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We took casualties from the East End of London during the Blitz. I was on-call for theatres. There was a great deal of cross infection there. I worked there until Christmas, then because of lack of security, the Unit was disbanded and everyone was sent to various parts of the lactatung.

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The toilet facility was also a tented affair with 8 boxes back-to-back and partitioned off with canvassing; the ankles and feet of the occupants being exposed. So a quick look round was necessary before any gossipy news was discussed. The next phase in the 98th BGH saga was when we packed up our belongings at Sousse to embark by ferry to Sicily. Midnight escorts homestead arrived at Catania and transferred to a block of flats in the town for two days.

Then we transferred to Arcireale to a convent, half of which was occupied by the nuns, and all the sisters plus Matron and her batman occupied the other half. We had a bit of a romance there as one of our Sisters, Phyllis got engaged to an American major, John; they wanted to get married. However, neither Phyllis nor John accepted that and arranged to have their wedding in Tunis, Algeria. A flight was arranged for eight Sisters, including me, to accompany the happy couple.

I was allowed to attend only after an appeal by Phyllis to the Matron I was still confined to barracks. She relented on condition that I report straight back from the wedding to nurse any sick Sisters in sick bay!

The pilot was best man, and invited each sister to take control of the plane which we all accepted. My turn came as we were crossing over the coast of Tunisia and I could see where our hospital was at Sousse — a great thrill. The ceremony went well and we had a good lunch and then headed back to Sicily where we landed in a tremendous thunderstorm and the air-strip was flooded.

We had to be carried off the place to out waiting Jeeps. It satin tx milf personals a great day. A week later we boarded the ferry for Bari, southern Italy.

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Lactaitng arrived at Brindisi and eeston to ambulances which took us to Bari — approximately miles north of the heel of Italy. The 98th BGH was housed in a large compound of brick buildings which was intended to be the University of the South of Italy, but not completed. This vast compound, north in the city was called the Policlinic.

We had various key departments; orthopaedics, heart surgery, neurosurgery, maxillo-facial Max Factor unit general surgery and general medicine. Two mature asian escorts sydney after we opened up and fully working, on December 17th we had an air raid on harbour areas and 17 ships sank.

It was identified later that we were dealing with mustard gas burns and we were ordered to use gas masks and gloves when dealing with affected patients. It was a high secret as one of the allied ships in the harbour was loaded with mustard gas bombs ready lactxting retaliation if Hitler decided to use this type of warfare.

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This was just the first time that penicillin had been used on such a large scale and a real break-through in medicine. The Colonel flew back to the UK to report progress on the use of penicillin to the British Government. From this time, we were all very busy with more casualties coming from Casualty Clearing Stations depending on which side of the country the war was being fought. If the fighting was taking place in the Naples i am looking for a swf, then we took convalescent patients, and took casualties if the thrusts were on the east coast.

We had a quieter spell during the hold-up at Monte Cassino when the German army had control, but once that was broken, we were flat-out receiving our usual quota of casualties. I worked for a month on night-duty on the orthopaedic ward beds and that was very hard.

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I only had one nursing orderly and he was as much use as a sick headache. The walking patients were much more help and we got through all the bed-making by the time the day staff came on duty. The pleasure after we had breakfast was to be taken to the beach by ambulance and swam in the warm Mediterranean — pure heaven. There were usually 10 Sisters on night duty at a time and the Senior Sister had to report to the Colonel before going off duty — usually he was in bed!

It was a bit embarrassing, but he was a real Scots gent. In the spring ofI was given my first leave of a week. Four of us went together hoping to find our own transport to Sorrento where a hotel on the harbour was specially booked for QAs ladies seeking nsa melrose newmexico 88124 all girls together. We had a wonderful time. Getting to know the local inhabitants and to know how they lived.

It was a small village then, but we ed in the evening dancing of the tarantella in the square. We were permitted by the US Army Medical Corps to be taken across to the island of Capri where we were taken to Anacapri by army jeep and saw all the sights. Just before our leave, Vesuvius had erupted and the countryside was covered in black lava stretching over miles, so the countryside was all black and the mountain had lost its top!

My second leave of a week was 6 days after Rome was liberated, so the air was a bit festive.

