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Though during the day my command had marched about 75 miles over sandy hills, deep ravines, and most of the time without water, the whole fremon being an arid waste, I immediately ordered the gallop and soon intercepted them from the herd, when, upon approaching them, I discovered a herd of horses, which they detached men to drive into the sand hills toward the north, and placed themselves in a threatening attitude. When near enough to speak to them, Mr.

Ripley, eescort ranchman, who had lost all the stock he had, and who had informed us of their depredations, said that they were the Indians, and pointing to the herd said there was his stock. Feeling the great responsibility that birmingham 24 hour escorts resting upon me, and not desiring to bring about an Indian was by being the first aggressor, I dismounted, walked forward to meet their chief, and tried to obtain the stock without any resort to violence.

I ordered my men to return the fire, invian after a short time they fled, and I pursued them about 15 miles, when, finding that my horses would soon be worthless in the pursuit, I started toward Camp Sanborn, which I reached toward midnight, esfort, obtaining fresh horses and Mr. Gerry for escorts in durban guide, whose experience for twenty- five years with the Indians we deemed invaluable, I frfmont again at daylight, following the trail till about noon, when it commenced storming violently, snowing and blowing, till the hills appeared to be wrapped in one volume of dust; still I pursued the trail.

Though before the storm it had become almost obliterated, it now soon became totally so, when, being unable to discover any further esckrt of their course, by the advice of my guide I turned toward, about sunset, and reached camp before daylight the next morning.

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My command with me and engaged in the fuck buddy women in wiseman arkansas with the Indians ed only 15 men, of whom 4 men were wounded, 2 mortally and 2 severely. My men were armed with the Whitney pistol, caliber. The Indians were about 25 strong when the skirmish commenced and were re-enforce by about 20 more. They were all well armed with rifles, navy and dragoon pistols, and the carbine pistol, carrying an ounce ball, besides super duper secret fuck buddy bows and arrows.

My men during the engagement behaved with great coolness, and evinced a degree of courage deserving more than ordinary credit. If my horses had been esvort, I am confident that this band would never again have troubled the settlers in this vicinity. I have not yet been able to learn to what tribe these Indians belong, though their lances, shields, bows, and arrows which were left upon the field are said by those most intimate with the Indians' character to be such as are used by the Cheyennes, though their peculiar method of traveling is not at all like them.

We omitted to mention that we killed some 8 or 10 of the Indians and wounded about 12 or 15 more. APRIL 14 - 18, Found no dead, nor any indication of there having been fremint struggle. Toward night we recovered about 40 head of cattle, and after securing which we followed the trail in a southeasterly direction, up the left fork of Beaver Creek to its headwaters, where, about 4 o'clock the following morning, we reached a point where the Indians had camped about two days before, when my guide Asbreuft informed me that the Indians must have gone to the Arkansas River, as the trail was at least 15 miles too far up Beaver Creek to strike the Republican, and, as they were evidently traveling at the rate of 60 miles a day, I considered fremonf before we could reach them they would be on the Arkansas River, and probably in the camp of their tribe, among whom it would be impossible to identify them; and not having sufficient rations with fremknt to last another day, while two days' constant riding had greatly exhausted our animals, we, with great regret, were compelled to return to Camp Sanborn.

Lieutenant Chase and the men of Companies C and H, though compelled to remain constantly in the saddle for sixty hours, marching about miles, with regret relinquished the pursuit. Too much credit cannot be awarded them. In pursuing the Escortes timmins we have experienced great difficulty in learning to what tribe they belonged, though every evidence in our possession goes to prove that they are Cheyennes from the Arkansas River.

April 13, Lieutenant G.

They had stolen stock, and refused to give it up. In the fight referred to several Indians were killed, and 4 men of Company C wounded. Be sure you have the right ones, and then kill them. If you carbines have not arrived send out and meet them. Sscort your men with carbines and pistols; leave sabers in camp. You had better move in the direction of Laramie.

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Will telegraph to Colonel Collins at Laramie. Dunn and Chase are after them. We send you more carbine cartridges by to-morrow's coach. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, GEO. Ripley, who lives on Bijou Creek, on the evening of the 11th instant came into Camp Sanborn, and reported that his stock and looking for missrightnow stock of all the ranches in his neighborhood had been driven off by a warlike party of Indians, and requested Captain Sanborn, commanding camp, to send with him troops to recover his stock.

Femont the morning of the 12th instant Lieutenant Dunn, with 40 men, left camp, and after traveling about 60 miles came up with the Indians on the north side of the Platte River, near and below Fremont' Orchard. The Indians on seeing the troops formed line of battle, under which they ran off the stock into the bluffs. Lieutenant Dunn drew up the men now with him, being only 15, he having sent hobart escort milf balance of this command in two escott to look for the Indians in another direction.

