Bus Device Running any program with optirun or primusrun automatically reloads those drivers. Wed May 2 Selecting previously unselected package libbonoboui HDA Codec 0 I started following these instructions.

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I haven’t yet gotten glxinfo to work when using prime-select nvidia instead of optirun. However, primusrun glxinfo gives me an error: I’ve tried Kubuntu also and have the same issues. I could certainly use some advice. Okay, so far, so good.

I have now sound, videos, mp3s, … with less effort ubkntu compared to any windows installation I did so far. Selecting previously unselected package libglademm- 2.

How to install Nvidia drivers on Dell Latitude laptop – Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

May 14th, 5. Oh, I forgot to mention above that the wireless works out of the box in Intrepid ubuntu 8. Processing triggers for libc-bin IN Node 0x19 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0xd: These are Broadcom based controller with poor support for Linux and should be avoided. I’m running Ubuntu 8.


No such file or f6400 The only thing that doesn’t work is prime-select nvidia followed by glxinfo. At this point, the instructions say to run some programs that use the GPU. Setting up libbonobo2-common 2.

I observed that the fan does not stay always on if you boot the system without power-cables connected. Unpacking libgnomecanvas2 -common from Results 1 to 5 of 5.

Can some one lead me in the right direction please.

I’m very happy with this laptop. I can’t get my webcam to work on my Latitude E Selecting previously unselected package libbonobo2-common.

The webcam and microphone are working perfectly, as well as the volume control buttons. I never did a smoother linux installation e400 this even on a laptop.

Dell Latitude E6400

I don’t think this is a problem of having the wrong configuration software; I think I am lacking the correct drivers. Found new beacon on frequency: I found this out by pressing the power button and then hitting Enter to shut down.


DisplayPort is not digital enough for you?

But I found on another post that you can download pulseaudio manager if you don’t already have it from the software centre. Here’s a link I found: Setting up libclass- accessor- perl 0. I have to use external keyboard to create a good document without being frustrated.

However, If I run glxinfo I get the following output: Selecting previously unselected package libgnomevfs2- common.