Right Click to select other function. The turntable then turns clockwise, fairly quickly, to the slot before the one you asked for, and then advances slowly to line up that one slot. And if you leave it running all the time, it will eventually fail. Given that you’re not likely to have a whole Mb on every disc, it’s fair to say that a “Gb” hard drive whose real formatted capacity will be below Gb will give you comfortably more storage. You can find them in C: If all you want is a ton of data in one place, vast numbers of CDs don’t make a lot of sense. Tape drives with epically monstrous capacity exist, but if you don’t already know how much they cost, you really don’t want to.

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Test After Installation Test After Installation Plug the adaptor into the power socket, and other end into the power outlet.

No 78mm baby-discs or laserdiscs, please, but everything else just drops in. Not all warehouses stock the same items Please note not all dacql are available for collection at the Warehouses. And you can’t make the CD Library network accessible. After filling and confirming the information as needed in each column, a new record of data is added or edited.

If you put a high value on your time then, again, burning scores of DVDs will cost you a great deal more. Multi Selection Multi selection If you want to pick up many CDs at one time, you can use this function.


Please note not all products are available for collection at the Warehouses. Both of the above options have disadvantages, of course.

Dacal DC-101 CD library USB Drivers

The software also has a self-test mode that causes the Library to do random seeks over and over. Add the price of the Dacal library gadget and you’re up around the price of the hard drive already, without factoring in the price of the CD writer.

Can not turn on power Please check the socket if the power adaptor and DC connector are plugged properly. Including eject time, the fastest operation I saw was a seek from slot 30 to slot 60, which took only five seconds. So it’s not bad value on a dollars-per-megabyte basis, even if you include the price of a DVD writer. Collection at Florida Glen Office. Dc-1001 can also attach free-form Remarks to disc listings.


Don’t have an account? Select this function to enter into the function of browsing picture. Don’t show me this message again. Unfortunately, the Library doesn’t have enough brain to remember where it was last, so it has to do a full re-seek every time. File Backup Database After you have keyed in a large amount of data, you may select this function, the program will backup all the data in the directory by generating BAK files. Apart from Libraries being straight-out smashed when a totem pole of the things falls over, the Library design also won’t stop discs from falling out of their slots if you tilt the carousel drastically, and that could get ugly fast.

There’s a keylock as well, by the way, which is about as secure as the keylock on every other disc box out there.


Dacal Dc-101 CD Library 150 Disk Capacity

And they’ll do it without taking up as much space as you might think, since Libraries can be stacked on top of each other. Seeking from slot to slot 30, however, required a 1. I was interested to see how the Library worked – particularly after I noticed that it’s possible to remove the turntable, replace it in a different orientation, and still have the gadget identify slots correctly.

Exit Click Exit to close the software. The product is already in the wishlist! By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Got it, continue to print. It always turns clockwise, and it’s numbered anticlockwise, so it has to do almost a complete turn to go from slot two to dc-10 one.

Dacal DC CD library | DC – Pc Link Computers

The hard drive is more prone to damage than the CDs. Page 11 Jammed Immediately send the machine to distributors for maintenance.

And if you leave it running all the time, it will eventually fail. Page 17 Software Setup Adjust the language to English, and then select font. With the door open, pressing on the knob without changing the disc number you’ve selected will toggle the eject lever position.