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Humorous personality

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By: T.

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By: T.

Bitterly, A. Brooks and M.

Across eight experiments, we demonstrate that humor can influence status, but attempting to use humor is humoous. The successful use of humor can increase status in both new and existing relationships, but unsuccessful humor attempts e.

The relationship between the successful use of humor and status is mediated by perceptions of confidence and competence. Interestingly, telling both appropriate and inappropriate jokes, regardless of the outcome, als confidence.

Although aling confidence typically increases status, telling inappropriate jokes als low competence and the combined effect of high confidence and low competence harms status. Rather than conceptualizing humor as a frivolous or ancillary behavior, we argue that humor plays a fundamental role in shaping interpersonal perceptions and hierarchies within groups. Bitterly, T. Brooks, and M.

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