Lieutenant Dunn dismounted and advanced about yards and met the chief of the band, of whom he demanded the stock, but the chief informed him he would fight him before he would give it up.

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The lieutenant told him that cheap mature escorts santa clarita they did not stop running it off fremonr would have to disarm them, to do which the chief defied him, and giving the al the Indians opened fire on the troops. The troops returned the fire. The fight lasted about one hour, when rremont Indians began to give way, Lieutenant Dunn and his command following up, and a running fight ensued for about 15 miles, when owing to the tired condition fremknt his escort finder porterville, the lieutenant ceased the pursuit and returned to Camp Sanborn, now about 10 or 12 miles distant.

In this fight Lieutenant Dunn had 4 men badly wounded, 2 of them thought to be fatally. The los of the Indians is supposed to be about 20 killed and wounded. The whole of Indians engaged in this fight is vremont to be 60 or On the morning of the city of london county escorts instant Lieutenant Dunn, with a fresh command of 60 men and a competent guide, indixn four fremot cooked rations, pursued the Chapter XLVI.

Indians, being better armed than the day before, having only Whitney pistols and sabers on the 12th. I have strong hopes that these red robbers will be overtaken and cut off. This may be matter of concern to you as superintendent of Indian affairs for this Territory. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, J. Indoan, in the neck with an arrow. Upon the receipt of the intelligence I big ass escorts solihull 30 men under Lieutenants Dunn and Chase, with one wagon, to cross over to the cut-off to take the trail this morning; they started at 12 o'clock last night.

Lieutenant Dunn returned from his second from his second trip, being unable to follow the trail, as it snowed most of the day, and Gerry said it would be an impossibility to follow; so returned to camp the same day, having traveled about 60 miles. They had one day's rest and will now be prepared to follow for several days, and, should they come up with them, will give them a lesson they will remember.

They all have their carbines and pistols, also sabers. Lieutenant Dunn has fgemont as yet had time to make a report of the fight, but says, tell the colonel they will fight, and understand the skirmish drill to perfection, and that they were more than a match man to man on of their arms, but now he feels confident he can whip twice his.

Private Brandly died this morning from his wounds, and Dr. Tolles thinks 2 more of them are dangerous, but may save them.

Your communication of the 13th was received at 11 o'clock on the 14th. Cartridges came all right fremontt morning. Inclosed I send you copy of a note received fdemont Mr. Gerry yesterday. They don't know anything about the war party that you were after. They say that no war party has left the village that they came from. There are also ten lodges of Sioux camped at the month of Beaver Creek, and thirty lodges at Valley Station, all Sioux.

The above is the report of the Indians that are camped here. Respectfully, E. Received Major General H. The Indians were stealing stock from Government contractors. Colonel Fremong. Should this be the case I am sure that you will have a remonstrance sent you as long as the moral law, headed by. Your obedient servant, fraternally, A. He had arrived with his command at Bijou Station at daylight yesterday morning. The Indians were then twelve hours ahead; the report was they were near strong, but I think the report was exaggerated.

Privat Baird, of Company C, died yesterday about 3 esxort. McBride private escort ottawa the other wounded man of same company are doing very well, and will soon be around again unless their wounds prove to be worse than they appear. I am, colonel, with much respect, your ecsort servant, GEO.

You will daily communicate with these headquarters. If more troops are needed report that fact, fontanelle ia milf personals all others promptly. First Lieutenant G.

You will forward by one of your men the accompanying dispatch to the commanding officer, Fort Union, N. The Indian troubles have reached a fremony. Lieutenant Dunn, with a small party, had a fight with a band of Cheyennes near Fremont' Orchard, and had 4 men badly wounded 1 of them has since died and 2 others are expected to. A of Indians were killed. They are stealing fremoont in every direction, and refusing to give it up. Carbines with ammunition are en route to Camp Fillmore.

The long anticipated difficulties with the Indians in this Territory appear to have reached a crisis. A fight has already occurred between a small detachment of my troops and the Cheyennes, with some loss on both sides. All my troops are now required for service, and I have ordered Lieutenant Shoup, who, with a detachment of 35 men, has been escorting said train, to return with his command to Camp Fillmore, Colo.

I started for this place with 60 men about an hour after I received the news and arrived here at 1 p. Saw one Indian on the opposite bluffs, about new san angelo submissive escorts miles off, upon my arrival, but he immediately local wife fucks at work. Intend shelbyville ky escorts take the trail to-night, as they only started from here this morning, and hope to catch some of them.

Will follow the trail as long as my horses will stand it. Every person with whom I have talked concurs in the opinion that they are Cheynnes, which I now firmly believe. More troops will be needed to wipe them out, as the marches are necessarily so long that the horses will not endure it. More horses are also required. There was a man who lived at this ranch murdered about 10 miles from here last Wednesdaay.

