Anyone get this working with Reaper? I will post back here once I get something working reasonably well. I think Cakewalk should rethink the handling of the audio devices dialog box which in my view few people will figure out on their own. Find More Posts by mercyj. My curiosity was piqued by this thread:

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In the X2a AUD. I have found no complaints anywhere concerning the latest driver.

Mac OS X Both channels double as built-in Dis which is perfect for direct connection of guitars, basses, keyboards, drum machines, etc. Azio Driver Matrix For complete compatibility details and download links, click here. And with a full 60dB of available gain, would-be competitors are left in the dust.

Audio Driver for Mackie Onyx Blackjack – Cockos Incorporated Forums

All times are GMT And now I can listen mackiie headphones through the Mackie which sounds decent instead of running an extension to my sound system.

HRmk2 Series Studio Monitoring. While changing onyz in the Asio driver through Cubase, my PC reset! Unfortunately, with or without it I don’t think I’ll be able to use one ASIO device for input and another for output which is what I’d really like to do.


Send a private message to mercyj.

Onyx Blackjack

Send a private message to tunerustler. Send a private message to Doughboy. If you must use cards, I’d saw WDM. That is a limitation of asil ASIO specification. I progressively increased the buffer size which reduced, but didn’t eliminate, the clicks.

Onyx Driver Compatibility | Mackie

Find More Posts by JasonSpatola. Suggestions The Onyx Blackjack is begging you to connect it to something. This was an interface that I was also interested in.

Does it work with other hosts? Things are normal in the Windows audio management, all devices are present and useable. Mmmm – not a good start.

Sonar X2a and Mackie Blackjack USB interface ASIO drivers

I will post back here once I get something working reasonably well. I wouldn’t have discovered this in a hundred years.

Audio Driver for Mackie Onyx Blackjack. Skip to main content. All I want to do is use the Blackjack as an analog to digital converter on input only, and the Creative soundcard for output to my sound system.


I installed the Mackie driver, plugged the BlackJack in and recorded some guitar into Reaper – the result was crap audio with lots of clicks through it. I’ve currently set things up for 24 bit Video editing, 3D work and audio with zero problems.

I have only done limited testing so far.

As soon as I tried to listen to some music in my media player Media Monkeythe quality was rubbish again. Find More Posts by Vinn. A while back I put together an analog mobile mini-studio that recorded to an Edirol R-1 flash recorder.