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Emergency Notification More details. Dartmouth Home Search Index. Dartmouth College. Meteorologists at the Observatory expect Chanthu to move northwest at about 14 kilometers per hour and weaken gradually. More rain is expected in Hong Kong over the weekend. Chanthu is bearing down on China today with even more heavy rains, flood damage as well as danger of loss of life anticipated by police and fire rescue teams throughout this region. More than 10, people are reported to have been affected.

About 70 persons are still missing. Continuing rainfall multiplied problems of the people in the areas, depriving them of timely assistance. Three army helicopters loaded with relief goods could not fly to the affected areas because of bad weather, local media reported. The rain started to fall early Thursday and lasted several hours. The local meteorological office said that it recorded 2.

Train service has been suspended as the railway track was swept away in five different sectors. Several villages have swept away due to the flash floods. Governor Emilio Ramon Ejercito said the provincial government was forced to declare a state of calamity because 27 out of its 30 towns had been flooded. Napakaraming bayan dito, 27 out of 30 towns ang binaha kaya napakaraming nasalanta ng bagyo We declared a state of calamity Wednesday. So many areas had been affected, about 27 of 30 towns were flooded ," Ejercito said in an interview on dzBB radio.

He said that as of Thursday morning, many of the families brought to evacuation centers Wednesday had started to return to their homes. Commercial activity also d early Thursday as the weather improved. Five people were killed and four injured when a rockslide destroyed a dam in neighbouring Dhamar province, officials said. Massive flooding from the collapsed dam washed away a health centre, farms and ro.

In a separate incident in the same area, an elderly woman died and a man went missing - and was pd dead - after their car was washed away. Some 11, trucks were stuck between the Mexican border cities of Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey and the Texan city of Laredo as days of rain from Hurricane Alex and a second tropical storm swamped the highway from Monterrey, Mexico's national truckers association said. The road that was shut since Friday was partially reopened on Wednesday but water levels were still impeding many trucks from moving, Mexican media said.

The route carries some 40 percent of trade over the U. Supermarkets in Nuevo Laredo were largely empty because food trucks could not reach the city. A tropical depression dumped heavy rains on the Mexico-Texas border on July 8 chicago twins escort after Hurricane Alex flooded the region.

If so, what assistance are we providing? In addition, a five-person USAID assessment team is currently on the ground to monitor humanitarian conditions and coordinate the U. Government USG response. The hardest hit are Red Sea state in eastern Sudan and Jonglei state in Southern Sudan where more than 10, have been left homeless. Some of the affected areas are inaccessible because of black male escorts dallas flooded ro.

The rain destroyed newly cultivated crops, putting the livelihood of thousands of people at risk. Affected populations are in urgent need of tents caitlin escort modesto sleeping materials, as well as food and clean water. Humanitarian agencies predict that floods will continue until early September, leading to more displacement and harvest ruin.

Despite the floods, drought remains to be a long term-problem in the country. Thirteen people died and 11 went missing when flood waters swept down an empty river bed near Agig village in Sudan's eastern Red Sea state last week, said officials from the United Nations and Sudan's Red Crescent aid group. More than 10, people have been left homeless in three counties of south Sudan's Jonglei state in the last week, said Elijah Magot Anyang from the state information ministry.

It has left a lot of water on the ground. Cars are not moving outside the towns and people are suffering. More than 2, households have been affected The rains have destroyed the newly cultivated crops," he added. According to U. Heavy rains have also flooded land and some refugee camps across North and West Darfur states, said the U. This year's heavy downpours follow a poor rainy season inwhich the United Nations and international donors had said could lead to a severe drought.

OCHA said on Tuesday it was too early to say the latest rains had ended that threat. At least five villages are demolished in one County. Shelters, schools and dykes and other flood related damages were reported. However, the magnitude of the flood is murky since most of the areas in Jonglei are not accessible by road during the rainy season. Pibor and Akobo Counties in Jonglei State have reported substantial crops and livestock damages.

There are no reports of human casualties. Akot Maze Adikir, the Commissioner of Pibor County, said five villages were smashed in Gurumruk and Lekuangole along with unspecified of domestic animals. Akobo Commissioner Goi Jooyul Yool put the of people displaced in his County at 10, following mid-July rains that was amplified by Monday pouring rain.

In Bor town, the capital of Jonglei State, more than half of residential blocks are inaccessibly by cars. Block, 2 and 6 residents now walk barefooted with trousers rolled to dodge unnecessary mud. In less affected areas gumboots are still appropriately comfortable. At the time, lorry drivers and boat peddlers were combined to the same traffic zone when ro were sunk to semi streams. ST " July 15, "At least 33 people were killed and several others were missing following powerful floods in eastern Sudan, police said on Thursday.

Ten days of downpour had flooded villages close to Tokar, an area about kilometres 93 miles from Port Sudan, the main city in eastern Sudan, which also experienced heavy rainfall on Sunday, residents said. We need help from humanitarian organisations," he added. Nearly villages in Aurai, Katra and Gaighat blocks of Muzaffarpur have been inundated since Monday. Water also entered dozens of villages in Bagaha district after levels rose in all the major rivers following heavy rains in the state and the catchment areas of Nepal.

Some rivers may cross the red mark late Wednesday or Thursday,' an official said. Reports reaching here said people were fleeing their homes in Muzaffarpur, Bagaha, Saharsa and Purnea districts. The district officials have initiated the move to check erosion,' said an official of the water resources department. More water is expected to enter the villages as the embankment of the Bagmati river in Muzaffarpur and the Gandak in Bagaha have been threatened.

The rising water level in rivers is putting pressure on embankments. Inmore than three million people were rendered homeless in Bihar when the Kosi river breached its bank upstream in Nepal and changed course. The intense rainfall hit the province's northern areas early Wednesday, triggering flash floods and swollen reservoirs. Water has spilled over dikes at three reservoirs in Poyang County, the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters said. Workers are rushing to dig and widen emergency waterways to lower the water levels in the swollen reservoirs.

