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Looking for those really tall guys lovedale

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But how he later, much later, strove to make amends is another story. Just under the clock-tower, as you come out of the main school building, you would see in summer the Jacaranda trees in its glorious lilac bloom. The jacaranda brings to ghose the daily ritual of the Senior School bearers Dorairaj and Joe, in their white uniforms complete with red waist bands and red and white turbans, dispensing tea during recess, to the teachers and the taught as lookinng pleasantly jostled even as they held out their mugs to be filled with tea or more often with what was an apology for tea.

The spacious lawns around the tea rockingham foreign escorts gave them enough elbowroom to stand lovedalr in small clusters sipping tea such as it was and ribbing each other, giving as good as they got and all taken in good part. The same could be said of the rough and tumble of the Kabadi games played on the lawns that sometimes the teachers too were dragged into for the sheer heck of it.

At times such as those, the joie de vivre on the campus was unmistakable. And, between lessons, the turrets and towers and passages of the school resounded to the boisterous laughter of the battle-jacketed boys in khaki and the excited hush escorts calgary of the pooking girls in their maroon cardigans and grey skirts.

Now and again, the lawns would be a stage for the antics of the larger-than-life, celluloid hero on the Tamil Screen of the Sixties, M.

Ramachandran, MGR for short, clad in black and on horseback like a swashbuckling Zorro, driving the villains into a tight corner and carrying all before him until he is reunited with his damsel in distress, mostly in the person of Jayalalitha the celluloid heroine of the time. And again predictably, the film would be a Thevar Films production.

Raj Kapoor, the doyen of the Bombay film fraternity, once visited Lovedale to do a recce for a film of his. It was a Sunday and he could not meet the headmaster. I remember, I ran into him at the school porch as he was leaving. He promised to come back the next day. I do not remember if he did. As for teachers, there were many interesting characters, each with some quirk or the other that gave their inventive wards a chance to coin nicknames for most of them.

There was the familiar figure of Ms. Apart from being excellent teachers of English and Platonic friends, Ma Hennie and Mac were also Thespians who promoted Drama in the school. He was known for his drollery when he was in his cups especially in the company of his like-minded friends, lady seeking nsa vt burlington 5401 he could shed all his inhibitions away from the prying eyes of the compulsively priggish.

On the Eve of Christmas,just before midnight, there was a knock on our door followed by what sounded like a mule braying in agony. Fortunately the ladies were not within earshot. He passed away in and his wife in And then there was the cricket-crazy Vaidyanathan everyone called him Vaithy whose unaffected charm shone through despite his bespectacled face and his sartorial indifference? Then again we had the successive Senior Masters -the lanky Vyas also known as Woodie and the diminutive Hariharan - as to which of the two was the dee escort seattle was a constant conundrum for the rest of their colleagues.

Vyas might well have felt secure in the company of our bureaucrats to many of whom subservience, coupled with pettifogging, is bread-and-butter. Am I being unfair? Maybe I am, maybe not. To be fair to him, let me hasten to add that he was held in high regard as an educationist in the Public School Circuit throughout the country. Sadly, he too has passed on.

Remembering the Davidson Basketball Moment ebony miss Kenna

Nil nisi bonum. The faculty drew people from all parts of India. Although they were of different beliefs and cultures, they got along as one family, by and large. A congenial meeting point for them was the Staff Club. I remember going there whenever I could find time for a bout of billiards with the likes of the weaving master, Dhanagopal and the sculpture master, P.

I also enjoyed playing tennis with my colleagues, Mukherjee and Pet an acronym for Guyss. Thomas and Vaidhyanathan and, last but not the least, the military instructor of the school, P. He was an ex-army man whose cocktail cabinet was always fully stocked. At a pinch, one could always touch him for a bottle or two. If his waistline, which was as generous as his nature, weighed him down somewhat in his exertions on the court, he never showed it except when his knee, I forget which one, played him up.

Although self-sufficient in many ways, Lovedale was by its very location cut off from the mainstream society. So, the community continually met and interacted socially and in large measure eased this sense of isolation by new haven 2 escorts activity or the other. For instance, we often made up a foursome during weekends for a game of Bridge. It took a long time before I could hold my own with the more seasoned players on the campus.

She may not have been the greatest cook in the world, but I fondly remember her and, in no less measure, her husband Ganesh as friendly neighbours who went out of their way to help others. She was indulgent to a fault. In her own way, she was quite dignified. Needless to say, the headmaster and his wife customarily played host to his colleagues, having them over at his residence in small groups at a time.

The Malayalees the people of Kerala lovdeale spoke Malayalam in the faculty were a clannish lot who formed a group within a group. We often met socially. The irascible K. Jacob was the doyen of our clan. A Brown University loevdale, he proved himself to be a south croydon cheap escorts teacher. He also had a faintly puritanical streak in him.

He could be witty, but his one-liners were always delivered deadpan. On the rare occasions that he laughed, he was careful that he was with close friends who would not let on that he could be amusing or warm-hearted. Upright to a fault, he would not brook anyone who strayed from the straight and the narrow. In spite of his bursts of ire at erring students, he was a kindly person whose bark was worse than his bite.

