Conversely, if the U. If after the application of the index construction methodology, a Standard Index contains fewer than five securities in a Developed Market or three securities in an Emerging Market, then the largest securities by free float-adjusted market capitalization are added to the Standard Index in order to reach five constituents in that Developed Market or three in that Emerging Market. Show prices with VAT. Defining the Equity Universe. Would you like to change anything? In general, a security must have an FIF equal to or larger than 0.

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The buffer zones used to manage the migration of companies from one segment to another are wider than those used in the SAIR.

Subject to postponement ksb the event of a market disruption event as described in the accompanying prospectus supplement for leveraged index-linked securities. Search only SOS order numbers.

A decrease in the Basket value on any one averaging date could more than offset the ms7 in the Basket value on other averaging dates. The devaluation of the U.

Prospectus dated January 25, Use of Proceeds and Hedging. The risk that buffered notes would be recharacterized, for U.

Index Continuity Rules for the Standard Indices. Historical Performance of the Basket.

Terms used in this pricing supplement are defined in the prospectus supplement for lwx index-linked securities or in the prospectus. Single Board Computers Socket 7 Intel 6th gen. You already have 0 pcs in your price offer request.


Any of these actions could adversely affect the value of the notes. You should consult your tax adviser regarding the treatment of the notes, including possible alternative characterizations in general and the possible impact of this notice in particular. Notification will be sent to this e-mail address.

At subsequent Index Reviews, if the free float-adjusted market capitalization of a non-index constituent is at least 1.

This requirement is applicable to small usbb issues in all markets. They can also result from capital reorganizations in the form of rights issues, bonus issues, public placements and other similar corporate actions that take place on a continuing basis.

The notes are not designed to be short-term trading instruments. The prices of securities in foreign markets may be affected by political, economic, financial and social factors in those countries, or global regions, including changes in government, economic and fiscal policies and currency exchange laws.

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In addition, there can be no assurance that the Ending Basket Level will be higher than so that you will receive at maturity an amount in excess of the principal amount of the notes, or any amount at all. The return on the notes at maturity is linked to the performance of the Basket and will depend on whether, and the extent to which, the Basket Return is positive or negative.

Fluctuations in currency exchange rates can have a continuing impact on the value of the index, and any negative currency impact on the index may significantly decrease the value of the notes or your payment at maturity on the notes. If you are already our customer but you do not know your login information request them.


Updating the indices on the basis of a fully refreshed Equity Universe. Because the closing prices of the component securities are converted into U. The index can change as a the result of mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, bankruptcies, reorganizations and other similar corporate events.

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The FIF of a security is defined as the proportion of shares outstanding that is available for purchase in the public equity markets by international investors. Part of the net proceeds we receive from the sale of the notes will be used in connection with hedging our obligations under the notes through one or more of our subsidiaries. Also, there is generally less publicly available information about foreign companies than about U.

Exposure to currency changes will depend on the extent to which such currencies strengthen or weaken against the U.

The index has been hsb since January 1, The index is Subject to Currency Exchange Risk. The index is calculated daily in U. Even if there is a secondary market, it may not provide enough liquidity to allow you to trade or sell the notes easily.