In most applications it just plug and play. The board feels really good, I’ve had no problems with sticky keys or bad action. That’s in stark contrast to the Pro 88, which has yards of knobs and faders that should let you control everything from your VST instrument to your DAW mixer to the small appliances in your kitchen. Aside from that, nothing is remarkable about the Keystation 88es. I have not tried many other keyboard, but the feel is more than a touch of the Clavinova pianos and others I’ve tried in stores. Should come with a power supply, to use it if you use a midi box and don’t run it with the computer usb plug.

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This unit is very simple. They are well placed and useful for my applications.

Power is provided by the same interface, though a DC adapter can also be used sold separately. M-Audio Ez88 88es Keyboard 21 product ratings 4. It’s a full 88 key model, with very little frills, a pitch and modulation wheel and a couple buttons for program selection.

Although M-Audio already has most keyboard controller bases covered, the Keystation 88es brings something different to the party.

M-Audio Keystation 88es Keyboard

This keystaation not the only significant difference, though. The finished product seems well built. Budget without too much compromise. There’s no disguising the fact that the 88es is made of plastic – it would probably crack if dropped – but at 10kg, it’s sturdy enough.


The Semi-Weighted keys feel so good under your fingers. Can splliter into 4 zones on a different channel.

User reviews: M-Audio Keystation 88es – Audiofanzine

While it still can’t quite compare to the real thing, this is pretty darn good. There is not a thing special about the Keystation, but it does its job without fail, so I would say that it is a good purchase for someone who needs to have a full keyboard.

Originally posted on FutureProducers. The board feels really good, I’ve had no problems with sticky keys or bad action.


Great companion to grand piano. It takes the toil out of laying down my ideas in my Studio. You may also like. People who bought this also bought. I would change nothing.

Keystation 88es coupled to the Cubase for me is perfect, pitch bend, modulation, change “impeccable” octave. Best pick 2 bids 3d 9h. Keystatikn to carry when many concerts, compared to 88 Fatar keys which remains much higher quality, for sure, and that I use in the studio.

The entire thing is powered via USB so no need to plug it into the wall! Other connections include a standard MIDI Output, sustain and volume pedal sockets — all of these are located on the back of the unit.


M-Audio Keystation 88es Keyboard | eBay

Just plug the 88es in via the supplied USB cable and play away. Trending Price New. I played the fully weighted keys of the Pro 88 at a local retailer, and it is more pleasant than the semi-weighted keys of the 88es, which feel stiff and decidedly plastic and synth-like, more so even keystatkon my old synths, like the M1 and Juno Especially considering the measly price of only bucks!

What motivated my choice: I was in the market for a controller and was going to go with a 61 key. You press this when you want to enter Edit mode: Although they can feel a little stiff, the keys are conducive to some reasonably expressive playing, and are streets ahead of what you’ll be used to if your existing controller is of the budget note variety.

That in itself isn’t unusual–most of them do–but it unfortunately transmits a value of 0 instead of a more common