hope. Ready Good afternoon. Let us bow our he in a word of prayer eternal God our father, I outcall escorts exeter before you today in the name of Jesus san diego female escorts you for the many different faiths and beliefs and religions that make up your beloved community that come to celebrate the life and the legacy of John Lewis.

We come today, thanking you for the faith foundations that his mother and father established in Troy Alabama. We thank you for his leadership as snick in the March on Washington. We thank you for how we was bloody for us bruise for us, he marched for us sat in for us and was willing to give up. That we might might have Liberty and the pursuit of happiness and on today as his colleagues and friends and especially family members come as he lays in state in this hallowed rotunda we come on this day recommitting ourselves to March as he marched to ballot box and to but this year for mailboxes and for voting rights escorts in wetherby for civil rights and for human rights and we'll keep doing that until that day Justice rolls down like mighty waters.

A righteousness like a mighty stream and finally on July seventeenth, we wanna say thank you that he crossed another Not the that we pray that one day we will be named the John Lewis Memorial Bridge, but the bridge from Earth to glory And when he got there, Elijah comings and the congressional a cloud of witnesses welcomed them home as they marched down that Street paved the goal.

We wanna say thank you from Emmett till to George Floyd said. Thank you for allowing our guests not to. Vain and when he got to the White Throne, we wanna looking for 1821 skinny lansing michigan thank you heard you say, well done that good and faithful servant. You have done the good fight and you have kept your eyes on the prize and now enter into the joy of the Lord and after you set escort strapon elizabeth Gabriel told the Angels to lift every voice and sing, and we heard Doctor King in the background, saying free at last free at last the consciousness of Congress is free at last in Jesus name.

Please be seated. Memoirs John Lewis described the childhood home that was quite different from the place he lies today. It stood on the first land his father's family had ever owned. It would have been hard to conceive back then at the young child attending his family's chickens would by age Was lucky enough to be there that day. I'm marbled at the massive crowds. The gave me hope for our country. I wonder how many imagine that young man would come to walk the halls of the Congress.

America's original sin of slavery was allowed to fester for far too long. He left a long wake of pain violence and brokenness that is taken. Efforts from Great heroes to address. John Doctor Martin Luther King junior, famously said the ark of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward Justice. Aggregation impossible to ignore. John Lewis lived and worked with urgency because the task was urgent. Him gave him every cause for bitterness he stubbornly treated everyone with respect and love.

All of John's colleagues stand with his son, John miles, their family and the entire country. To the family of John Louis welcome to the under the US capital we have did fair well to some of the greatest Americans in our history it is studying the John Levers s this patriots resting upon the same of president Abraham Lincoln John Raveeer President was clear fifty-seven years ago at the shadow of the LinkedIn Where John declared our minds, souls lexington adult personal ads hearts cannot rest until freedom and Justice.

Both sides of the Capitol we knew that he always worked on the side of the Angels and now we know that he is with them and we are comfort. Did you know that he is with his beloved Lilian and may be a comfort to John's son John Miles and the entire family.