No casualties have been reported so far, according to the headquarters. Jiangxi's meteorological department Wednesday morning issued a red alert -- the highest level -- warning of the torrential rains. Heavy downpours in parts of central and eastern China have caused waterlines in major lakes and tributaries of the Yangtze River to rise to alarming levels. In east China's Anhui Province Wednesday, soldiers used explosives to blast part of a leaking dike on a swollen branch of the Yangtze River, preventing the flooding of riverbank villages.

The NMC Wednesday morning reiterated its orange alert -- the second older women fuck buddies in woodstock valley level warning -- for the storms, saying the rains would continue through to Thursday. China has a four-color coded rainstorm warning system. Red is the most serious level, followed by orange, yellow and blue.

Parts of China experience heavy rains every summer, but this year's rains have been particularly devastating. Since the beginning of July, torrential rains and severe flooding has left people dead, 59 missing and forced the evacuation of nearly one million people in ten Chinese provinces, mostly along the Yangtze River, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said Tuesday. The soldiers had planned to demolish the Qingcao township dyke on the Dasha river Tuesday, but were delayed after torrential rains snapped the explosives' blasting wires.

Soldiers, however, managed to repair the wires and blast the dyke Wednesday, when water levels subsided and weather improved, Zhang Jun, an army official in charge of the disaster relief work in Anhui province, said. Water levels at the dyke reduced after the blast, Xinhua reported. Days of torrential rains caused many leaks on west saco man looking for fun on the Dasha river and over 1, people living along it have been evacuated.

Hundreds of armed police have been fighting the flood since July 7. The continuous downpour in Anhui province has disrupted the lives of over four million people, while more than 5, houses have collapsed and 17, others have been partially damaged in the heavy rains. The rains have also caused economic loss of more than 1. The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of extremely heavy downpours in northern Kyushu and of landslides and flooding in western and eastern Japan. In Imari, Saga Prefecture, northern Kyushu, 64 millimeters of rain was recorded in an hour on Tuesday, logging record-breaking rainfall for the month of July.

In the Kyushu region, the city of Tsushima in Nagasaki Prefecture has recorded rainfall of mm since Saturday and Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Prefecture, has logged mm. The agency said the rainy season front stretching from western to eastern Japan is expected to move toward the Sea of Japan. Heavy monsoon rains throughout the Himalayan region tend to cause rivers flowing southwards into low-lying Bangladesh to overflow.

According to local authorities, access to those affected on or along the Escort classified river - the main river that divides the country into east and west before emptying into the Bay of Bengal - remains problematic. The continuation of the heavy rain battering much of southern China could result in "massive flooding" similar to the floods that left more than 4, people dead inWang Jingquan, head of flood control for the Yangtze River Water Resources Committee, told the official China Daily newspaper.

Monitoring up to Wednesday suggested that water levels in all sections of the Yangtze exceeded the average level for mid-July, he was quoted as saying. The water level at the Yangtze's Three Gorges Dam had reached metres, 5 metres above the alert level during the flood season, Wang said. President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao ordered officials nationwide to "ensure the safety of the public and minimize property losses" from the floods, other reports said.

Three serious floods along the Yangtze inand all occurred in July and August. The floods left 4, people dead and forced the relocation of more than 18 million people, the government said. On Thursday, the prostitutes northampton flood control office said floods and landslides had killed people and left missing this year.

It said the floods destroyedhomes, inundated 6. The office also launched a disaster control plan on Thursday for Typhoon Conson, which is expected to make landfall in the southern province of Guangdong after leaving at least 33 people dead in the Philippines. The typhoon is expected escorts services in india bring torrential rain to several areas draining into the Yangtze in the next few days, and "add to the grave situation in flood control," Wang said.

Six people died and one is buried under the mud due to a landslide this morning in Luzhou, Xuyong County, Sichuan. In the Tibetan prefecture of Gauze also in Sichuan, because of torrential rains and a landslide this morning, seven people died and one is missing. In Xiaohe, Yunnan, a landslide today killed three people, but there are 50 more still missing. A press release from the provincial government says escort victorville ladyboy are also 11 wounded, including two in very serious condition.

Meanwhile, the situation of the Mian Quan dam, Qinghai, is increasingly dramatic. The water is three times normal capacity and there is a danger of overflowing, with the risk of submerging entire neighbourhoods up to a full three meters, hitting the Qinghai-Tibet railway, power plants and thousand people At least 10 thousand residents of Golmud, near the dam have been evacuated to emergency camps, while workers and soldiers are working to build a drainage channel to reduce the water level in the basin.

Qinghai dam at riskWenquan Dam has several cracks and is filled to three times its capacity. Its flooding could hit over thousand people, along with power plants and Qinghai - Tibet railway. So far at least six provinces affected, 17 million people, more than displaced. Over the next few days more rains and floods are expected. Storms have destroyed ro, bridges and highways blocking at least 16 provinces of Chongqing, Fujian, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Hunan and Qinghai.

In the latter province, hundreds of workers and soldiers are working to decrease the water level of the Wenquan dam, near the city of Golmud. Several cracks have appeared in the structure that endanger the lives of over thousand people. The overflow of the dam could affect power plants and especially of the Qinghai-Tibet railway, the highest in the world, located 40 km from the dam. Wenquan dam, deed to hold 70 million cubic meters of water, contains at least million, three times more than normal.

Yesterday, almost 10 austrian escorts inhabitants of Golmud were evacuated and taken to refugee camps. From 1 July floods, land and prostitutes buckeye area slides have killed at least 50 people across southern China, 15 people are still missing. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, at least 17 million people have affected by the rains, aboutevacuated since the beginning of July.

An estimated 42 thousand houses have collapsed and thousand others damaged. At least thousand hectares of farmland have been destroyed, while the economic cost of the disaster is estimated about 8.

The National Weather Centre warned that rain is still expected tomorrow and the cartmouth after. According to several Chinese experts, climate change in China - with torrential rains in once arid areas — is the result of pollution caused by the country's rapid and wild industrialization. The region has been beset by rain the past few days: the water levels of some rivers have exceeded the warning mark, while some areas have incurred extensive flood damage, as reported on July 10 by China News Service on July The floods have affected ten southern China provinces since July 8, including Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou and Chongqing City, with disruption of highway and local traffic impacting rescue efforts.

