I think it’s a marvelous setup. I think that I read a post where you said that you had customers use the JBL ‘s with these and they were very happy. Posted July 30, Im running a 2 qsc plx 4ohm per side which is watts to each cab. Did you build those ones yourself? My understanding is that low compression ratio is also used in Palladiums and I am very pleased with them.

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Posted October 5, edited.

Up for sale; one pair of Community M drivers, 2 inch throat. It probably needs to be crossed at about 3kHz and add the filter.

pair 2 inch midrange drivers Community M – Garage Sale – The Klipsch Audio Community

Im running a 2 com,unity plx 4ohm per side which is watts to each cab. Too many projects and too busy with work. Sign In Sign Up. I will be building crossovers from scratch I have transformers. The SBS25 has a much higher max output of dB. FWIW, the regular M driver goes all the way back to or so.

Those little SLS are still pretty insane, though. It would seem like a natural choice for the Elliptrac, but it has an upper limit of 4 KHz and therefore needs a tweeter. I have JBL s, but the Beyma should compressiob better because it goes lower. Just be sure to use them over their appropriate frequency band.


I think someone else said they were “stupid loud”. Well, one thing I certainly know communiy that you don’t need anything with big woofers. The sound from the horn-loaded midrange drivers should be heavenly, since the bandwidth will cover most of the crucual musical range, with the cones providing solid midbass and bass.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Then, cross over to the PC horn at something like Hz. What you need is some sort of dedicated, horn-loaded midrange and treble system, most likely, which will be able to keep up with communiity JBL H woofers.

that’s a steal. New for a single..

You should consider what I suggested, building the Community-loaded Mid-Hi packs. Forum member DJK m00 spoken very highly of the M, and based on his comments this combination would seem to be an excellent choice in a 3-way setup.

Cabinet building is easy. Its a 2″ on a fiberglass horn.

Birch plywood is the best to use for this. It will be a while before I get to this. I just bought a pair of M’s and plan to build tractrix horns to match. Most of these drivers are Eminence made OEM units which are rather unusual, having 3 spiders and static dustcaps attached to the polepiece of the magnet, so that phase plugs can be attached.


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The M with its 2″ exit and low compression ratio sounds much better than traditional The MA has lower midrange extension Hz vs Hz but at the expense of some of its upper range extension.

Thanks for the help.

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Already have an account? What sort of cabinets do you use your woofers in? It will be much louder than your TD cabinets but like I said, the TD are optimized for a wider bandwidth.

They’re relatively inexpensive, but should really kick your performance up a notch and mate well with the JBL-loaded low end. Register a new account.