Robelle’s Consultant Directory Robelle has built a list of consulting resources for our customers – people who know the HP , Suprtool and Suprtool-based applications. Print Email Press Releases. MiddleMan supports both 16 and 32 bit. There is no rush to move before you are ready. Start typing and press Enter to search. JDBC is now supported.

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Client and Server are included in the single license price.

About the HP 3000

Group A – Which kind of database? Yes, via the console server program which is included in the driver license. Click the link above to find out about independent software and hardware support, sources of hardware, and much more. Yes, PowerHouse and DataExpress.

HP ODBC Product Feature Matrix

Curtis Larsen explains odbd LDAP allows you to create directories of information similar to what you would see in a telephone book.

Of course, we are ready to help you plan for the future, and our products also support HP-UX. Yes, with Data Catalog. Allegro has 13 papers on-line at http: But as far as Gp3000 can tell or thought I knewthis is the connection Actually, I’m not sure I see where odbc fits into this.


As a subscriber to the magazine, you receive well thought out articles every month. This discussion is archived.

It allows that database the one containing the hp33000 of the dblink to act as a client to the database referred to by the dblink. Read our wide-ranging collection of news stories, links and articles about the issues raised by HP’s decision to cancel the I found this http: Print Email Press Releases.

Ability to control the TCP port used for connections.

Part of ATC itself – not necessary for the driver. Support for right-to-copy licenses are included in the primary license support.

Middleware | Minisoft, Inc.

MiddleMan supports both 16 and 32 bit. Go to original post. Price purchase price and support costs. News Of course The Newswire is the premier source of news.

Hi, 1 Please try with IP address in tnanames. Ability to display on the a list of userids accessing ODBC and what they have open.


Able to support high transaction volume. Yes, such as Image to SQL. HP reseller D Denkart Inc. I can’t find anything at www. EdStevens on Oct 28, 3: Ability to “cleanly” kill one or more of those accessors. We work with our customers to streamline their IT business operations to reduce costs, improve delivery, and grow revenues.

Some of our customers are in development today and we expect production deployments before the end of the year. Classes are held at customer sites and SGA occasionally. JDBC is now supported.