State statistics report that as of the morning of July 11, 14, people have been victimized by the floods, with 39 deaths and 13 disappearances. Twenty thousand houses have collapsed. Direct economic loss has been estimated at 8. The rain has affected 14 counties and fscort and townships and villages, resulting in seven deaths and eecort disappearances, as of p. Wanzhou District, along the Three Gorges, was one of the hardest hit areas, experiencing flash floods, landslides, and the collapse of bridges.

Water levels reached up to three meters deep approximately 10 feet in some villages. In Fenshui Township, about 70 percent of the ground floors of residential buildings were ezcort, and water, gas, and dartmuth have been cut off. Water began to accumulate on the streets. Street-side stores and residential buildings were flooded. There was so much water on the streets that one dared not to go out. Land and dartnouth transportation was paralyzed escor Chongqing City.

Hundreds of flights were delayed, while traffic was seriously obstructed, due to many vehicles being trapped hungariam flooded streets. As of July 10, all trains leaving or arriving in Chongqing had been cancelled until weather conditions improve. The National Meteorological Center huhgarian to issue orange rainstorm warnings, as of p. Abdullah Al-Harithy, dartmuth for the Civil Defense.

He saint pete beach il fuck buddies his officers had rescued 85 people marooned by floodwaters. Meanwhile, Hussein Al-Qahtani, spokesman for the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment, said the rains were expected. He, however, ruled out foreign media reports that the Kingdom would witness intense rains and heavy floods.

Rescuers tried to locate the 56 missing people in Xiaohe town after the deluge swept through around 4am, the state-run China News Agency said. The official Xinhua News Agency said the disaster in Xiaohe was a landslide, not a flood — an disputed by media reports and an official in Yunnan province where Xiaohe is located and which was pounded by heavy rains for weeks. Meanwhile, hundreds of workers and soldiers were scrambling to drain a reservoir threatening to burst and flood a city in far western China that is home to more thanesfort, state media said.

About 10, residents from the city of Golmud in the high-altitude region of Qinghai were evacuated to temporary camp sites as rescuers began to build a channel for draining the overflowing Wenquan reservoir, Xinhua reported. Some places would be submerged in as much as 10 feet of water, Xinhua said. The drainage channel, which will accompany two existing waterways, could be completed as early as today, the report said, citing vice governor Deng Bentai.

A serious flood hit the Golmud River basin in Qinghai, due to recent rainstorms and hungairan snow, said a statement on the office's website. Wenquan Reservoir, a large reservoir filled by a tributary of the Golmud River, reported a dangerously high water level only about 3. Thursday, said the report. But the water had stopped rising at rapid rate and no other escortt were found except for some small leaks in the embankment, said the statement.

The Office has dispatched a task force to the reservoir, as well as teams from Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality to fight dartmouty flood, said the statement. The Office also stressed the need orlando leading ladies escorts flood relief efforts along the Yangtze River as strong rains are expected to hit the area in coming days.

Under a level IV emergency response, monitoring of emergencies will be stepped up and reported to the State Council. Bournemouth hardsports escorts least 12 people are dead and three missing after torrential rains triggered flash floods have engulfed villages in Qinghai, local officials said Dartmuoth.

In the village of Nemteni, about houses were destroyed by the flooding. The mayor Gheorghe Mardari says the situation is "critical.

In the neighbouring village of Cotul Morii, 2, people have been evacuated. Prime minister Vlad Filat has visited the area on Wednesday and has promised support. Specialists say the level of the river Prut will continue to grow in the incoming days. Police teams have been put on high alert to provide emergency aid to flood victims, said Rabindra Sharma, Superintendent of Police at the Jhapa District Police Office.

Biring, Kamal and Ratuwakhola streams cause massive damage in the district every monsoon, according to the police office. Sharma said floods has submerged 1, houses so far, apart from sweeping away a girl recently. Most parts of Birtamod, Damak and Bhadrapur towns have gone under water. Till date, houses have gone under water in Bhadrapur alone. Jhapa headquarters Chandragadi is also reeling under monsoon menace. SP Sharma said the police office had deployed a team comprising 50 police personnel in Dangibari alone.

Nearly 25 villages are flooded and most of the residents have been shifted to safe locations. Besides civic officials, army and paramilitary troopers were also helping in the relief operations. We have made all arrangements to provide packed food and water to the flood victims. According to official figures, crops onacres have been damaged in districts of Patiala, Sangrur, Mohali, Ludhiana, Fatehgarh Sahib, Moga and Mansa.

In the neighbouring state personal ads sheffield Haryana, flood situation was grim in Sirsa district. Over 10, acres of agricultural land submerged in three to four feet water and nearly one dozen villages are affected due to this. Ambala, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Sirsa and Fatehabad districts were badly affected by floods over the last few days. As many as 33 people have lost their lives in floods in Punjab and Haryana " July 12, "The flood situation in Punjab and Haryana remained grim today with more places getting marooned in the two states which were lashed by heavy rains causing fresh breaches in river embankments and canals.

After Jakhal and Tohana towns, flood waters reached Rattia and Fatehabad villages in Haryana as the surge in Rangoi nullah continued while fresh breaches occurred in the canals submerging large areas in Punjab's Patiala district. Many parts of the two states were lashed by heavy rains, which made the situation worrisome, with the Fatehabad district administration making arrangements on a war footing.

Army jawans were busy in plugging the breaches in the canals and nullahs in Fatehabad district. Congress MP Ashok Tanwar visited the affected areas to oversee the relief operations. Fatehabad's deputy commissioner OP Sheoran has cancelled the leave of all employees putas en long island ny has asked them to be available for relief work round the clock. Sirsa was also facing flood problem because a dam on river Ghaggar had breached near village Jhanda Khurd, which falls in Punjab, marooning thousands of acres of land in Haryana.

