Press [f] or [e] to move through selected images. Cannot see the entire image. Chapter 5 DIP Switch. Do not try to defeat this safety feature. Always take the following precautions when handling the plug. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against a harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

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View grayscale or black and white photos in this mode. Press [f] or [e] to select [Storage]. Press [d] to enable [Delay].

Press [d] to select [PAN]. Click [Get Picture] to finish. Check if DIP Switch is properly set.

English – 30 Information in this Guide duksne change due to product improvements. Operation with any IM program is similar. Do not block the slots and openings in the case.

To stop playing, repeat Steps 1 to 4. The operation is identical from both the remote control and the control panel.


Dukane User Manual | 2 pages

This is a safety feature to ensure that the plug will fit into the power outlet. English – 22 7. Press [ZOOM -] on the remote control or control panel. Chapter 5 DIP Switch. Never push objects of any kind through cabinet slots.

Dukane Digital Camera User Guide |

From the control panel or remote control 3. When both parties are connected, Skype will display the video screen. Select manual mode to switch images manually. Complain cukane Brand wrong Model non readable.

From the remote control: Switches between different image sources: Press [Capture] to capture images in Microsoft Word. No image output from the Camera B. duakne

Press [f] or [e] to select among [ON] modes. To reduce the risk of electric shock.

Dukane 335 Digital Camera User Manual

Check the settings for the projector source. Refer all servicing to licensed service personnel. Use the type of power source indicated on the Document Camera.


English – 25 n o p Call your desired contact. From the control panel: Check the power outlet.

English – 20 7. From the control panel 1. View photos or text with photos in this mode to enhance colors in photos.