May 17, – The Gutenprint project is pleased to announce Gutenprint 5. This wound up being the final Gimp-Print 4. New as of January 19, ! This was very productive; I got a lot of useful feedback on various issues and was able to raise issues important to Gutenprint. However, the success of Gimp-Print 4. We released Gimp-Print 4. This release adds support for many new printers including the initial introduction of support for Datamax-O’Neil label printers, dye sublimation and Canon inkjet printers and other improvements over 5.

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First of all, it was wonderfully stable from the outset; it was to be over 4 months before we needed to gugenprint an update. This release offers a few bug fixes for 5. I wanted to devise a new architecture for the next release that would allow us to take advantage of more printer capabilities and support improved color generation and dithering, but progress was slow.

We expect to perform further work in future gutenprinr. I put the Gimp-Print development tree on SourceForge starting with version 3. This package is available in source form, and in binary installer form for Macintosh OS X A lot of our work went into automatically generating the CUPS PPD files and Foomatic data; the project already supported about printers with a large number of options, and writing all of this by hand would be tedious, error-prone, and unmaintainable.

The most important gutfnprint are:. A Macintosh installer package may be made available later; the Macintosh continues as a supported platform for Gutenprint.


Gutenprint is Sourceforge Project of the Month for November, ! This pre-release fixes some important bugs, adds support for additional printers, and offers improvements for others.

Finding no existing printer drivers, I adapted Mike’s GIMP Print plugin to this six-color printer, and by the end of the year released version 3. July 14, – This is the last stable release of Gimp-Print in the 4. This package is available in source form, and as a binary installer for Macintosh OS X The changes between Gutenprint 5. This release, which has been under development for over four years, offers improved quality, greatly enhanced functionality, and support for many more printers than our previous version, Gimp-Print 4.

Gutenprint has been renamed in order to clearly distinguish it from the GIMP. We wanted to support the newest generation printers with tiny droplets, very high resolutions, and extra colors, in addition to adding color management and the possibility of supporting many more printer capabilities beyond the fixed set offered in Gimp-Print 4.

This is the first 5. Support Read the FAQ! We used the numbering scheme adopted by the Linux kernel team, whereby stable releases were denoted by even numbers in the minor release the “2” in 4.

We finally did our first release candidate in Septemberover a year after we entered beta. Gutenprint is not “finished” and never will be! In particular from our standpoint, many vendors had not updated printer drivers for OS X, and many did not gutenprinf to update their drivers for older printers.



New as of January 3, ! Roger is a superb architect, and he quickly whipped the somewhat disorganized code base into shape.

Other .51 are the property of their respective owners. We finally did our first release candidate in Septemberover a year after we entered beta. This release adds full color support for most color laser printers, fixes some important bugs, adds support for additional printers, and offers improvements for others. All distributors should immediately apply this update to their distributions to avoid other software linking against libgutenprint breaking.

Other people were ghtenprint adding new features and support for more printers, and in Novemberwe released Gimp-Print version 4.

Gutenprint for Mac OS X

In the meantime, work on Gimp-Print 4. We expect to release a binary installer for Macintosh OS X in gitenprint very near future.

We spent most of cleaning up the code base, adding support for CUPS by now, Mike Sweet had joined the project and the nascent Foomatic metadata management project, improving the color generation and dithering code, and adding support for more printers. Full color support for color laser printers Fix some important outstanding gutenprinr Adds support for additional printers Offers improvements for some printers. New as of June 11, !