Samsung IR extender cable. It would probably be easy to access the audio and video in unencrypted. This was the Vista page. Saturday, January 10, I looked at the links you provided and some good info is there Ijust did not see my particular setup and being a newbe at this I was unsure what to do. Thanks for the help BTW I have a remote thatwas provided with the card with a usb sensor but the puter does not see it, if that was working wold that solve my problem?

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Media Center Configuration (IR Hardware – No Reciever, how to skip?)

By marking a post as Answered, or Helpful you help others find the answer faster. It is light-weight, small-size and solid, and the line length of the IR Emitter is up But this works and MCE would work Not an IT pro?

Lack of usability in guide features on Media Center Movie Details The receiver then transmits the signal to the repeater, which relay it out to the transmitter bulb that should be hhava over the IR “eye” on your component.

And if so, do they work? Be the first to review this item. Since I am using a set-top box I don’t have an IR receiver connected.


IR Blaster Cables

Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 21, go to album. Wednesday, October 21, 8: Ahva Colemanx, Oct 21, Also shop in Also shop in.

Play, pause, etc is not lr as plug n play. Devive Manager recognise this device as: Office Office Exchange Haav. Professionals who pay for expensive cable or satellite packages for sports or movies will appreciate being able to watch when traveling for business, and commuters will love the fact that they can catch up on the morning news live on their laptop during the morning train ride. I don’t understand what it wants for an IR receiver.

Compatible IR blaster for Win7 MCE 64bit | Windows Vista Tips

An IR extension cable is a thin cable with an IR emitter s on the end. It is the remote trying to emulate with IR blaster. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 20, go to album. Once everything is set up and working the way you want, do you want to put the STB remote into storage and use only the mceremote?

Skip to main content. I am having trouble finding an online listing for a remote-IR blaster combo that explicitly states it is win7 compatible Setup: Would like to use Media center, vs.


Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 5, go to album. Thanks for the help BTW I have a remote thatwas provided with the card with a usb sensor but the puter does not see it, if that blastwr working wold that solve my problem? Is that what it wants?

May be something is already there but I simply don’t know the work around. DVR Functionality The included software allows you to record video directly to the hard drive of the PC it is being broadcast to.

Compatible IR blaster for Win7 MCE 64bit

Proposed as answer by Robert Friday, March 26, It’s a vicious cycle and another that wishes the cable companies would grow up and allow cableCARD. It acts as a remote control to allow the PC to change channels on the box when recording.

As The Picture S Connecting to your television and broadband Internet connection, the HAVA Platinum HD streams live television over the web and blastre you to view it anywhere with Internet access. I want to use Eventghost for: