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This holiday season looks a bit different — and it's likely going to be a tough one for small businesses and their customers. Let's work together to empower business owners and encourage our communities to share joy and Shop Small safely all season long. Connect shoppers escort danforth local businesses through the Shop Small Movement — let's make an impact together. Build excitement by reaching out to small businesses in your area and encouraging them to participate in community programming.

Encourage Your Community to Share Joy and.

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Unite Small Businesses and Your Community. Applications to become a Neighborhood Champion are now closed — but you can still get involved. Find a Neighborhood Champion near you to see how the Shop Small Movement is being celebrated in your community. Digital Events to Support Local Businesses.

Think of our Digital Event Guides as your roadmap to help neighborhood businesses reconnect with customers. From ways to help drive engagement to promotional materials, here's the inspiration you're looking for — all in one place.

Looking for small

Get the guides Get the guides. Materials can only be downloaded from your laptop or desktop. Support Black-Owned. Encourage your neighbors to support Black-owned businesses that have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. From resources and grants to help Black business owners move forward to a list cme calgary escorts Black-owned places to shop, there are ways for everyone to get involved.

Main Street America, our longtime partner, is committed to keeping the places you call home vibrant.

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They've compiled tips and articles to help forr and small businesses adapt to the short-term and long-term impacts of this crisis. Here are ideas to get the conversation started with your community.

Webinars Blog Series Research. Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season This season, it's more important than ever to support the local businesses we love.

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American Express is shining a light on small businesses across the U. Check out more businesses like these on the Shop Small Map. For us to remain open and a part of the community we love, we must continually inspire current members to stay with us smalll new members to us as we all adjust our lives during these times.

We hope our community understands the value of their spending and how it can be integral in sustaining mom and pop shops. Conscious spending within the community can contribute to neighborhood sustainability.

It helps to keep our employees working. It helps to fund our community outreach. We use money lookin our sales to feed the community for our Free Lunch Friday Program.

The community supports us, and we support the community. Although there will always be ups and downs, the ability to support and create a lookinb for our team to express themselves through their own unique creativity is truly a dream come rachel raxxx escort. Sorry, that won't work. We want to help you get started, but these files can't be downloaded to a mobile device.

Feel free to yourself the files, then switch to a desktop or laptop to view.