Sadly, Jacob thos passed on. I relaly him best for his avuncular strictures to his colleagues, delivered with a wry smile. He left Lovedale; miffed by a professional disagreement he had had with the headmaster.

He had felt let down by him, one of his own kind; a Malayalee no ,ovedale. Rumour had it that the so-called disagreement was engineered by the Senior Master who could not see eye to eye with Jacob on matters professional.

Kunjanchenkutty - that was his pet ghys and his family were very close to us while we were together at Lovedale. In fact, when the hehip at the Cochin Refinery School was offered to him, it was at my insistence that he accepted it. Better by far to be your own master than brood in mortification. Then there was the self-effacing K.

Luna’s Secret Tweets

Nambiar whose prodigious aesthetic sensibilities had been kept well under wraps until he left school to reveal himself as an artist of great talent. His paintings and sketches have since seen the light of day in many an art exhibition. With an expert cook for a wife, a strict vegetarian who could amazingly rustle up delicious meat dishes, it was but natural that he often played host to his omnivorous friends. Another friend, K. Krishnan left his mark on the school as a successful teacher of Malayalam and housemaster, escorts eccles I remember him most of all as the organizer of the Onam Malayali harvest festival festivities at the school.

He is no more.

Pilot dies in ultralight plane crash at Lovedale in NSW Hunter Valley

Mohanrajthe librarian and P. Thomas, the sculpture master, who also belonged to the Malayali clan, were as thick as thieves. They were permanent fixtures at Onam festivities. Thomas was a product of Shantiniketan Art School. His sculptures stand tall on the Lawrence campus, still. He has written several books on library science. Presently, he is in Seattle busy writing more books.

All my Malayali colleagues had been good hosts and frequently entertained their friends. Rall had a Parsee too on the staff in the person rfally Major Mehta. The bursar of the school, the dapper Major Mehta, with his elegant beret that was never out of place, come rain or sunshine, and never gave away the secret beneath it, unobtrusively held sway as second in command to the headmaster. Soft-spoken and gentle, I do not recall his ever having raised his voice viva street escorts purley under the most trying circumstances.

He was always nattily dressed. He nearly always sported a navy blue blazer and grey flannel trousers. He indulged in moderation and liked his whisky. I enjoyed it in small measures for a long time afterwards. There were, too, the support staffs each with a vital role to play. I can still picture him on the Middle Flat banks, standing aloof silhouetted against the sky, with his nose in the air and his cigarette, always in a holder between his fingers, raised in slow motion to his lips and back.

And miami fetish escort to the staff in the administrative section, the school was forever beholden. And to Joe and Susairaj and Dorairaj and Kuppuswami, to name but a few, of the subordinate staff, as they were rather patronizingly labelled, each with his own role to play, the school owed much.

It was of the last named that the other Dorairajmy erstwhile colleague and Physics Master, spoke these immortal words. On overhearing the students discussing in hushed tones the impending retirement of the headmaster, he was reputed to have said tersely, his tongue firmly in his cheek, that the end of the world was nigh, guus words to that effect.

After pausing dramatically, as the story goes, he added that for as long as Kuppuswami did not forget to ring the bell, whatever else tlal happen, the school would go on. And that reminds me. They were thick as thieves, but not exactly academic high-flyers. One could go on and on anecdotally about this quirky pack, but regardless the place had its own special appeal.

That says it all. Yes, the school might have had its flipside, too, as which school has not, but to dwell on it would be churlish in the extreme considering how its obverse was infinitely more interesting. Let me now get back to our rezlly. We left Kumbanad on 30 th April and broke our journey at Kalamassery. After staying overnight with my brother Johnny and his wife Sunu, we d our journey in the early hours of 1 st May, the Labour Day.


As it was a holiday, the highway was not as crowded as it would otherwise have been. We were also pleasantly surprised by the excellent state of ro until we crossed the border into Tamil Nadu. We spent the rest of the day with Thomachen and his wife Lizziammaour long-time friends, who were quite happy to see us and exchange news and views sometimes spiced with a bit of good old gossip.

As I was tired after my exertions behind the wheel, I retired to bed early. So did Thomachenbut Ammu and Lizziamma had a lot of catching up to do and that for a considerable length of time. When two women get together for small talk, there is no knowing when they would stop, as they tend to lose all sense of reaally. At least that is what even gossipy men, who could give the female of the species a run for their money, would want them to believe.

In the end, they too retired, reluctantly I suspect, for us to be elegant delray beach escorts to make an early start the next day. lovedsle

In the event, we tarried a little for yet more tittle-tattle before we could start. When at last we managed to leave, the city was bareback passaic escorts astir. And there were the ubiquitous cows and dogs, out and about, claiming their unhurried right of way as was their lobedale. I decided to take my chances and plough my way through with my hand pressed constantly on the horn, a habit I had long discarded as an expatriate elsewhere.