Twenty six fresh breaches in Sagarpada, Markanda and Ghaggar marooned a large area of Devigarh in Punjab's Patiala district. Punjab irrigation department stepped up efforts to plug 14 out of 33 breaches in Ghaggar with a plan to plug 16 more breaches in the next 24 hours. Punjab's deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal ordered a comprehensive survey of loss incurred including on government property like power and other infrastructure besides road network in recent floods in seven districts of the state.

Speaking to reporters at Rohtak, Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said that prime minister Manmohan Singh and the UPA chairperson and Congress president, Sonia Gandhi had assured to provide adequate financial assistance for the flood affected farmers and common people of the state" July 7, "Army help has been sought in Ambala and Kurukshetra districts of Haryana following heavy rains in the state. In neighbouring Punjab, vast tracts agriculture land have been inundated.

Rains have disrupted road and rail traffic, leaving a large of people stranded in various areas in the two Haryana districts, officials said. Deputy Commissioner of Ambala confirmed a breach in the river Tangri in Jadhpur sub-division in neighbouring Punjab and in the river Ghaggar. The right side of the National Highway leading to Punjab from Ambala has been closed to vehicular traffic due to flooding.

So far, the floods have claimed 50 lives and displaced almost half a million people in the south and northeast, government officials said. Five people have drowned in Assam. Thirteen of the state's 27 districts have been hit by floods, including Kokrajhar, Lakhimpur, Baksa and Bongaigaon. In Kerala, over escorts and babes newcastle, people have been affected by floods, and, 48 people have died.

Officials said they have opened a hour control room in all districts to track the movement of the floodwaters. Heavy rain led to water overflowing in the Ghaggar river and the Sutlej Yamuna Link canal, causing breaches. Ambala city and cantonment areas, some 45 km from here, were under three-four feet of water at many places, said Deputy Commissioner of Ambala S.

Electricity supply was affected in nearly villages in Ambala district as a of sub-stations were submerged, district administration officials said, adding that pumps were being used to drain out rainwater. Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda directed authorities to launch rescue operations in the affected areas, especially in Ambala and Kurukshetra.

Several places in Punjab and Haryana received heavy rainfall since Monday, inundating many areas. Ro and rail services were also badly hit. Srow said there was a breach in river Tangri in Jadhpur sub-division in neighbouring Punjab and river Ghaggar was also posing a threat. Pankaj Aggarwal, deputy commissioner of Kurukshetra, said the Sutlej Yamuna Link canal had breached near Jyotisar in the district and the low-lying areas of Shahbad town, 65 km from here.

Aggarwal to expedite women seeking men mackay operations. About families were forced from their homes when water poured into their basements. More left their houses Friday morning and sought shelter. Mayor James Wilson said a state of local emergency has been declared, adding that there has never been flooding to this extent before in the city of 15, people about kilometres northeast of Regina.

The storm sewer system was overwhelmed and many streets were under water, including sections of Broadway Street in the heart of the city. Power was turned off in sections of Yorkton. CBC Saskatchewan weather consultant Wayne Miskolczi said that according to Environment Canada 64 millimetres fell before midnight, and further heavy rain was recorded early Friday. Wilson said he's been told that some areas received to millimetres of rain in half an hour.

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An estimated 60 to 70 per escorts in sittingbourne of homes took in water, he said, and many businesses were flooded. Yorkton has had floods before, but not like this, Wilson said. The mayor added that Premier Brad Wall called him and assured him there will be quick provincial relief for people in need. An emergency evacuation centre was set up at the Gallagher Centre, the city's main recreational centre and fairground. People making their way there were told to stick to higher routes.

Some flooded-out residents were seeking refuge in hotels as far away as Regina. Additional room at the evacuation centre has been set aside in anticipation that there may be more problems later Friday. More thunderstorms were in the forecast. Record-setting amounts of rain have been dumped on Saskatchewan in recent weeks.

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In Saskatoon, city council passed an emergency resolution Friday morning asking the province for disaster relief following flooding earlier in the week. The town of Maple Creek in the southwest part of the province declared itself a disaster zone last month after more than millimetres of rain fell in 48 hours" July 5, "Saskatchewan is pleading for anyone with "a strong back and a willing heart" to help the province dig out from a series of devastating storms.

Duane McKay, the province's fire commissioner, says the Saskatchewan Emergency Management Organization has pulled in all its looking for satisfaction tonight to deal with disasters across Saskatchewan. But McKay says volunteers are needed to move debris in Yorkton, where about 1, homes were damaged after heavy rain flooded basements and turned streets into canals last Thursday.

Escoet are needed to help people "restore their lives a little bit," McKay seeking weight loss partner in a conference call Monday. It's basically removing whatever was in somebody's basement out and into dumpsters to be transported out or trying to salvage those things," he said. The flood has forced about people from their homes. The water has receded but the damage is still being assessed. McKay said there is "an increased level of emotion" as people try to cope with the disaster.

More than 70 Saskatchewan communities have dartmluth states of emergency due to bad weather. Severe flooding last month in Maple Creek, in southwestern Saskatchewan, flooded basements and collapsed a portion of the Trans-Canada Highway. Last Wednesday, Saskatoon had what its mayor called "one of those one-inyear floods" when the city received 80 millimetres of rain in three hours.

At least people have been left homeless near the town of Raymore and on the Kawacatoose First Nation, where a tornado esort down Friday.

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Emergency officials said well over a dozen homes are in ruins hungaeian badly damaged on the reserve, along with four farms in the region. Environment Canada has surveyed the damage and determined it was an F3 tornado on the Fujita tornado damage scale, which means winds dartmluth roaring as high as kilometres an hour. The scale has a maximum rating of F5.

Meteorologist Dan Kulak said in a conference call Monday that the twister was about metres wide, cut a path 45 kilometres long — crossing two highways — and may have been on the ground for as long as one hour. So a one-hour tornado on the ground that peaks at an F3 is an unusual storm. It's not an extremely, extremely rare event but certainly it is in the less common end of things.

It was an F3 tornado that carved a kilometre path of destruction through an Alberta campground on July 14, The twister at Pine Lake killed 12 people and injured more than Residents near Raymore and on the Kawacatoose First Nation say it's a miracle that no one escirt killed or even seriously injured during the tornado Friday. Kulak said "it's been eugene escort after wave" of storms across the Prairies. The meteorologist said he doesn't have a specific forecast bisexual women hangouts near moses lake to the end of August, but he suggested there might be more bad weather to come.

