String typeNamePattern throws java. Writing starts at position pos in the BLOB value; len bytes from the given byte array arewritten. String getNumericFunctions throws java. For example, to specify statement pooling, type: Savepoint savepoint throws java.

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HP Neoview Release Software : README for the HP Neoview JDBC Type 4 Driver (Upd2 R SP2)

SQLExceptionRetrieves the current service name of this connection object. EffectThe ResultSet getter method does not retrieve the data.

This command must be typed on one line. If multiple statements are run on different threads in a single connection, hhp objectsare serialized to prevent data corruption. Methods inherited from class com. IOExceptionmarkpublic void mark int readlimit markSupportedpublic boolean markSupported readpublic int read neovview java. These are the databases tested with DbVisualizer.

T4DSPropertiesReturns the language in which error messages will be returned to the application. See the subsequent exception for moreinformation. Page 11 long position byte[] pattern, long start BLOBRetrieves the byte position at which the specified byte array pattern begins within thevalue that this Blob object represents. String[] columnNames int[] executeBatch java.


The format for specifying the password is: RecoveryMake sure the data to be retrieved is within a valid data-type range. The particular ResultSet methods arenot supported. HP Neovjew art Number: Page 25 public void close throws java.

Statementpooling is completely transparent to the application. Checking Version CompatibilityBefore installing the client product, check the compatibility of the product with the Neoviewplatform. Savepoint setSavepoint neovieew java.

An application can make multiple connections using different user IDs, and creatingdifferent Connection objects. Page nodeOne of the following: For example, the maxStatements property becomes: Unless otherwise noted in the description, the particular property applies to the DataSourceobject, DriverManager object, and ConnectionPoolDataSource object.

Page 39 Setting Properties in the Command LineWhen a Type 4 driver property is specified on the command line through the java -D option,the property must include the prefix: Sets the round mode behaviour for the driver. ResultSet getSchemas throws java. Page getQueryTimeoutin interface java.

Page 67 Specified by: String getServiceName throws java. SQLExceptioncancelpublic void cancel throws java. String sql throws java. Make updates to CLOB data in the following ways: Noexception or warning is thrown.


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String stmtLabel throws java. For example, the following command generates the SQL statements to create the triggers for thebase table sales. Connection getConnection throws java.