Mobile by Rick Broida Jan 4, Culture by Luke Westaway Aug 7, TomTom bundles the XL S with a carrying case, and you get to install the latest map update free of charge. An advantage here is that in the Garmin proprietary mode, the GPS receiver gives an update every second, as opposed to every 2 seconds. Min Hard Drive Space.

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Handheld Requirements OS Required. You should do this buy the optional serial cable if it’s not included for maximum flexibility in working with Tru-Traffic, as downloading pre-recorded trip logs directly to Tru-Traffic requires connecting the GPS receiver via its serial cable.

I give it a qualified recommendation. Be aware that with many of the GPS receivers that support both serial and USB, getting the serial cable requires a byperformance purchase. I’m not sure if the Magellan GPS receiver just lost the satellite signals more easily than the Garmin, or if both lost satellites but the Garmin recovered more quickly, or if the Garmin was just dead reckoning — extrapolating from the last reliable reading — as Garmins do.

Right now, I’d recommend using a Magellan only if you have one already.

DeLorme Earthmate Hyperformance GPSr compatible?

A perhaps bigger disadvantage is that it’s no longer receiveer except through eBay probably used. Their experience suggests that these are very accurate and work fairly well, but they might be a bit cumbersome for this purpose in getting all the cables connected in the right way and porting the various components needed.

It has some appealing features.

Catching up with Android, the latest iOS version of the crowdsourcing traffic app can track your progress or lack thereof when it’s gridlock. Waze now tells iOS users how long they’ll be stuck in traffic Catching up with Android, the latest iOS version of the crowdsourcing traffic app can track your progress or lack thereof earthmqte it’s gridlock.


Get a TomTom 4.

So if you wish to use a Garmin, you’re mostly on your own as I can be of only minimal help. GPX file for subsequent importing into Tru-Traffic.

Unfortunately these drivers work only on bit not bit versions of Windows prior to Window 7, so if you run a bit version of Windows or Windows 7 or above, then you’ll need to use the Bluetooth interface to connect to DeLorme’s GPS receivers. Unfortunately, as far as he can tell, it does not emulate the serial port with the Garmin proprietary protocol. Warthmate give them a qualified erthmate.

Mobile by Rick Broida Jan 4, This allows you to take just the GPS receiver out in the field, without the laptop, record you trips, then download them into Tru-Traffic after you return to the office. This GPS receiver also omits pretty much all information about the satellites, but Tru-Traffic doesn’t really use that information except to display to the user for help in diagnoses.

DeLorme Earthmate Hyperformance GPSr compatible? – Global Mapper Forum

Their impression is that the Trimble insists on a high degree of accuracy, and when it can’t deliver that accuracy, it’s silent. They’re on the Tru-Traffic Order Form merely as a convenience.

Tru-Traffic prefers this sentence because it includes the date as well as the speed and heading. This nav app may be smart, but it’s no genius. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.


If it does not mention NMEAthen it may or may not work with Tru-Traffic, and you’ll need to investigate further to decide which is the case. These GPS Data Loggers may be configured to record speed, so they can avoid the problem described above. A user in Colorado has had success in using the Trimble GeoXT, but for reasons we don’t entirely understand, he had to set.

DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT – GPS kit Overview – CNET

Hyperforance basic eTrex is relatively inexpensive but requires separate purchase of the data cableand they all have the advantages that they have a fairly long battery life and can also work as a standalone unit — they don’t have to be connected to the laptop. Either of these options allow you to connect the GPS receiver to Tru-Traffic through the virtual serial port so Tru-Traffic can record trip logs, but they won’t allow you to download pre-recorded trip logs directly into Tru-Traffic.

Starting with version 6. Gadgets by Rick Hypeeformance Apr 26, I’ve been quite happy with DeLorme’s Blue Logger, since the wireless setup is so simple. One set of users’ tests suggest that the Magellan works fine in all the Trimble’s dead spots around the city. Two chips sets seem especially promising for use in urban canyons and under tree canopies: This is nearly too good to pass up.

While recording trip logs, Tru-Traffic doesn’t like these long gaps.