Hotels Near Lovedale

Progress was not made any easier by the startling wayside shrines that popped up every now and then out of the blue, as it were, their squat towers carrying row upon row of deities, garishly painted in loud colours. Often illegally invading the sidewalk and ingesting it, a shrine would cock a snook at the road users and scare the unwary pedestrian off the pavement. And an unsuspecting driver who might happen to pass by at that precise moment would step on the brakes instinctively to prevent involuntary manslaughter.

To compound woman seeking nsa highlandville problems, a battery of sights and sounds, to say nothing of a groundswell of assorted street smells, constantly assaulted my senses. Elections were only days away.

Candidates were already at the hustings. There were the campaign vehicles fitted with loudspeakers that blared out their raucous appeals for votes, drowning out the reedy radio music that came from the roide barbershops and tea stalls. How could one fail to notice the posters or life-size cut-outs displaying faces, some smiling beatifically and some balefully gazing at you, inviting you to vote for this symbol or that.

Moon-faced or beetle-browed the philipsburg pa housewives personals might be, but the name of the game was the same. And what of the wall art, the graffiti and the flags, all, reaally of which drove you to distraction?

As if that were not enough, the stench of stale urine occasionally assailed your nostrils as you drove by alleys that offered cover for the bashful to piddle in private. The not so self-conscious were not so particular where they might relieve themselves, though. And the smell was no less offenisve. The sickly sweet smell of joss sticks saambraani or agarbathi as we call them ,burning slowly before framed pictures of gods or goddesses hung on shop walls, encompassed all other smells.

Then, there were the bone-jarring potholes that caught you and your car unawares for the next twenty miles or so until you reached Mettupalayamon crittenden ny housewives personals foothills of the Blue Mountains. In the meanwhile, I had been growing increasingly testy. Since returning to this country, I have been progressively adding refinements to a certain brand of semiotic road rage, sometimes spiced with choice profanities flung at road hogs.

I am only human.

On that day too, from time to time, I guy fly a mouthful of epithets to test its efficacy, but the passing lane-hoppers kept cockily ignoring it as they careered lokking for the sheer heck of it. If I thought that getting it off my chest would help me regain my equanimity, I was woefully mistaken. For, if you have a gratuitous navigator in the person of your wife, virtually breathing down your neck, yours is a lost cause.

It took me more than an hour to cover that distance, what with having to summon up all my powers of concentration to take evasive action as oncoming vehicles bore down on me virtually head-on, while parrying the random broides from the passenger seat! The drive up the winding hill road with its fourteen hairpin bends was not as daunting as the gauntlet that I had just run.

In fact, compared to what we left behind us, to mix metaphors merrily, it was a cakewalk! After Kallar, the first stop, the track ascends into the escorte girl a hugging the verdant slopes. The train journey is three hours long, but the breathtaking beauty of crossdressing escort ottawa Mountains, thoze through the blue haze of a shimmering morning, more than makes up for the slow passage of time.

We lookong into Montauban Rest Home. Kathy Macdonald, the manager who received us, proved to be a wonderful hostess. Tapl the place itself, although rather basic in the comforts it offered, was a quiet retreat from the whirl of the constantly moving pedestrians and traffic at the Charing Cross Junction, barely two furlongs away. One could not venture out into Ooty in any direction without getting caught in that maelstrom!

Anyway, we rested for a while before going out to try a purportedly South Indian vegetarian lunch, which turned out to be a Gujarati apology for South Indian fare, much to our disappointment. We made a mental note of Hotel Natraj as one that we would give a wide berth to in future. No sooner had we returned to our room than we fell on our beds and did not get up till late in the afternoon. We hastily got ready and got out. Lovedale is usually only a ten-minute drive from Thisebut that evening, the road being chock-a-block with cars, all heading in the same direction, it took us realoy best part of half an hour to reach the Lawrence School flagstaff.

We were tose there and asked to part with fifty Rupees.

Blue Mountains & Hunter Valley Self-Drive ebony miss Kenna

This was in exchange for a car sticker that would give us access to the parking lot. As we walked towards the school, we could see a few boys and girls hanging about near the railings that enclosed the lawns below the Nilagiri House dorms and the Large Hall. There were more pupils sitting along the grass banks above the Middle Flats. They were not only not in their uniforms but appeared to be far too casually dressed for the occasion.

Some of the Old Boys of the school, now parents, and other guests, presumably also parents, were standing around on the lawn in little knots, chin-wagging and sipping tea in between. Now and again, they would break off from the huddle, in ones and twos, and make a beeline for the table laden with goodies. Matthew Anthony, an old boy from before my time whose acquaintance I had made only a few weeks before, spotted me, came over and took me to the new Mature bbw escorts traralgon, Harsh Walto be introduced to him.

He was in the company important looking guests. That cut me to the quick. A little later, without knowing what had transpiredNarayana RaoSumeru House Captain innow on the Board of Governors of the School, was keen to introduce me, his old House Master, to the new Headmaster. As women looking for perfect situation happened, our daughter Bina had accompanied me on that occasion. Nomita did not forget to ask after her.

Then, there was old Col. Wright, the oldest Old Lawrencian around.

Investiture Ceremony The Lawrence School, Lovedale

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