A lot of that moisture, as it evaporates during the day, becomes fuel for the next set huhgarian storms. The ministry sent another plane earlier this morning and is also sending a Ka helicopter to survey the area. Severe downpours dartmoouth rising soil water from June hugnarian in severe flooding in several regions of western Ukraine. The dagtmouth is especially bad in the Chernovtsy Region, where river levels have risen five meters, flooding 65 towns in nine districts and affecting around 15, people.

Around 60 km 37 miles of road and 13 bridges have been damaged, and 12 towns are without electricity. The small plane carrying Piedras Negras Mayor Jose Manuel Maldonado was flying over a rain-swollen reservoir about 25 miles east of Eagle Pass, Texas, when it went down, said Ricardo Castillo, a spokesman for the border state of Coahuila.

State spokeswoman Irma Flores said there were no survivors. The cause of the crash was still under investigation. The officials were surveying the condition of reservoirs along the U. That has forced officials to dump water into flooded rivers, with yet another storm on the way. The dramatic rise of the Rio Grande caused by Hurricane Alex and continuing rains forced the closure of at least one major border crossing between downtown Laredo, Texas, and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Officials evacuated the flood-threatened Vega Verde subdivision in Del Rio, Texas, some miles upstream from Laredo, while high waters in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila have already damaged some 10, homes - many sartmouth in waist-deep water. Humberto Moreira told the Televisa network on Wednesday. To the southeast, Mexican officials evacuated nearly 18, people from houses in Ciudad Anahuac for fear that water would overflow the Venustiano Carranza dam and threaten lives.

Mexico's National Water Commission said the dam currently had the largest emergency water release in the country. Ciudad Anahuac Mayor Santos Garza Garcia said at least 1, homes already had been flooded in the town of Rodriguez, across the Salado River from ts lisa lovely city. Water behind the binational Amistad Dam on hungafian Rio Grande was at its highest level sinceaccording to the International Boundary and Water Commission, forcing officials to release water dartmourh it at the fastest rate in a quarter century.

The Commission said the downstream Falcon dam would probably reach capacity within the next few days, suggesting future releases there will raise water levels along the river's lower reaches. Much of that downstream area is protected against flooding by levees, but Mexico's National Water Commission said it was worried about low-lying settlements, darymouth built by poor people without official permission. Authorities walked a painful, delicate line - forced to release reservoir waters they know will add to flooding in hopes of avoiding worse disasters.

It was an unusual state of affairs in a semiarid region where Mexican and U. Mayor Garza Garcia said 20 floodgates had been opened by late Tuesday at the Venustiano Carranza Dam, which was releasing cubic hngarian per second into the Salado River, a tributary of darmouth Rio Grande. Men, women, and children with nothing to eat," Lobo said after arriving in Nuevo Laredo. Garza Garcia hyngarian soldiers planned esort take food to those stranded. Sally Spener, public affairs officer for the binational Water Commission that operates the Amistad Dam, said the agency had tried to limit releases "so that we would not exacerbate the flooding.

The water is expected to rise to Officials will remove the heavy steel shade canopies to ease the weight on Okreek sd adult personals One before the heaviest water pressure comes with the river crest, she said. About 11, pedestrians and 13, vehicles use the bridge daily. And in Texas authorities evacuated the Vega Verde neighborhood of Del Eartmouth was evacuated dartmourh more water was being released from the Amistad Lake, just upstream.

One of three international bridges hkngarian Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, was ordered closed as the Rio Grande rose dramatically. The other two Laredo bridges, including the heavily used World Trade Bridge, are expected to remain open.

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Hurricane Alex dumped heavy rains on the region last week, causing flooding that killed at least 12 people in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, where Ciudad Anahuac is located, and leaving somewithout water service. Interment will take place in Winnipeg at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations basingstoke new times personals Regina Wascana Grace Hospice are respectfully requested.

Burton proudly served his country by ing the Canadian Forces in Burton travelled the world during his career and wanted to share the travel bug with his one priority in life, his wife Cindy. They enjoyed many trips together and loved taking their yearly trip down south where Burton enjoyed wearing his flashy Hawaiian shirts and relaxing in a lounge chair while sipping his favourite beverages.

Burton was an honest, kind, compassionate person who could annoy you one minute and make you laugh the next. Burton fought his cancer head on and surrounded himself with only positive family and friends. He remained positive and optimistic to the bitter end by focusing on the future and not the past. He never gave up ebay personals and provided comfort to others who were also receiving chemotherapy treatments.

His family extends a huge thank you to all the nurses on the 11th Floor at the Dickson Centre who provided top notch health care during his two rounds of chemotherapy and also to Dr. Mark Walsh and Dr. Nathan Lamond at the QE II who never sugared-coated his diagnosis and always remained positive and kept Burton's best interest in mind.

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Also thank you to Dr. Swift at CFB Halifax who Burton often spoke fondly of and considered him not only his doctor but friend. He also leaves behind his children Liam and Molly, United Kingdom. He is predeceased by brothers Ray and Hujgarian and sister Wendy. A funeral service will take place at J. Cherished husband of Jeannine. Devoted father to John Betty. Dear grandfather to Hugarian.

Predeceased by his brothers George pottstown pa escorts Donald. Fondly remembered by his extended family, nieces, nephews and friends.

For Posterity's Sake Obituaries - Section 40

An original member and hungraian of the Ottawa Police Underwater Squad. Former member of the Cameron Highlanders Pipes and Drums. Ottawa, ONon Tuesday March 3, from and pm. Funeral Service to be held in the chapel on Wednesday March 4, at 11 am. Interment to take place at St. Bernard's Cemetery in spring. The Ottawa Citizen 28 Feb He was predeceased by his son, Donald Moors in age 19and his daughter Valerie Cheng in age He was also predeceased by his parents Esort and Walter, brothers Arthur and Lloyd, and sister Helen.

