My biggest problem is that I can’t use the software it’s bundled with. I was thinking of making some DirectShow drivers to it and grab with VLC or similar , but that seems impossible since I can’t access any technical documents so I was hoping to somehow grab it off the PCI-E bus. How to record anything on your screen using th OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Now the card I have is this one:

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How to record anything on your screen llinux th When you say you can’t use the software it’s bundled with, do you mean it won’t install, won’t run or is buggy, or that it doesn’t do what you want to do with it?

HCF (controllerless) driver

SW for multi-channel capturing. All times are GMT Meh, it only supports DirectShow which I believe is the requirement for most webcam-progs Most of them have free trials. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

If you are capable of writing drivers, Conexant has reference designs and app notes for xx25853 CX and CX I say cheesy because the webpage and software looks like it might be “unprofessional” Cambridge Audio Azur D.


Problem with PCi-E card combination of CX and CX – ZoneMinder Forums

Through a directshow player or some other application? The time now is OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Similar Threads which multi-channel video ljnux hardware to use? Does it install directshow filters?

Now the card I have is this one: I Need a multi channel capture device, what should I buy By flyrplnz in forum Capturing. As I said 8 x x at 15 FPS is fine by me. Contact Us VideoHelp Top.

Kernel support for CX and CX combination (8/16 channel dvr h pcie capture cards)

Forum Video Capturing SW for multi-channel capturing. How are you viewing them?

I can also make them into. Or rather I was hoping that there would be some magical SW already out there that linuc do this for me and store it in 8 different files that I can edit later. Did you try hacking or constructing a graph?

It stores 8 separate files, but in a proprietary format so I can’t edit it afterwards.

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It has a standalone player to view them, but it doesn’t work. Regarding the other software, ,inux tried that with some other HW I had but haven’t even thought of testing with this one so I’ll give it a shot, along with the other programs I tested earlier.


It doesn’t have any directshow support at all as far as I can see. Results 1 to 9 of 9. You might be surprised as ffmpeg and mplayer support many different formatsand it’s possible they might be able to decode the proprietary format Another avenue to explore, although I haven’t tried this, but you often see ads for webcam software either over USB, or network etc I have a card and software that allows me to this at 15 FPS, but that’s fine but the software, being CCTV software, stores this in a proprietary file format and possibly proprietary codec too.

If that’s not possible, I have to look at another capture card with a software that isn’t retarded but they seem really cosltly. I’ve got an unusual problem here, that I don’t think there’s a solution to.

By mars in forum Capturing. How to apply color correction using the Gradie