You can search by the: You do not need to restart your notebook when changing most cards because your notebook supports hot-swapping. Posted on May 19, Create a wired Ethernet network if: If Norton AntiVirus finds a virus, follow all on-screen instructions to remove the virus.

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If the icon still does not appear, make sure that Always show icon on the taskbar is checked on the Power Options Properties Advanced tab. These lines do not work with your modem. Sending and Receiving Faxes Microsoft Fax lets you send and receive faxes using the modem.

Installing your old programs You probably use some programs that did not come installed on your new notebook, such as personal finance software, graphics programs, or games. Type the keyword window in the Search boxthen click the arrow.

For more information on configuring the power button mode, see “Changing power settings” on page Tell 450rot some more! If the recordable DVD drive is not in the modular bay, you need to swap modules. For more information, see “Adjusting the volume” on page If the module does not wideless, make sure wirelese the notch in the module lines up with the tab in the memory bay. You can often export all of your old e-mail messages or address book 450roog recordable media, then import them into your new notebook’s e-mail program.

  GE 98614 DRIVER

About The Windows Environment Your desktop may be different from this example, depending on how your notebook is set up.

You can increase the screen resolution to fit more icons on your desktop, or you can decrease the resolution to make reading the display easier. Remember to pack those you will need while traveling. Page 11 Your Gateway This chapter introduces you to the basic features of your notebook.

See “Using the Gateway Port Replicator” on page for more information about using a port replicator with your notebook. Posted on May 19, wireleess Folders are much like the folders in a file cabinet. You should see a large P above the F7 button and it is two to the right of that. The User Enrollment wizard opens. Slide to release the battery. Page LCD panel and viewing the display on the projector or monitor.

SOLVED: Gateway rog wireless switch located – Fixya

Getting Started When you move your finger on the touch pad, the pointer arrow on thescreen moves in the same direction. My Computer a Open the My Computer window. By entering your serial mofel, you get specific documents related to your notebook. Insert the batteries, then turn your notebook over.


Release the button to drop the object where you want it. For the location of theS-Video out jack on your port replicator, see “Back” on page This function is only available in some programs. Getting Started Broadband Internet connections You can wieeless notebook’s Ethernet jack for more than just networking.

Gateway 450rog wireless switch located – Gateway 450ROG Notebook

When you move the mouse pointer over any menu item that has an arrow next to it, another menu, called a submenu, opens and reveals related files, programs, or commands. Scheduled Task Wizard This wizard helps you schedule a task for Windows to perform.

Do More With Gateway Doing more with Gateway at work The business version of Do More with Gateway showcases Gateway products and services that let you and your organization do more through technology.

Mouse Try a mouse you know is working to make sure that the mouse port works. Click Next to wirelese.