You can also enable simulation through a configuration file without changing your program source code. Click Go To to view properties of the fl45 driver session. State Caching IVI drivers maintain the physical state of instruments in a software cache to increase the efficiency and speed of instrument drivers. The only way to get one of these handles is from the instrument Initialize function which only succeeds if the instrument is connected. When used in conjunction with a specific driver, the specific driver performs the range-checking level of simulation ensuring that each value the program is attempting to send to the instrument is within valid limits for that instrument , and the simulation driver performs the data generation operation as described above. The combination of these standard, off-the-shelf instrument drivers and end user custom plug-in code for simulated data not only saves developers significant development time and effort, but also provides a better, more flexible technical solution.

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Record Value Coercions maintains a list of all coercions for Integer and Real values passed to the instrument driver VIs.

Fluke fl45 Meter

IVI drivers provide this information and verify the entries you have made if you enable Range Checking. Back to Top 4. With those drivers, high-level VIs might combine a number of instrument settings into a single VI. Instrument specific VIs labvieww the standard VIs and provide access to functions that are unique to the instrument. Therefore, it is not practical for vendors to develop data simulation tools and supply them with instrument drivers as a general-purpose solution that is always helpful when application-specific data is required.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

For customized simulation labvifw, we recommend you use the simulation driver described in the next section. Standardization does not restrict your ability to access individual or unique capabilities of a specific instrument.


You can change the specific instrument drivers and corresponding instruments in your system underneath the class driver without affecting your test code.

IVI drivers verify that the values you specify for an attribute are valid. From your test program, you make calls to the class drivers, which in turn communicate through the specific drivers for your instruments.

Change the configuration settings on the front panel and run the example again. Message 7 of Often you choose an instrument setting from a range of values for example from 1.

If the new instrument cannot handle any of the settings required by the program, the specific driver in simulation mode will catch this incompatibility with an out-of-range error. By defining standards for each of these functions, IVI makes it possible for you to develop test programs that can work with any function generator.

When you are using the class driver, you can enable simulation through a configuration utility. Are you closing the VISA resource at the end which would release the port?

Labbiew Sessions consist of an instrument driver software module, general property settings, and, when you are not in simulation mode, a hardware asset. Rate this document Select a Rating 1 – Poor 2 3 4 5 – Excellent. My program has many VISA calls and won’t work labfiew the hardware. You can use MAX to swap instruments without recompiling or relinking the application source code. For example, with IVI all function generator drivers have the same programmatic interface for basic instrument functionality.

With IVI drivers, you can check the status of an instrument after every function that interacts with the instrument without adding extra VI calls. The combination of these standard, flukd instrument drivers and end user custom plug-in code for simulated data not only saves developers significant development time and effort, but also provides a better, more flexible technical solution.


Fluke 45 Meter – IEEE (GPIB), Serial Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

The IVI Flkke then uses the configuration parameters associated with the fl45 driver session when it executes your application. Or, when you are using an oscilloscope driver in simulation mode, the ReadWaveform function will return an array of random numbers within valid ranges for the scope. In contrast, IVI drivers use state caching to eliminate redundant commands. For example, the vertical range in volts per division for an oscilloscope channel is dependent on the attenuation flhke the probe that you are using.

The IVI Engine uses these settings when it runs your test application.

Fluke 45 Dual Display MultiMeter – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Restart the computer after installing the software. For example, when you use a DMM driver in simulation mode, the Measure function will return a random number within the valid range of the current mode of the DMM.

In IVI drivers, an attribute represents each area that you can configure in an instrument. For example, if an oscilloscope is connected to your PC through the GPIB bus with an address of 2you can use either of the following approaches:.

Message 10 of Rluke discussing the technical details of how simulation works, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the various levels of simulation possible with instruments. Click Close and Quit.