While the printer has the ability to send faxes, there is no built-in fax modem. When you put in a media card you can either print out all the pictures or a proof sheet. For text and other black and white, the printer was much faster. For a copier it is terrible, how many of you want to stand there for an hour while you scan a large document by hand? The maximum document size that can be scanned on the flatbed scanner is 8.

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How do I scan a photo and e-mail…having trouble getting the photo onto a file and then downloading it into mail…thanks joe GD Star Rating loading One of the things that you need to watch out for when printing is that setting some of the options in the software will cause other settings to reset. In fact they look more like copy machines then printers. Once the proof sheet is scanned the printer will proceed to print out everything you chose.

Unfortunately, I lost a perfectly good ink cartridge because I failed to read the instructions the first time.

If you are printing photos then you will use the Color and Photo Cartridges. Also, if you choose photo quality before you choose glossy paper, the resolution of the photo will be set to DPI instead of DPI. Need to printer my black history celebration for my church. For text and other black and white, the printer was much faster.


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Id like to try to be able to fix this darn thing rather than give it away on the freecycle website or storing it in my shed. This process uses ink and therefore the more you swap cartridges, switching from photo colors to regular colors, the more often you will run out of ink.

GD Star Rating loading My black ink din show till I printed a test page no color ink, though. Is there anything I can do?

When I made yet another tech call, I was told that is probably my problem! Which console are you going to buy? Not only does it cost two times as much to print individual photos, but the cost of the printer is enough to print several hundred pictures at the store.

Which console are you going to buy? Did you get a helpful answer?

Only the ink was aleady in and the machine showed the black was nearly full though it w30 empty to me and the color was half full though it never printed till I printed a page of the ink levels; of which no black came out. Seems pointless when I can get a new printer for not much more, unless you would have any suggestions for me.

Because of these things I would recommend that Dell rearrange the settings so that the borderless setting is first, then paper type, and then finally quality. Assuming you filled everything out correctly, a little while later you will have all the photos you selected.


This printer also has the ability to fax, but you need a computer with a modem before it will work. These thinga are so expensive. Who knows, maybe I can get someone to refill the cartridges and delll not, no big deal. While this is a space saving design it is an ink waisting design.

Pdinter course since this is an ink jet the photos are not water proof. Over the life of the printer you will probably spend hundreds of dollars on ink. For a page with graphs and things other than text it took about 40 seconds.

Is there anything I can do? I expect the to fall in the middle somewhere, hopefully closer to the high end then the low end. From there it appeares as though the computer is not recognizing the usb port. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. I made this mistake several times when printing photos and ended up wasting a lot of ink and photo paper before I figured it out. The only thing that changed the copy time was if I changed the quality.

Anyone ever had this problem GD Star Rating loading