Skill Information and Support G. Yes, it should lead to better data-integrity in case of i. In reply to Electroguy 2 ‘s post on August 7, Now I wanted to move the drive back to the HDD0 port. Hello, The issue that you are facing is more complex than what is typically answered in the Microsoft Answers forums.

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We’ll get to it sooner or later, And hopefully sooner, now that we’re nearing a release for StableBit CloudDrive.

Anyways, I salute you for posting this solution–I am sure it will help many others. I myself just installed the Anniversary update today. Just got back to reinstalling my X79 Fatal1ty and, confroller again, normal RST versions don’t work at all.

With the hard drive on the HDD0 port, the boot sequence is Dell BIOS screen, black screen, black screen with Windows logo, black screen, black screen with Windows logo, black screen, gray-green screen, login screen. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


Intel® C600 Series Chipset/Intel® X79 Express Chipset: Datasheet

How satisfied are you with this response? Results 76 to of Enermax Platimax W OS: Now I wanted to move the drive back to the HDD0 port. All times are GMT Seems to be a chipset issue, when i try to write incompressible data with Iometer it does the same thing if the drive isnt configured correctly. Meanwhile, I have noticed lately that startup is faster than it was when I first installed Windows 10 AU.

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Dell Support has told me, in effect, “that’s the way it works”, because they don’t understand Windows enough. I am just glad to have my HDD ports back!

I have the same question I asked Dell support. Yes, we followed the same solution path. I wish I had stumbled upon your post earlier, this would have saved me a few gray hairs.

What do you say? I’m talking about how it behaves vs the In my seires, not benefitting from free Dell technical support for this machine and at the end of my wits after two days of tribulations, I tried to reroute the HDD connection as a last resort–nothing else had worked until then.


I’d say, just leave it powered on.

Just didn’t want it to get completely dismissed. In reply to Electroguy 2 ‘s post on August 7, Electroguy 2 Replied on August 7, Last edited by Computurd; at I’ve got email notifications off, so it’s not spamming me to death, but it also forces me to keep email notifications off.

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Downloads for Intel® C Series Chipsets

Frankly, I’m interested in improvements to CloudDrive over this issue as well. In reply to Electroguy 2 ‘s post on July 25, There is nothing wrong with RSTe.

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