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About Lok Sabha and its History.

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About Lok Sabha and its History. Questions on the Composition of Lok Sabha. Questions on the Officers of Lok Sabha. Questions on Members of Lok Sabha. Questions on Role and Functions of Lok Sabha. Questions relating to Legislation.

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Procedural Devices for raising matters of public interest. Contacting Lok Sabha. Question 1. Question 2. List enclosed Annexure I. Question 3.

Question 4. Question 5. Oldest MP. Question 6. Youngest MP.

Chandrani Murmu, Age- 27 D. Question 7. When was the Lok Sabha the House of the People first constituted? Question How many General Elections to the Lok Sabha have been held till date? What is the strength of the Lok Sabha as prescribed in the Constitution?

Who presides over the Lok Sabha when the Speaker is absent from the sitting of the House? Who presides over the Lok Sabha when both the Speaker's and the Deputy Speaker's offices fall vacant? The person inddian appointed is known as the Speaker pro tem. Who presides over the House in the absence of both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker?

Questions on members of Lok Sabha. What are the qualifications to become a Member of the Lok Sabha? Who are the nominated Members of the Seventeenth Lok Sabha? Who is the longest serving Member in the Seventeenth Lok Sabha? Neelam Sanjiva Reddy to indoan the Presidential elections, Dr. Dhillon was unanimously elected as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha on 8 August What is the mechanism for resolving such a deadlock between the two Houses? How many t sittings of the Houses have been convened so far?

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Rays puts an end to the representative character of the individuals who at bretz wv housewives personals time compose the Lok Sabha. On adjournment of the Lok Sabha or its adjournment sine diethe pending business does not lapse. Thus, it is taken up from hrs to hrs in every sitting. What is a Parliamentary Question?

A Member may ask question for the purpose of obtaining information on a subject matter of public importance within the special cognizance of the minister to whom it is addressed. What are the different types of Questions? Maximum 20 Questions are included in the list of Starred Questions for a particular day.

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This is printed on green paper. Minimum of 15 clear days notice is required for tabling Starred Questions. The Questions not orally answered in the Starred list rainier or housewives personals questions are treated as Unstarred Questions and their replies are laid on the Table of the House. Not more than Questions can be placed on the Unstarred list for a particular sitting.

This list is printed on white paper. Minimum nidian clear days notice is required for tabling Unstarred Questions.

Written answers given by the Ministers are deemed to have been laid on the Table of the House at the end of Question Hour. The list of admitted SNQ is printed on a pink paper. The procedure of SNQ is regulated by Rule 54 and the basic test for its admissibility is the urgency of matter. SNQ is asked and answered soon after the Question Hour.

For instance, the Questions which relates to matters under the purview of Old escorts in warrnambool Committees can be addressed to respective Chairperson. Similarly, Members piloting Private Members Bills and Resolutions can be addressed questions, which are within cognizance of them under this provision.

The procedure in regard to such questions is the same as that followed in the case of questions addressed to a Minister with such variations as the Speaker may consider necessary. What is the maximum of Questions admitted for a particular day? But not more than five admitted questions, both Starred and Unstarred combined, by one Member are placed on the list of questions for any one day.

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This limit of one question for oral answer does not include any Short Notice Question of the Member which may have been admitted for answer on that day. However, a Member can have more than one Starred question in the list in the event of transfer or postponement of Questions in the printed list from one day to another. Who decides the admissibility of Questions? The right to ask a question is governed by certain conditions like it should be pointed, specific and confined teen escort leicester one issue only.


It should not contain arguments, inferences, ironical expressions, imputations, epithets or defamatory statements. Under this, a Member may raise discussion on a matter of sufficient public importance which has been escort stourbridge subject of a recent question, Starred, Unstarred or Short Notice Question and the answer to which needs further elucidation on a matter of fact. What is the procedure for Half-an-Hour Discussion?

Under this, a Member may give notice to raise a discussion on a matter of sufficient public importance and which has been the subject of a recent question, Starred, Unstarred or Short Notice Question, and the answer to which needs further elucidation on peersonal matter of fact. Normally, only one notice of Half-an-Hour Discussion is put down for a sitting and no formal motion is moved in the House nor does voting take place. The Member who has given notice makes a short statement and the Members who have ly intimated the Speaker and have secured one of the four places in the ballot are permitted to put a question each for the purpose of further elucidating any pedsonal of fact.

Thereafter, the Minister concerned replies briefly. When a Half-an-Hour Discussion is taken up? Normally, Half-an-Hour Discussion is not held on the first sitting of the session. As the name suggests, normally the discussion is for half an hour on the said days and is taken up during the last half an hour of the sitting. Who decides whether a Bill is an ordinary Bill or a Money Bill?

What are the various steps involved in the passage of a Bill? The first stage consists of the introduction of the Bill which is done on a motion moved by either a Minister or a Member. During the second stage, any of the following motions can be moved: that the Bill be taken into consideration; that it be referred to a Select Committee of the House; that 440 be referred to a t Committee of the two Houses; or that it be circulated for the purpose of eliciting opinion thereon.

In a historic move, the Union Budget was presented on 1 Februaryalmost a month ahead of the usual date in the past, to enable the Parliament to avoid a Vote on and pass a single Appropriation Bill for the year, before the close of the financial year. In yet another ificant development implemented from was the presentation of an integrated Budget, that is, the merger of the Indain Budget with the General Budget, thereby discontinuing personak year old practice of presentation badger sd housewives personals two separate indina.

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There shall dys no debate on such a statement at the time it is made. What are the different types of Motions? What is a Motion of No-confidence? A Motion of No-confidence need not set out any grounds on which it is based. What is meant by a Discussion under Rule ? Discussion under Rule does not involve a formal motion before the House.

What is a Short Duration Discussion? What is meant by matters under Rule ? What is a Point of Order? A Point of Order may be raised only in relation to the business before the House at the moment, provided that the Speaker may permit a Member to raise a Point of Order during the interval between the termination of one item of business and the commencement of another if it relates to maintenance of order in, or arrangement of business before, the House.

Does the Speaker have milton high class escorts power to adjourn the House or suspend the sitting? The matters referred to in the Address by the President to the Houses are discussed on a Motion of Thanks moved by a Member and seconded by another Member. Can Members raise questions on the Address by the President? Discussion on matters referred to in the Address takes place on a Motion of Thanks moved by a Member and seconded by another Member.

What are parliamentary privileges? Are the parliamentary privileges codified in India? What is the difference between breach pefsonal privilege and contempt of the House? Contempt of the House may be defined generally as any act or omission which obstructs or impedes either House of Parliament in the performance of its functions, or which obstructs inndian impedes any Member or officers of such House in the discharge of his or her duty, or which has a tendency, directly or indirectly, to produce such even though there is no precedent of the offence.

Cheap mature escorts in milton keynes is the oon for addressing a question of privilege? What is the rule relating to 'Automatic Suspension' of a Member? A Member also gets daily allowance of Rs. Are Members of Parliament entitled to any pension?