To reclaim undo one or more hot spares: Use the arrow keys to highlight the first physical drive to be rebuilt thenpress the Spacebar to select it. To initialize one or moredrives, first select the logical drive s to be initialized, then chooseInitialize. After scanning has finished, press Esc. After configuration, a logical drive must be initialized before itcan be used.

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Second, Reconstruct to Add Capacity1. You donot need to record the configuration of your physical and logical drives. Writes all data in cache to physical drives. Array spanning is enabled for the current logical drive.

Choose Select Adapter from the Tools Management menu. The speed at which a rebuild operation occurs.

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Max Storage Devices Qty. A list of the current logical drives appears.

David Katzmaier updates his advice for cord-cutters, the Marriott cyberattack may be the work of Chinese spies, and Intel chips score a breakthrough. Press F2 to display the Physical Drive Information window. Don’t cut the cord on cable like a rookie The 3: Write-Back is NOT recommended unless one of the followingis true: When the processor writes to disk, the data is first written to thecache on the assumption that the processor will probably read it again soon.


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Page GlossaryWrite Policy: The indicator for the selected drive changes from Ready to Onlin A[array number]-[drive number]. System Requirements OS Required. After configuration, a logical drive must be initialized before it can beused.

Press Enter when you are finished creating the current array. The Adapter box shows the number of the current adapter.

If you attempt to do thisunder Windows NT, the format operation will fail. The indicator changes to HotSp. Skip to main content. Enables Wide termination for the selectedchannel. Users with otheroperating systems do not have the ability to create hot spares that are dedicated toone logical drive.

Configure this Ready disk by using the Configuration Wizard. Save the Configuration to a FileTo save the configuration to a binary file: See”Reconstructing Data” in this chapter for more information. See details for description of any imperfections. Page Chapter 6Capacity ExpansionPrecautionsWhen using the Online Capacity Expansion feature, it is important that you do notcreate volumes that exceed the actual physical capacity.


This feature allows new storagecapacity to be added to an existing logical drive and put online for usewithout restarting the server. When arrays, logical drives, and hot spareshave been defined, they are displayed here.

The following menu options become available: Individual InitializationTo initialize one logical drive, perform the following steps: To change a logical drive: If there is space remaining in the arrays, the next logicaldrive to be configured appears.

Thefailed drives have FAIL indicators. Write-through is simpler than write-back,because an entry that is to be replaced can be overwritten in the cache, as itwill already have been netrwid to disk.