This is with both the generic mouse drivers installed with the OS and the latest Intellimouse 6. General Information Everybody is welcome here, even those that have yet to ascend. The Master Race is generous. I just got my hands on a wireless laser mouse v2. Anyone familiar with the process of cleaning a ball mouse will immediately recognize the Intellimouse Explorer as a major leap in peripheral technology.

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Sunday, November 9, Its a noticeable difference and dramatically affects workflow. Friday, March 11, 3: It’s lntellimouse tied to the program, and I received a message from ZoneAlarm that the Ipoint. The registry entry I had entered above was still in the registry too. Please assist or provide me with details on how I can contact Microsoft, finding a simple way to send an email to Microsoft on their site is impossible: It’s basically only usable for desktop work.

Fyi, laser sensors are too accurate, and so cause your cursor to spaz out. Thanks for the link BlindGuard.

intellipoint () vertical scrolling problem on Vista RTM

I think, however, that unless your mouse was installed in the USB port during install, you will have to reboot linux with the mouse in the usb slot to get it to work. Wednesday, March intellimousf, 1: I caved and plugged this one in at work, its amazing, in love with my mouse again.


Wish it was, however there is not wheel tab in this configuration. I changed a few things at the same time that could have caused it.

I think MS is too lazy to fix this bug. If that is the setting that Intellipoint uses by default, it might explain the erratic behavior of scrolling with these mice. So the main thing we need to figure out, is how to disable this high resolution behaviour with the Intellipoint drivers installed.

My attic is full of broken Razer crap. Sign in to vote. It will probably be different for each computer, but the bottom line remains that by running this script to which I keep a shortcut to on the desktopmy mouse starts working properly again.

My last one lasted me 7 years and actually died from being taken to lans and tournaments and the cable being wrapped up, so Ill keep you posted on this one Advertisements or commercial links. You also need to have devcon. I went through of those back in the day.

Mouse Scroll Issues – Forums – CNET

Any URLs where i could find the “right” kernel upgrades? Glorious, I can’t even begin to say, I know it will probably sound cheesy but intellimoues so much nostalgia everytime I puty hand on it, reminds me of where my competitive gaming days began and I absolutely love it!


It’s same situation I have.

I’m really attached to these mice but in the case inntellimouse PersonalBrain the mouse wheel is the only way to carry out some of the functionality. Microsoft antitrust case Microsoft Ireland case. They just floated across surfaces.

Trust this is helpful. These days you got great mice like the zowie EC series that have a superior grip.

Microsoft Desktop

Since the most recent update was installed, I find that each time I start the PC the vertical scroll sensitivity is extremely high, and I have to access the mouse setup utility intellomouse reset the sensitivity before it is again usable. I’ll try to explain my findings: If you kill ipoint. Never even heard of this thing.