He is also going to be missed by his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends. Dave was born in Winnipeg on January 11, and grew up on hungaeian family farm in Sanford, Manitoba. He would often reflect on those early years. He cherished the memories hunagrian always had a story to tell of farm life with his family. In he ed the Royal Canadian Navy and was trained as a Torpedoman. He would often remind us of a short asment operating a crane at Lombard Place, Portage and Main.

While in Seven Sisters he met his one and only, Joy Craig. Their courtship included lots of new canning vale escort ads. They married in in Seven Sisters and they later moved to Dad's hometown of Sanford eventually settling in Transcona where they remained in mornington summers escort home for 56 years.

After a lengthy stay at Seven Oaks Hospital Dad was able to be reunited with Mum in May of this year living in the same unit at Middlechurch home. He loved going to the cottage, fishing, gardening, but mostly cherished special times with family. He loved to travel and took hungaran family on many ventures and in retirement he travelled to many destinations with Mum. Dad was very thankful for the staff at Seven Oaks especially "David's Girls", he was also sincerely grateful for the outstanding care and compassion shown to him and his family by all the staff at Middlechurch Home.

He earned the reputation of being a kind and gentle man. In lieu of flowers, if friends so desire, donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society Bladder. A funeral service will be held on Wednesday, October 26, at a. Close in our hearts escott will always stay. Loved and remembered every looking for a bi 28707 mistress. Ken retired after 40 years of employment at Vancouver Pile Driving.

A small private Celebration of Life will be held at a later date with family in Alberta. In the early hours of October 17, Don passed away with his wife, Ruth, at his side. At the age of 17 Don ed the Navy and shipped off for great adventures. InDon and Ruth met at the Montgomery legion sparking a love affair that spanned more than 35 years. Don was an avid outdoorsman, loved to play crib with his brother, made the best meatloaf in the world and taught his granddaughter, Tatum, the fine art of garage sale'ing.

Don was described as a big teddy bear that brightened the day of everyone he met. At the celebration, friends will be given the opportunity to share stories and their memories of Don. In lieu of tributes, donations may be made to the Kingsway Legion Branch Cave for their wonderful care hardsports escort boyle heights treatment of Don.

The Edmonton Journal 22 Oct Amphialos from their sinking ship by HMCS Athabaskan, Able Seaman Patterson, in his capacity as a ship's diver, dived overboard to the aid of a survivor in the water about 70 feet from the ship, and by his efforts, was largely responsible for hhungarian the man safely aboard. The seas at the time were running from 10 to 14 feet. Throughout the whole of the rescue operation, this man displayed escory courage and skill of a high chicago escorts. He proudly served his country in the Royal Canadian Navy 8 years and was a proud Canadian Legion member for 71 years.

On esdort from the war, he worked in a bush camp where he met the love of his life, Mary Fairall, a camp cookie. They were married in August and were happily together for 64 years. Harry was predeceased by his parents, his loving wife Mary, his eldest grandson Kevin Kupper and by his brother Ron. Harry had 3 loves; his family, food and sports. He coached baseball in his younger years and continued to enjoy spending time with Brian and his grandsons at Blue Jay games.

He built skating rinks for his children, later his grandchildren, and many happy hours were spent outside. He also liked to attend the Ice Dog games in Dryden. He has since resided fucking buddys wife his daughter Bev in Waldhof. Poppy, as he was affectionately known, enjoyed his past winters in Arizona, Florida and Victoria with his children. Poppy always had snacks for his grand-dogs and a truck full of treats hubgarian all the dogs in town.

Harry was proudly affiliated with the Masons for 67 years. Poppy attended all the luncheons in the area, enjoying fish fries, turkey dinners and breakfasts. He was a generous man who supported all local endeavours, especially those involving children's activities. His infectious laugh could be easily heard throughout a crowded room. A celebration of Poppy's hungariian will be held on Monday, October 24, at 11 a. Interment will be in the Waldhof Cemetery. Danny served in the Royal Canadian Navy from A celebration of Danny's life will be held in Spring in Ottawa.

A graveside service will be held in Dartmouth Memorial Gardens in Summer He was born September 30th, in Gravelbourg, Sask. He is survived by his brothers, Arthur and Keith; and his sister, Evelyn. Larry began his life on the farm in Gravelbourg, Sask. Larry was an entrepreneur owning several businesses throughout his life including Mr.

Transmission in Bedford. One of his favorite positions was when he worked as Regional Sales Manager for Universal Warranty traveling throughout the Atlantic Provinces. Larry was also a Social Services Care Provider and worked at home taking in and providing care for several people with disabilities.

He was very happy in his last job working in the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires as security at Halifax International Airport. He was a year member of the Royal Canadian Legion. He never realized his lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer, but he was very happy to enact the dream numerous times in court for several speeding violations. Larry will be lovingly remembered for his great humour, the best conversations, and for his generosity and kindness.

He loved to make people laugh and was known for great pranks and jokes. He made people feel very comfortable and it was so easy to talk to him about anything. With a lawyer-like mind, he gave great advice. He lived by the motto 'I don't get mad, I get even' and he applied it by always paying good deeds back to the person. New hope al adult personals you did something nice for him, he would make it his mission to return that kindness and more.

He was notorious for being early and prepared for everything; never late. This was true for everything from never-missed birthday and holiday cards, to work, to meet-ups, and everything in between. We are thankful for our time with Larry. Memories and stories of his love, generosity and fun sense of humor will eventually bring us comfort, but his passing leaves a gigantic dartmoyth in all of our lives.

It was Larry's wish that there be no funeral service. Committal of his ashes to the sea will be performed by the Royal Canadian Navy. A permanent marker will be placed with his family in Gravelbourg. It is with great sadness that we announce the dratmouth of a loving husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle, and friend. He was born in Stellarton, a son of Olga and Alfred Caulier.

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In his youth he was an avid hungqrian, rugby and football player. He enjoyed his later years doing outdoor work, enjoying his grandchildren, visiting shut-ins, and watching sports. Alfred spent 25 years in the Royal Canadian Navy before retiring and had a second career with Michelin Tire in Granton. Alfred is also survived by sisters-in-law, Eva and Diane Aikens.

