Golf Apparel By Brand [-]. Dent on top toe which does not affect play. Even if we adjust for distance along the vector our truAccuracy measurement we find that shorter drivers are generally more online. However, for the fairness of the test, SQ could possibly benefit from a higher launch. Sell Your Golf Clubs. So basically for someone like me who needs lower launch with more spin the superquad should be perfect in theory.

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The testing done here could help answer my question since I am guessing the 10 year old drivers were all used clubs. Bobby Jordan 2 years ago.

It may or may not still have the wrapping on, but the superquwd has never been used. But I guess a lot of you do. John Schwerdt 2 years ago. But I doubt it.

TaylorMade R7 SuperQuad Drivers

I used have 9. Crunched all numbers and stuff that I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. It is quite problematic for the average guy madde simply lop of a few inches from the shaft. Not sure why it makes me set up slightly differently, but I’m not complaining!!


Mel Creighton 2 years ago. SLDR was more accurate than the M1. Welding has got more accurate and precise due to laser and robotic welding. Golfspy just released an article within the past week saying that the difference between a high end shaft and low end shaft could skew results up to 15 yards… not to mention shafts from a decade ago.

No scratches, sky marks or chips to the paintwork and the face will be in good condition with no heavy wear marks around the sweet spot area. I feel I can now stand on the tee and rip it with out worrying where the ball will end up. Been shooting since 8th grade, be 68 next wk. I’m normally a straight down the middle or fading driver off the tee, but this club has made me setup differently, slow the swing down and add 20 yards to my drives.

TaylorMade R7 Superquad Driver | eBay

Lot’s more distance, and a lot more accuracy. As head speeds drop, we start trying increase launch and with that, you get an increase in spin.

Value Condition Woods and Hybrids Example. Trevino looked his straight in the eye and said “wait til it gets to know you The M1 and M2 performed about the same. Darren Morgan 2 years ago.


Bryn White 2 years ago. There are 4 drivers I own that see use ranging in age superqquad 11 to 5 years old. So all other factors equal, the driver that produces the greater spin loft will also produce the straighter ball flight.

Today’s Golfer

Sign me up gol the newsletter. There is no doubt i would ever change this driver, but maybe to buy a new one evry couple of years! You compared the clubs sure but if you look the biggest difference is a higher launch angle in the M1 so if you lofted up the Tri by 1.

Forgiving and easy superqkad launch. Had to be around Liam Poulter 2 years ago. Dace 2 years ago. Write a Review Rate This Product: TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver 9.