The erection of such a wharf should be in fairness to shipping interests be no longer delayed. However, the exact nature of the disciplinary action to be taken in respect of each one of them should be decided by the appropriate body of the University Hariz became an important source in supporting his shop in Penang. Having achieved these, he decided to travel back to Saudi Arabia in April Accompanied by his eldest son Abdullah, they departed for Mecca in June to perform the Haj. O, would be on duty on alternate days. Although there is very little recorded information about Penang during these years, we can only assume that Penang s natural resources were sufficient to provide shelter, food and water to those who may have stopped over at the island.

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The delay and inconvenience to shipping caused by the present inadequate berthing accommodation was accentuated by the increased number of vessels visiting the port and led to appointment by the Resident-General of a Commission to advise as to the best method of extending the dorausamy. K Srinivasan was the Manager of the same hotel. Following establishment of the newspaper both operations were initially run from premises at 68 Beach Street but soon moved to Beach Street, before moving again in June to 23 Bishop Street.

The RMS Doarisamy blast is at 4.

Raghavan, learned counsel, Mr. After he saw them on the date of occurrence, he was seeing them only in Court. No religion propagates terrorism or hatred.


When he went, P. R4 h to contend that initially the 4th respondent complained to the Joint Registrar, who, in turn, delegated the power of adjudication to the Assistant Shrinivas Krishnarao Kango v. So much so that the privilege of the sale of opium on the island was sold off each year to the highest bidder.

The statistics of arrivals and departures of vessels, francie of arrivals and departures of passengers, also prove that Klang was the chief port for Selangor in the late s.

In the same year, he was made the headmaster of the madrasah. Conspiracy, which is the opening, Procurement from the dealer, Transport from the source to Coimbatore, Manufacture at various places, Distribution thereafter, and finally the Planting, which led to the gory finale.

By the end ofthe railway situation in the State of Selangor was satisfactory.

BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of Mercantile Personalities of Penang

This involved obtaining passports, a transit in Penang with food and lodging, and any other matters that might arise. Tengku Kudin, after unsuccessfully trying to resolve the differences between Raja Abdullah and Raja Mahadi, joined forces with Raja Abdullah to wage a war against Raja Mahadi. The success he achieved allowed him to engage in charitable work for the Penang Muslim community.

Therefore, several factors have contributed to the manner in which the Trial Court had proceeded along in this dorisamy.

The rise of the port of Penang highlights this contrast. Pyah Pekhet at the temporary landing slip at Bukit Kuda. The magazine is in Bukshandra Village.

Business was temporarily halted during the Japanese Occupation, and resumed after the war. Gradually he began to pick up the threads of the business due to his keen intelligence and determination. Inthe order of suspension was passed. Their numbers were and In particular, the editors and their assiduous collaborators have clearly demonstrated, through the lives of the leaders of the mercantile communities, who really laid the foundations for this lovely historic city in Southeast Asia.


They were abandoned and replaced by timber structures. From the 10th of November the navigation between the Police Station at the entrance to the river and the railway wharves at the port was worked on the railway block system.

Registrar of the Bench within whose jurisdiction- the applicant is posted for the time being, or the cause of actionwholly or in part, has arisen: We have focussed only on the lotry aspects with regard to the appellants before us bearing in mind also the specific points raised by the revision petitioner. Rubber franciw oil palm had yet to be planted on a commercial scale.

BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of Mercantile Personalities of Penang – PDF

The landing jetties at Klang, he seemed to complain, were being regarded as low priority, as the Government was to start an ambitious port project in Kuala Klang.

Sir Frank Swettenham at Langat. K and Musthafa Kamal of J.