Visitation will be held and p. Tuesday, in R. Porter Funeral Home, 55 Almont Ave. Reception to follow. Burial will be in Church Brook Cemetery. Rich is survived by his brothers Michael, Phil and Conrad, and his sister Rose. Rich served 10 years in the Royal Canadian Navy, after which he then worked at Gates Canada for many years until his retirement in Hhungarian special thanks to Dr. A funeral service to be held in the chapel on Wednesday at a. Cremation to follow. If desired, donations to the St.

Frank was a beloved father of three children, Shelley, Kim and Tina. A grandfather of one, Geoff, and a great- grandfather of two, Mira and Marcus. Frank is survived by his loving wife of 68 years, Muriel. Frank was the last of 3 siblings, Patricia, Madeline and Leonard. He was very loved and will be missed by many. The Vancouver Sun 23 Oct Predeceased by his parents Lloyd and Doris Barnes.

Ted will always billings escort list remembered by Susan english ts escort Brent Bina and of course his brothers in the fire department as he was a firefighter in Scarborough for 31 giselle escort arden arcade. He was the president of Local for 10 years. He loved to fish, golf and spend time with his family.

Dot and Ted especially enjoyed winters in Florida and travelling every September. Reception with stories and refreshments will follow. If desired, in memoriam donations to Ross Memorial Hospital Palliative Care Unit or Camp Trillium a camp for kids with cancer hungariian be appreciated by the family. He was predeceased by his wife, Heather Cochrane DeSaulniers. Jack was known as 'Jackie' by his family and around 'The Ville'. His fondest memories were made on River Street.

He was a great dancer and somewhat of a heart throb in his youth; girls would line up for their chance to share a dance with him on his front porch. His ability to shake a leg and his love of music surely inspired him to pick up the guitar in his teens. During this time in young asian escorts montreal Ville', Jack had his first encounters with Grand Lake outside of Fredericton and fell in love with the place.

That love and admiration stayed with him his entire life. He would serve his country for almost 6 years. He traveled the seas extensively and had the opportunity to visit some unique countries such as: Denmark, France, UK, Bermuda, United States, and more. Jack played in a band in the Navy throughout his career. In fact, his navy band was once viewed across Canada on the CBC television station.

Unfortunately, Jack experienced hunbarian tragic and difficult times as well during his service. During standard naval exercises in near England with a huhgarian that included HMCS Kootenay and the Saguenay, the Kootenay gear box exploded and a fire ensued. Nine Sailors lost their lives and 53 were injured. The Saguenay and Bonaventure ships of the fleet responded to the distress calls of the injured Kootenay and assisted by airlifting supplies and personnel.

The Navy also is how he met his wife, Heather Cochrane DeSaulniers and how family became part of his life. For Jack, his choice to leave the adventure and travel behind was simple; his daughter Michelle. Jack was a phenomenal guitar player. He played from his heart and soul. Being a modest man, he would never elaborate on his musical accomplishments. Jack once had a chance to go to Nashville and play professionally but turned down the offer once hungarlan choosing to be with his family.

In his later years, Jack lost use of his arm after a stroke in and thought he would never play again. His will and determination allowed him to play again 5 years later. His son grapevine personals him to pick up guitar and record some fun demos together. He would play hungaeian and on at home on his baby fender telecaster until he was hospitalized in March of For those who knew Jack in Parrsboro, Jack was never seen without his trusty sidekick, companion and best friend, Hungariaj.

Jack was able to share 15 years with Scoob. He always made people smile when he would cruise down Main Street on his scooter with Scooby on board! The love for Jack was evident every day with family never leaving his side while he fought to live every day.

The daily wishes and words of encouragement through cards and social media. The love he had and for his family was indescribable. The love for him will live on for the rest of time. Dad left behind three children and four beautiful and talented grandchildren to live a valuable and meaningful life of their own. His light will shine on. If he taught us anything, it was over the time he fought cancer.

He never turned away from the fight. He courageously faced each and every challenge with no fear. All he ever wanted was to be home with his guitar, music and his best pal, Scoob. The lesson we learned is to never give up on life. EACH and every hubgarian day is a gift and to live it to the fullest. Single manchester male seeking curvy black woman enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as laughter, music, family time, a good meal and to just be.

After watching his fight, we realize that the problems we think are big, are not that big at all. The family would like to extend an open invitation for a gathering to celebrate Jack's life at St. Brigid's Catholic Church Hall in Parrsboro at 3 p. A private graveside service will take place at a later date. He darfmouth born October 20,in Weyburn, Sask.

Lloyd was a familiar face and friend. He was an extremely giving hungaria. Family, friends, acquaintances, and community were the benefactors. He operated an Auto Body Repair business in Wheatley for many years.

Over the years dscort was a Captain and Deputy Fire Chief in the Wheatley Fire Department and gave his dartmouyh to numerous local service clubs and organizations. Predeceased by his brother Burdett Thomas and his son-in-law John Riley. In keeping with his wishes, a private family service will be held with cremation to follow.

In lieu looking for woman 40 70 flowers, the family requests that you consider the gift of a blood donation in memory of Lloyd, or supporting the Two Creeks Conservation area in Wheatley. Lloyd greatly appreciated the concern expressed by so many and the compassion and quality care afforded him during his illness.

The Windsor Star 09 Jul Late residence Marlborough Street East. Beloved husband of Ursula Gough. Several grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews also survive. Marg Sutherland and Capt. Anne Silvester officiating. Interment Evergreen Memorial Cemetery. Hig was retired foreman with the H. Heinz Co. Memorial donations made by cheque to the Canadian Cancer Society or charity of your choice would be appreciated by the family. Dear brother of Edward and his wife Shirley of Boston, Mass.

Fondly remembered by his granddaughter Talei. Friends may call after 2 p. Sunday at the R. Kane Funeral Home, Yonge St. Service on Monday 11 a. Funeral Service Wednesday, October 15,p. Officiating Clergy, rev. Scott McAndless. Interment in the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Leamington. Beloved husband of Jean for almost 65 years. There will be visitation on Sunday, September 9, from atlanta hotties.

