For Norway Users This is a semiconductor laser. The printer is set to power saving mode. Page The toner cartridge is leaking. Output Tray Remove jammed media from the output tray by gently pulling it to the left away from the media exit area. The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers. Consumable Life Expectancies This item needs replacing by user after

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Output Tray Remove jammed media from the output tray by gently pulling it to the left away from the media exit area.

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A Technical Specifications Technical Specifications If the problem is not resolved, even after all of the above have been performed, contact Technical Support with the error information. Maintaining The Printer Maintaining the Printer The media priner set Install the correct media with the printer driver size.

Page 59 Remove the new toner cartridge from its shipping carton. Page 68 Ordering Consumables Correctly plugged into the socket and that the socket is visible at all times and is readily accessible. Common Buttons Printer Figure Click this radio button to display an image of the printer in the figure area. The magicolorW driver is uninstalled from your computer. The result could be a fire or improper functioning of the unit in question. You may want to replace a toner cartridge that is not empty if the consumable monitor in your printer driver or the Status Display indicates that a particular color cartridge is running low and you need to print a lengthy job when no one will be available to change the cartridge.


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Anything printed in these layered regions may be lost or faded. Ozone Release During printer operation, a small quantity of ozone is released.

Media may still be jammed. Laptops by Dan Ackerman Nov 26, Page 96 Technical Support with the error information. Introduction Introduction This chapter provides information to aid you in resolving printer problems you may encounter, or at least guide you to the proper sources for help.

Page 6 3 Working with the Printer Do not reload media that has jammed. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

Konica Minolta Magicolor 2300W User Manual

Page 77 Wipe the inside of the front door with a soft, dry cloth. Consumable Life Expectancies The actual life expectancy will vary depending on these and other printing variables, including continuous or intermittent printing, ambient temperature, and humidity.

The OPC drum cartridge may pronter been misinstalled or is defective.

Duplexing Duplexing custom-sized media, envelopes, labels, postcards, thick stock, or transparencies is not supported. In this case, the colors are com- pressed with the perceptual, saturation, or colorimetric method to convert them to colors that can be reproducedby the printer.


Special Media Waste Toner Contact your local vendor or pinter. Place the envelope stack into Tray 1 with the flap-side underneath.

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The General and Details tabs are automatically determined by the operating system and are therefore not described in this manual. Page 76 Do not pull it with too much force. Storing The Printer Relocating Your Printer Occasionally, you may have to move your printer to a different location, either nearby or to a distant location.

Media Rollers Close the media guide. We strongly suggest that you save the packing materials in case you ever need to move or ship the printer. Preventing Media Jams Media matches the printer specifications.

User-replaceable toner cartridges Maximum: Always adjust the media guides after inserting the media.