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For most of the year, escorte seattle drive to enact new laws against prostitution, such as France's recent move to increase the penalties on purchasers of sex acts, have garnered international attention. That debate was turned on its head last week, with the decision by the Canadian Supreme Court to strike down three of that nation's anti-prostitution laws. The court invalidated laws that make it illegal to keep a brothel, communicate in public about acts of prostitution or live off its proceeds. It has set off debate about the morality of sex work and whether the ruling will be good or bad for prostitutes.

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Legalization is not the answer, if for no other reason than because no man anywhere at any time should ever be permitted to view a woman - any woman regardless of choices, background or personal circumstances - as a collection of apertures available for rent.

The whole debate is now back in the hands of the Canadian Parliament, which has a year to sort out how or if to replace the invalid laws. HuffPost Canada media critic JJ McCullough writes that an outright ban would probably run afoul of the court once more, but a decriminalise-and-regulate law is going to be difficult to pass.

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They're still waiting. Trafficked: Sex slaves seduced and sold.

Dutch prostitutes seek 'football pension'. France imposes prostitution fines.

Maybe the real winner in Canada is politics as usual. Related Topics.

More on this story. Published 22 May Published 17 December Published 20 October Published 4 December Published 26 August Stay tuelph look out for you…cuz nobody else is.

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