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Girly lincolnshire looking for bff

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The girls said they sometimes felt left out by their friends. They said that there's often a popular girl who everyone thinks they need to get along with, or risk being ignored by the rest of the group.

Boys show off and think they're cool but really they're not. With girls they think about how kind, chatty and nice you are. Girls can be really mean to each other. I go to an all-girls gfe escorts dayton and you always get people falling out. It looks really mean and unfriendly.

Boys are really tough and get into fights whereas girls care more. In our school boys are friends with boys and girls are with girls mostly. The boys seem to always fight, but the next minute they are friends again.

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But girls are different, if they have a fight they don't talk with each other forever!!!! So I think boys make better friends than girls. Also they play better games that I can play. They are always there for you. They're like my family. Pooking find it easier to become friends with some boys and some girls, but not everyone in the same gender!

If one person has a problem, the rest all help to sort it out. If they're kind and caring and listen to your thoughts, they're going to be good friends. They don't argue as much and there is much less lincolnsshire. I know this; I attend an all-girl school! They will just find someone else to play with! Most of my mates get on fine with both boys and girls. I sometimes fall out with my boy mates and I don't talk to them for the rest of the day.

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They are always there for you and you don't fall out as much as girls. Boys fot exactly better at making friends, they just choose to act differently ashley dagenham escort girls. We are so much better, I mean, if you fell over boys would be all like "uhhhhh he fell again"! But girls would say "you poor thing, let's get a plaster for that and make it all better"! I'm mates with boys, but my best friend is a girl.

But sometimes boys sort it out faster and aren't as bothered, while girls would turn it into World War 3! The girls in my class are completely different from me and lookkng really fit in. We're still people, however we might be different in some ways. It's just that some girls are quite picky notwithstanding the fact that boys can be as well.

We are equal, but it's just the fact that girls have adapted verbal violence and boys have adapted physical violence. Lookijg make friends better because they hardly fight lincolnshie if they do, they shake hands. If a boy falls out with another boy it doesn't matter to them, but if a girl falls out with another girl she gets upset over it! Boys don't always get along all the time and neither do girls. They also build a long, lasting relationship.

The only good thing about boys being friends is they don't get into silly fights over tiny things! If they don't like it, then you're out. Most boys just shake hands and play football, rather than gossip about loo,ing stuff. Boys are way better!

I'm a boy so I know! The whole group thing doesn't really exist, but girls always fight while boys just seem to get on and make friends easier than girls. However, I think that looking for alittle later boys get on better with girls, like me for instance, and some girls get on better than boys. It's as simple as that. You can't standardise which gender you're going to be better friends with.

Friendship doesn't work like that. Boys don't care about some stupid things whereas girls do care about the same silly things! Most girls talk about other girls lincplnshire their backs because they're jealous. I'm going through this situation myself and this girl is really annoying me. I haven't done anything wrong and she's just ignoring me.

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Boys never get into these sorts of fights and girls have petty fights for no reason. Lincolnshige when boys get angry they sometimes hit each other or pick a fight. I've got some friends who are girls so I think they can be good friends. So if you are being left out, try to talk to the person. If they say no lake city minneapolis escorts try to make new friends, oh and don't forget laughter is the best glrly It gets quite boring just being with boys or girls.

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Boys and girls together have more of a laugh. I am a girl and I admit it is true. Boys are not better than girls and girls are not better than boys. That is the truth.

Friendship is not about gender, but about the person they are. Reports Chat Vote Quiz Games. E-mail this to a friend Printable version. Past Stories Kids waiting for school decisions Schools can do more to stop racism Should you go on more school trips?

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World's most extreme school run! NR Special: Your school buildings. BBC Copyright Notice. Explore the BBC. Printable version. Do boys or girls make better friends? Girls talk about their friendships A new study has found that boys and girls make friends in different ways.

Researchers studied a group of girls aged to find out how they got on with their mates. What do you think? Do boys loooking girls make friends differently? Or do all your mates get along fine, whether they're boys or girls? Your comments "Boys make friends because they show off. Armagh, N. Ireland, "I think boys make better friends because they look out for you and you hardly ever fall gidly with them.

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I see it every day at school! Aine, 10, Lancashire, England "Boys make better friends!

Ireland "I've just moved to a new school and I've already made lo of new friends who are boys and girls and I get along with all my friends really well! Girls get on as well as boys.