Remove media and ribbon. Download Intermec EasyCoder driver. Check the bar code program command for accuracy. Check to make sure that the ribbon is installed correctly. Syntax Errors The printer responds to syntax errors in the messages it receives from the host by attempting to execute the commands. Heed the warnings and cautions to prevent harm to yourself or damage to the printer.

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Intermec EasyCoder Thermal Barcode Label Printer, – Barcode Discount

If an image overrun still occurs, printing for that batch of labels stops and any following commands are executed. It does not ignore a command with a syntax error. Printhead alignment tool Testing and Adjusting Aligning the TTR Supply Hub You should align the TTR supply hub only if you are experiencing ribbon wrinkle on full width ribbon after the rollers and printhead have been aligned.

The combination of these delays impede total printer throughput. Prjnt slack in the cable should be arranged between the sensor and the cable clip on the extrusion.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Thermal transfer, dpi5 ips6. If it shows up in a printer recently moved 6300 another area, the problem is probably environmental. Insert the label backing only in the label gap sensor.

Full text of “Intermec Service Manual”

Your inspection should include the intfrmec of items listed in the following section. Do not connect the shield of the cable to the chassis ground or signal ground of the interface metal backshells will be tied to the chassis. Inspect after every roll of media. This ASIC handles the loading of the printhead to implement the dot-by-dot thermal management scheme.


Looking for a tech bargain real soon? Pull the liner takeup hub away from the main deck plate to remove it. Do not run interme near AC power lines.

Intermec EasyCoder 3600 – label printer – monochrome – direct thermal / thermal transfer

Remove the printhead alignment tool. Clean after every roll or 6, inches of media or more often if necessary.

Pull down on the lower media guide to expose the label gap sensor. When the printer is placed in Test and Service mode, it prints out a hardware configuration label, regardless of its initial DIP switch settings, and remains in Test and Service mode until the power is switched off and the DIP switches are reset. Failure to disconnect the power cord may result in injury or death due to electric shock.

This section describes different ways you can communicate with the printer. The pins are held low when the printer is in one of the following conditions: Check the wiring to ensure that all connections are solid and secure. Large electric motors, welders, and switching equipment can negatively affect printer performance.

Preventive Maintenance Actions and Intervals Printer Component Printer Printhead Preventive maintenance consists primarily of scheduled cleanings, but also occassional performance checks and, possibly, adjustments based on those checks.


The belt driven TTR takeup 16 in-oz hub and liner reverse 34 in-oz idler shaft use one-way clutches that manage takeup force and prevent slackening during retract. This chapter also contains procedures for making adjustments and alignments that ensure the printer is operating normally. The values range from 00 to FF.

Intermec EasyCoder 3600 Printer

When the printer is using Intermec “Standard” protocol, pin 11 and 20 are held high when the printer is ready to receive data. Failure to comply can result in damage to components. The remainder of the time is used to copy the character images into image RAM. In these cases, a label is imaged in its entirety before printing commences. Printer is misfeeding media.

At this point, the label has been completely imaged but printing has not finished. Use a power line monitor to verify the presence of irregular sine waveforms and use a power line conditioner to eliminate their effects. A Warning A warning alerts you of an operating procedure, practice, condition, WARNING or statement that must be strictly observed to avoid death or serious injury to the persons working untermec the equipment.