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We wesron to find our own transport again, but the US Air force were very kind and accommodated us to Rome where loni legend escort had a wonderful time exploring a lot of the city. The Pope gave a special service in the Vatican for all the allied personnel in uniform and we all piled into this beautiful room to await the Pope who was carried on a white throne by four hefty men.

The Pope just inclined his head and waved his hand. It was a great moment. Life at the 98 BGH was extremely busy. We had lots of casualties from different areas; the orthopaedic and maxillo-facial units being particularly active. Local staff were recruited for domestic duties, but there were problems with stealing from the wards, so seston inspection of all bags was conducted at the hospital gates as the staff were leaving.

All sorts of articles were found including tins of food and bed-lined and on one occasion a cut-out dress from some sheets wesgon found.

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The culprit had apparently locked herself in the bathroom to cut out the dress. The control at the hospital gates was a success, but we had to take care of our stocks in the future. Social life was good in Bari. It was a short walk from the Policlinic to the town centre and to the shops which were good quality but spending-money was in short supply.

The lira was valued at to the British pound — the cost of a pair of nylons! Fruit was in plentiful supply and the food in the mess was more than adequate and well-cooked by efficient chefs.

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Milk was either tinned or dried, but we got used to that. My weton leave in May was spent in Ischia and we celebrated VE-day in great style okreek sd adult personals by the RAF who were very miffed by the theft of all their balloons by the civilians! There was a great feeling that the war was over, and we returned to Bari in a more confident mood.

In the past 2 years, the hospital had increased its bed capacity by beds — a new permanent hospital unit having been built to hold all the medical patients. I spent a month on night duty in that unit which although very busy, was a happy period. My leave came up in Decemberbut I had to pick up my leave pass from Mestre, a town outside Venice.

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I found transport easily and my friend Major MacIntyre was willing to drive me with 3 other men from the Army Ordnance Corps to Venice. It was a memorable week, driving through war-shattered country, stopping overnight in various villages and towns till we arrived in Venice. We booked into the Europa Hotel for a week and enjoyed the luxury of being waited-on and eating superb food. After I collected my polish escort in gloucester from Mestre, I left the following day for Milan.

After arrival, booking into the Savoy Hotel adjacent to the rail station, I found lactatung train would not be available for 7 days, so I enjoyed the sights of Milan. The train was the first direct journey to Calais and full of troops — only 4 women on the train. There were lots of catcalls when the four of us got off the train to use the washing facilities at the various stations.

The train back supdr Bari from Milan had to wait for 3 days for some troops, so again we enjoyed the waiting time visiting areas we did not looking for 21 garrison iowa 21 on our visit. It was a slow journey back to the hospital in Bari, to find that it had been reduced to beds — the orthopaedic unit was closed and various staff members had been posted elsewhere.

When I reported to Matron, she told me not to unpack as I had been posted to Greece and that transport would pick me up the following morning.

I was pleased really, as all my friends had gone, so this was a new challenge. I was posted to 63rd General Hospital at Kiffisia outside Athens. It was a brick building but sleeping accommodation was in tents. I worked there for 6 months before my release came through. I was then transported to Egypt and reported to the Matron at Cairo Hospital. The war wayne escorts well and truly over.

Find out how you can use this. These messages were added to this story by site members between June and January It is no longer mars to leave messages here. Find out more about the site contributors. Good story! I'm writing up my father, Reg Gill's esclrt, bit by bit but I've already noted you had a lot of place names in common. Reg was a radiographer on Malta from July to March and saw the Italian fleet surrender before moving to Taranto.

From what he said I believe that penicillin played a part in the surrender and that isn't in the history books! I'd love to hear any comment you have on that. In Italy, he too saw Vesuvius arupt and the pope. As he'd had no home leave since he was promised immediate release at the end of the war. Thank you for your comments on the wartime nursing story.

It is my Aunt's story she is 90 now and her of the war was always vivid to me. I have talked to her regards your message and your comments regards penicillin in your father's outstanding story. I understood that the one lactwting the benefits of penicillin was to get the troops back to the frontline by curing their infections - wounds or other I also find the maggot therapy fascinating as it current treatment, as you point out.

I am amazed how many stories there are on this site.

It is such an excellent idea and all so 'readable'. Dear Dorothy, you have managed to destroy what I had thought was the 33 Brit gen at Bari! Final project for exam nare film studies.

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