There are numerous products that essentially has some mechanism that releases at a given speed such as the Speed Woosh. You should be able to find both the Orange Whip and the Gold Flex at any big box golf store, so I would recommend a demo session before you purchase either one. I have the Matzie Swing trainer it does nothing. Hey guys, I am an the creator of the TempoTRAINER and I can tell you that the primary area of focus for the product is to develop proper swing tempo whereby the maximum clubhead speed occurs through the ball. Sean 6 years ago. A facility near my house has Foresite GC2 machines and I have spent way too much time on them but I love tracking my swing speed.

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Your comments on Harvey Pennick are absolutely correct.

Better golfers have mastered their tempos, and they all fall within a very similar range of one another. While I will not speak for Mr.

RP Jacobs II 6 years ago.

It was then that I learned about the six-pound hardened steel rod gank with a golf grip. Marc 4 years ago. This is a frickin golf blog, not a board room.

Hank Haney: Swing Selfie? How To Film Your Swing

All of these stories have been out there for years now. Any device that you can use to stretch those muscles out and increase flexibility will help you increase your swing speed.


I made one, used it and the result was a few minor long distance titles of my own. Drew 6 years ago. Novosel and Garrity had been writing about saing for years.

Invaluable for off season and pre-season use, or just ten minutes in the evening. Penick stated I do not pretend for a moment to have golfing knowledge on par with his.

Haney: Curing the Slice | Golf Channel

When Haneh was winning big and often, he had the most hxnk tempo on Tour. I have the Matzie Swing trainer it does nothing.

This aid lets the golf swing catch up with you to create maximum lag in the power slot. There is indeed scietific evidence that is you are hxney for speed, you go lighter and faster, not heavier. Mark 6 years ago. The Orange whip is heavier and more balanced from this article.

Practice swinging without swaying, keeping the left arm straight, etc. Sean, it looks like an excellent aid. Jim 6 years ago. I have seen that video.

Its a great warm up tool as well and I noticed better driving distance and accuracy when I take practice swings with it while playing.



Learn how your comment data is processed. I wanted to go with the Orange Whip but simply could not justify the huge price difference. This was very encouraging to tejpo from someone whose opinion I respected, and who hank haney swing tempo trainer no association with Tour Tempo. The prevailing wisdom had always been that a slower rhythm would offer a golfer more hank haney swing tempo trainer, even though there was never really evidence to support it.

Heavyweight Swing Trainer Roundup

If you need a strong reminder to start your downswing with your lower body, the flexible clubs are a better choice than the steel-shafted ones.

Thanx Much for posting! So what should you buy? I also use it to strengthen my wrist loweing and raising the club when just sitting around watching tv. Then start practicing without anything. Does the gold flex help with over the top??