A technical test card will then be output to the printer, stating the current firmware version of the printer, as shown below:. At ID Security Online, we strive to offer the best shopping experience for all our customers. Pebble offers a CR79 option smaller size card. What are the warranty conditions for my printer and print head? Printing and magnetic data can be sent to the printer through the Evolis Ethernet port. Please refer to the user’s guide or to the “How to” delivered on the CD with the printer. Contact our support team.

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Looking for the Driver or Firmware for Your Evolis Pebble 4?

What is a half-panel ribbon? Each print head has a specific part number.

What is a Stt card and how can I print it? Please note that any license activated on a PC will be valid only for the specific workstation for which it has been declared, except in some cases of PC migration. For Windowsthis setup driver has been tested successfully on x86 processor.

ma Where can I find evolus Who should I contact? Cancel and return to login. The use of specific software for publishing badges has many advantages to facilitate the design, printing, and encoding of badges:. To do this, you just need to define the print format as the size of the CR card How can I load cards in the printer? What settings of the computer should I check before installing a driver?


The dimensions of the card that will be used with the Evolis printer must be strictly respected.

Can I encode smart or contactless cards using the Ethernet port? How can I install and configure a ribbon? Which type of ribbons do you need? Any items that you return to us must be in the original manufacturer’s packaging.

How many cards can I print with one ribbon single-sided? Of course, evolix is possible to print a badge from graphic design software such as Photoshop or GIMP or text editing software.

Evolis Pebble 4 – solution to Mac-based organizations

We suggest you keep the packaging manuals, boxes, cables for at least 30 days after your purchase. If the colors on the printed card are too dark or too fade, the following points have to be checked:.

Our team is committed to helping you make the right decision to build a successful ID card program. Any product with the old serial number format eg: Ink cannot be applied appropriately onto this area.


Set Ribbon in Mac Driver – Evolis Pebble 4

What is the warranty period for a spare part? What is a Firmware? What can I do? I need a spare part for my printer. If this printer head is replaced, the limited warranty conditions of the wearable parts mentioned in this paragraph apply.

Pebble 4 Windows driver v. Yet despite the clear need for identification printing across the broad spectrum of organizations, identification printers have only worked on windows-based systems, excluding the needs of Macintosh users. I have a problem with eMedia.

Legacy – Pebble 4 Support

The version supplied with your printer comes with a day free trial period, except for Primacy delivered with unlimited edition. Switching to a new PC, migration of the eMedia software environment How to activate the license key in your eMedia software Is there a programming guide available?

A firmware is a resident software, embedded in a flash memory on the main board and that operates as a layer between the hardware and the software.