I always get the “No CD Detected! In Windows lists the available midi devices on your PC. First see if an autodetection option is provided. Display posts from previous: Video cutscenes occasionally end prematurely, but this happens less often if you play the game in a window as opposed to in full-screen mode. Now those commands will be executed automatically when starting! The geometry is automatic and set for this size.

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Doxbox profile View wishlist Start conversation Invite to friends Invite to friends Accept invitation Accept invitation Pending invitation This will allow you to play booter floppies or boot other operating systems inside DOSBox. You can lower the cycles, skip frames, reduce the sampling rate of the respective sound device, increase the prebuffer.

When you rosbox on the screen it should get locked confined to the DOSBox window and work. Start DOSBox with the -lang switch to use your new language file.

The default is the A drive, the floppy drive. I played thru the entire game in DOSbox, and did not face that problem. The language file controls all visible output of the internal commands and the internal DOS.


In this example, D: Now try to run the game as you normally would and Voila! Better late then never So now, I just type this:. Please keep in mind that not all games will run smoothly on DOSBox. Runs the specified command before running “name”.

MSCDEX – Wikipedia

The list will loop back from the last disk image to the beginning. If you have other errors, please search the forums first before posting a dosbo.

If you click on a button with your mouse, you can see in the lower left corner with which event it is associated EVENT and to what events it is currently bound. Also assure that your host operating sound does provide sound.

If you place all ten ega. For the file UZ. Type the name of its executable and hit enter. CTRL – F4 does this as well! You have a joystick attached, it is working fine under DOSBox and you want to play some keyboard-only game with the odsbox it is assumed that the game is controlled by the arrows on the keyboard:.

DOSBox v Manual

I always get the “No CD Detected! But you may also try using it with high amounts of cycles for example or more.

If “name” is a directory it will mount that as the Dowbox If the steps above seem tedious or confusing you can try some of these other guides.


You would add this line to config. However modern operating system allow for more user friendly although less authentic ways of playing your favorite games. There’s one here called vide-cdd. Both “-set” and “-get” work from batch files and can be used to set up your own preferences for each game.

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These are keys you need to have to be pressed while pressing BIND. The game needs to be installed via DOSBox, and, when run, it will display some error messages – but it works though extremely slowly.

The standard joystick port in DOS dosbkx a maximum of 4 axes and 4 buttons. I realise the error will come out if you mount the wrong disc you have to have disc 1 or if you didn’t install the game from dosbox itself.