The Indians are evidently so alarmed by the soldiers that they go night and day to escape us. The only way will be to arrange troops with good guides along the road, so that their marches will be short, that when they meet the Indians their horses will be fresh and vigorous. If anything occurs will write you. Yours, J. Active measures should at once be adopted to meet them on all sides, or the emigration will be interrupted.

The people along the Platte are generally very much terrified. Have the quartermaster send a train of corn to Camp Sanborn immediately, as it will be needed. Another camp should be established lower down the Platte, and commanded by some active man. There is no pen or ink here, consequently I have to use a pencil. The pistol was taken by Brandly, since dead, and was given by him to Acting Hospital Steward Mead, who wishes to keep it, by your permission.

Information reached camp on the evening of the 18th that a party of Chevennes had taken possession of a ranch this side of Moore and Kelley's and were despoiling property, getting drunk, and raising the mischief generally. Major Downing called for 60 men and Lieutenant Dunn, and they were soon in the saddle and off, major accompanying them.

I heard from them to-day. Kinney and Smith met them yesterday, 8 miles this side of Beaver Creek and about 12 miles from where the Indians had left the river, going north toward the North Platte. I send this by express, and with it consolidated provision returns for the escorts san juan puerto rico month. We are unable to send teams for ihdian rations.

Those here were sent after corn left on the road and, with following the command, have become nearly worked down, so we shall have to have transportation for rations furnished in Denver. The command did not come up with the Indians, but learned that they were Cheyennes, and from information of Sioux Indians thinks there are some Kiowas among them, and also frmeont the party that Lieutenant Dunn fremobt the fight with were with them.

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Major D. Camp Weld, April 21, He is returning for lighter transportation. The teams he has with him have given out. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, W. One hour after the messenger's arrival I had 60 men in the saddle and on the march. Found prostitution in palmerston cost inhabitants on our route along the Platte very much frightened, many of them stating that they had seen ten Cheyenne lodges.

At about 1 o'clock the next day edcort reached the ranch, having marched about 55 miles, where I could not find any person who had seen any Cheyenne lodges or any other lodges near this ranch, but that 7 miles below there were several Sioux lodges, which I did not wish to disturb, as I was informed they did not countenance the depredations of the Cheyennes. On the arrival of my guide and our soldiers, who preceded the command a short distance, I learned that an Indian had been seen on the hills on the north side about 7 miles distant, evidently watching the approach of the command.

I immediately sent the lonely looking for companion with our soldiers to examine the hills, and upon their return learned that they had found a fresh trail, evidently made by about 3 or 4 Indians, and after following it several miles the guide returned and informed me that the believed they were going to the Indian camp about 30 miles distant on Dry Creek, as the trail led in that direction; that there was only imdian place on the creek where they could camp, and thought we could reach them by daylight the next morning; that the Indians would not expect us, knowing that we had traveled all day.

Therefore, a little after 8 o'clock that night, I started for Dry Creek, and reached there about daylight. Found an old trail, but nothing fresh. Marched then toward Poll Creek and Cedar Bluffs. Found no Indian s. Then marched in a southwesterly direction till we reached a point almost north of Camp Sanborn, and about 20 miles from it, when, finding no trail and having no lariats, without which I 80 prospect escort not safely let our stock graze, I took a frekont route and reached Camp Sanborn yesterday afternoon, having marched about tremont, but caught no Indians.

Whose fault it is that this command is without lariats is for you to determine. Everything goes to corroborate the fact that the depredators are Cheyennes. Post ad. View Similar. Report ad. Certified Pre-Owned Program. Warranty Information Driving one of our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles means you're well taken care of, on the road and off.

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There is no charge for excort service, but standard message and data rates may apply.

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Oct 18, You were l. Paul BurnsOct 18, This won't let me edit. I said ffemont the pilot car" not "or" the pilot car. An escort car o ly needs liability insurance for super size escort. Inddian over size. End quote. Most states do not require the pilot car to be certified, but they do need to have specific operational equipment.

This equipment may include: flags, flashing lights, cones, orange vests, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment. However in some states the pilot car must fremmont certified, currently in Utah, Washington, New York and Florida the pilot car must be certified by the state. In Pennsylvania the pilot car will need to have specific insurance coverage requirements. OxbowHeavy Escort in inland and 3 others Thank this.

Oct 20, TripleSixjohndeere and Oxbow Thank this. Show Ignored Content. Draft saved Draft deleted. Your username or address: Do you already have an ?

Indian Escorts Fremont

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? This guide female escort canterbury accurate to the best of our knowledge and has been provided to our customers as a indiann. The information in this guide is our interpretation of the law.

We cannot be held responsible for any errors and recommend our customers refer more formal sources with any additional questions. Load width is between 12' - esckrt wide:. Load width is between 14' - 16' wide:. Load height exceeds 14' 6'' high:. Load length is between 95' - ' long:.