Only A, and then rest of the letters after J. Click the driver tab and click the Start button to load the virtual floppy driver. Although the setup of NetBootDisk has been completed, you need to transfer the boot image and files from the virtual floppy to a CD. Press enter again because you want to install NetBootDisk to the virtual floppy drive. If you have 7-Zip installed, you can extract the installer file and run ImgBurn.

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In there you will see the downloads section. The image CD we are booting from is created with the IDR assistent, thus the drivers should be the correct ones. Thankfully there are already 3 different ready made floppy boot disk that include drivers for most of the popular network adapters.

Building a NetBootDisk

Posted 22 May – The reason for this is that Windows XP places much smaller sized startup files on the disk when compared to previous versions. After its done writing click the close button under the Drive0 tab to finish the floppy image.


Drive Letter used by the restoring system: Once the program has loaded, select ” Perform Quick Scan “, then click Scan. No malicious items detected Folders Infected: I didn’t finish the last step, but I still scanned it using the program and it gave me a log file significantly different than my previous one.


Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Boot in Normal Mode, if successful, obtain an internet connection and follow these steps: Network Driver Found – Details: Then click the Drive0 tab. Ishaan 10 years ago.

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Following this instructions network drivers were installed. I downloaded a clean version of a 2. The error remains the same.

No malicious items detected Registry Keys Infected: Those lines seem to serve a purpose, but I don’t know. Setting quick format parameter in ASR Click on View Scan Report. Home O24 – Desktop WallPaper: Ivan I am afraid I don’t understand your last comment.

Once your done, I’d highly recommend making a backup or a disk image of the floppy in case your disk gets eatten by a rogue disk drive!

3 Network Bootdisk for Microsoft Network in Floppy and Boot CD •

Click the diskette icon to extract boot image. Please post the contents of the C: Depending on how often you clean temp files, execution time should be anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two.


It is the only obot we can see the progress of our actions. No malicious items detected Registry Data Items Infected: Save it to anywhere on the hard drive such as Desktop.

Do not save it in A: Below is the entry for my syslinux PXE boot menu. Extract the ZIP archive you downloaded to a temporary folder, preferablely where nothing else is.

Similarly to Norton Ghost, it can be run independently in DOS mode which is why they have a reason to maintain a working floppy boot disk with networking support. In a Windows network wih, a custom floppy boot disk containing the compatible network adapter can be included which can be used to boot up the computer in DOS with networking support.