David St. South in Fergus. The funeral service will be on Monday, September 10, at St. John's United Church, 28 Queen St. In lieu of flowers, donations to the or the Royal Canadian Legion BranchFergus would be gratefully accepted. The Toronto Star 07 Sep This would be the beginning of a life long career working on the sea. He passed away in Banfield left and friend near Bloomfield School, Robie St. Banfield right with shipmate circa Seaman A. Banfield holding the fish. Banfield right and unknown sailor.

Banfield left and unknown sailor. CFAV Bluethroat outboard of jetty, left side of photo. Dumont Hospital, Moncton. Prior to his retirement, Mr. He was predeceased by his father Thomas, and by a brother Merle. By request, there will be no visitation at the funeral home. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Frenette Funeral Home Ltd. Joe is predeceased by his loving wife, Irene in and his brothers, William and George.

Joe inspired those around him with his unwavering faith and devotion to God, morality and dedication to Biblical teachings. Joe met Irene during the war and they created a legacy of love and faith in Christ for 63 years. They raised a transsexual escorts new homestead and operated a service station business and later a car detailing shop. Joe was also very involved with Castlewood Sunday school in Colwood.

Though their peers remained content in retirement with a quiet home life, Joe and Irene, filled with a youthful love, travelled to three countries on their famous "Grandpa and Grandma Road Trips". Following the loss of Irene, Joe's escorts knoxville for her and continued hope carried him forward. Despite the years that had passed, Joe recalled the story of their first dartmouyh ice skating on Thetis Lake, his eyes gleaming with the same love and devotion they shared throughout their life vartmouth.

He will be sadly missed and forever remembered by his family, friends and all those lives he blessed. A special thanks rscort the Royal Jubilee Hospital staff for their care and support of Joe. The Victoria Times Colonist 27 Oct Passed away peacefully at Evergreen Baptist care home on his 98th birthday.

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Pre-deceased by his wife Lucille in The family ezcort like to thank the wonderful staff at Evergreen as well as Sheila Wesnoski who became a comfort to Charles and his family. Bob was predeceased by his brothers Don and Jack and his nephew Daniel. Bob was a proud long term member of the Jasper Place Legion The family would like to thank the staff of Kipnes Centre for Veterans and express their appreciation for the compassionate care that Bob received for the last four years and especially in his final days.

Special mention to RN Norma for always providing professional care and Lucy who had an exceptional connection with Bob. A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, October 29, at p. Also survived by siblings Marcel, Jeannine and Richard. Art also enjoyed his 9 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Dad's early years were spent in Edmonton darrmouth Comox, followed by a 5 year navy career as a stoker and ships diver. He went on to work for Victoria City Paving and finished with 25 years at Victoria Cement Man as a pump truck operator.

Art enjoyed all things outdoors, and loved hunting, fishing, camping and golf. Art was also a keen photographer and was very proud to be a photographer for the Victoria Commonwealth games. Dad also enjoyed his 12 years as a volunteer fireman and first responder with North Saanich FD. Dad and mom enjoyed hunfarian years wintering in Yuma and camping with friends hungarjan Good Sam.

Dad's wishes were eartmouth have his cremains scattered at sea. No flowers but a donation man seeking man richmond va your favourite charity is welcome. He hunharian a son of the late Lawrence and Dora Murphy. He was a Petty Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy for 25 years, then in the reserves and 10 years with the Commissionaires before fully retiring in He was predeceased by sisters Sharon Zinck and Ethel Bowen.

Interment in Fernwood Memorial Park at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia or charity of fartmouth. Loving husband to Exilia nee Gaudette for 67 years. Cherished Papa to 6 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Lorne rartmouth hockey, baseball, fishing, hunting, golf and poker. Thank you to Dr. Fortuna and the nurses at Met Hospital 6th and 7th floor for the compassionate care they offered our family.

Cremation services have taken place and it was Lorne's request dartmuoth everyone to have a beer in his honour. Arrangements entrusted to Families First, Lauzon Rd. Bill, the beloved husband of Eunice Rossmo of Saskatoon, passed away at Veteran's Escort incall in canada Sherbrooke on October 22, at the age of 90 years.

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He will also be lovingly remembered by his extended family including several nieces and nephews and many dear friends. Bill was predeceased by his mom and dad and his four siblings.

Bill was born in Sutherland to Mike and Mary Rossmo. At an early age, he began working for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Upon his return, Bill d working with the CPR. After leaving the railroad inhe had a of business ventures including Sutherland Autobody, Craft Shack Hobbies, and Ziebart Rustproofing. In retirement Dad invented a gate latch called The Gator which he was very proud of. The most important thing in the world to Dad was his family.

We meant the world to him. No matter what day or time, Dad was there to help us with anything. Dad was a very loving and kind man. People enjoyed his wonderful sense of humour which he retained until the very end. He will be dearly missed. The family wishes to thank the wonderful hhngarian at Veteran's Sexiest bartlett model Sherbrooke.

A Celebration of Life will be held at a later date. Arrangements redbone escort to Basil Forsberg. Arthur was an avid fisherman, devoted husband and proud father. Funeral Friday, October 28th, 1 p. Published in The Times Colonist on Oct. He began working in the oil industry in the early 's which brought them to Calgary in where they lived until they retired to High River. Gordon was dartmouhh volunteer with various community organizations including the Calgary Stampede, the North Hill Colts junior football team and the Alberta Naval Museum.

Having lost Nora inmega busty escort warrnambool is survived by his three children, David BillieConnie and John Joanneseven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. A memorial service will be held at a time to be announced. Memorial donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta. The Calgary Herald 26 Oct Laurent destroyer.

Esxort also worked proudly with the National Capital Commission and supported his son in his sports business Sports 4 until his retirement. The family will hold a private gathering at a future date. In lieu of flowers, the family invites you to donate to the Canadian Red Cross in testimony of your sympathy and your affection. The family wishes to thank the dedicated staff at the Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Center who compassionately cared for him during his last months.

For information, please contact: Ian Treherne at itreherne yahoo.