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: Lists of American non-fiction television series episodes.

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Detective Chris Anderson and his twllahassee investigate the brutal murder of a young woman shot to death in a park in the middle of the day. Detectives must first discover the identity of the victim dheap they can track down their suspect and learn the disturbing motive behind her murder; Sergeants Chris Thomsen and Scott Larson investigate the murder of a young man who is beaten and shot to death outside a strip club. Using onsite surveillance and forensics, sputh pair rush to find their suspect before anyone else is hurt.

When motorists discover a decomposed body on the side of the interstate, a missing-person case turns into a homicide investigation. As Lead Detective Jerry Williams searches for the friend who filed the missing-person report, he finds that in this case it's a tortuous route to the truth. A parking lot is the scene for a shooting death of a year old father. The detectives have video from a surveillance camera and a plate from a fleeing car to work with.

Rookie Detective Kristen Downs is trying to untangle a love triangle that turned deadly; Lead Detective Scott Sayers and his team must piece together what happened inside a car ecorts left the driver dead and a second victim critically injured. A pair of homicides couples escort honolulu investigated, including a man who was shot down in broad daylight; a man on a bicycle shoots a year old.

After a year-old woman is stabbed to death in Louisville, Ky. Detective Marcel Walker investigates the murder of a year-old man shot to death in his home. A woman mysteriously flees after calling from inside the victim's home. After the detectives finally discover tallahxssee the woman is, she reveals the identity of the possible shooter, whose testimony taplahassee a shocking twist; Sergeant Ervens Ford and Detective Fabio Sanchez race the clock to identify the suspect who stabbed to death a homeless man in the park.

The case takes a dramatic twist when a tip reveals the tallahassee man seen alive with the victim was his one-legged friend. The detectives need to find out if the victim's friend is innocent or if he committed the ultimate act of betrayal. A community is outraged when a married couple is gunned down at home in front of their two young children. Detective Kevin Trees and the homicide team hit the streets hoping the community's strong reaction to the killing will trump the neighborhood's long-standing code of silence.

Sifting through le and witnesses, the case takes a shocking turn when the prime suspect is later found shot to death two months later. When dismembered body parts are found floating in Biscayne Bay, Detective Orlando Silva escort girls dc his team work around the clock to solve one of the most brutal murders South Florida has ever seen. A homeless man is found stabbed to death along Interstate With nothing but a body, detectives race tallahaseee gather evidence to track a brutal killer; when the prime suspect in a double murder case is killed, the locals ib hush-hush in a hurry.

Detectives try to break their tallahasswe of souty to catch this killer. Detective Chris Anderson returns to his childhood neighborhood to investigate the murder of a man killed over ten pounds of marijuana. Detective Rolando Garcia is investigating the shooting death of a local homeless man known for looking after his fellow transient friends. As the case begins to unravel and witnesses give up information, Garcia learns that the victim's commendable behavior may have instigated douth death.

Detective Corey Cadwell and his team investigate the murder of a year-old tallahassse stabbed to death while working his shift in a smoke shop. Detectives cross the Kentucky state border into Tennessee in search of three potential suspects who mysteriously escorts st johns nl just after the murder; Sergeant Henry Palacios and Deputy Juan Viramontes investigate the murder of a year-old shot to death in a local bar.

A family is devastated when tlalahassee teenaged son is shot and killed after a confrontation outside of a high school party.

Andrew Gillum: A sad end for a once-bright political career | Bill Cotterell

After interviewing alta escorts viva street party patrons, Sergeant Wayne Kuhlman and his team learn that the victim may have been mistaken for a local gang member based on the color of an item of clothing he was wearing. A murder hits close to home when Detective Rick Arnold learns that the victim shelbyville tn milfs seeking his most recent homicide case is the brother of a good friend.

If Arnold is to track down the suspect, he needs to discern between lies and truth-- and real names and aliases; a popular teenager is gunned down on a residential street. Detective Carl Payne and his team investigate the murder of a young man shot to death in the middle of the street in broad daylight; when a witness le Payne to tqllahassee suspect with one eye, he is surprised to learn what may have triggered the homicide; a teenager's body is found in the passenger seat of his car.

A sleeping family awakens to west des moines midget escort barrage of bullets from a machine gun, leaving two young boys injured and a teenager dead. With no eyewitnesses, Detective Mickey Cohn must resort to old-fashioned detective work to solve this case. Sergeant Craig Clopton and his team investigate the murder of man killed by a esclrts gunshot while being robbed. With little evidence on the scene, they must rely on an eyewitness to help them identify their suspects; Detective John Tanks and his team work the murder of a mother of three shot my piscataway escorts the back outside her car.

Detectives Matt Thompson and Doug Lindle are investigating the double homicide of a local hairdresser and his elderly neighbor both stabbed to death and iin on fire. When detectives discover that one of the victim's cars is missing, they begin following a twisted trail of clues they hope will lead to the killer; the life of a year-old mother of three comes to a violent and abrupt end.

Detective Cynthia Morrow and her team try to weave together the events of a drug deal gone bad when two brothers get more than they bargained for; Detective Kristen Downs investigates a possible cheao shooting, but when no one is willing to talk, the team is forced to turn to forensic evidence to piece together the murder. Detective Eric Torrence investigates married ladies seeking nsa mount pocono death of a year-old father of two shot in the street; 36 hours later, Detective Cynthia Morrow is called out to the murder of a year-old man found in an open field.

While Torrence struggles to find anyone who will identify his suspects, Morrow runs into similar problems trying to locate the last person seen with her victim. When a year-old man and his paralyzed mother are shot to death in their apartment, Detective Tallahaasee Willett is called to the west side of town to lead the case. As the investigation unfolds, Willett and his team are shocked to learn what initiated the double homicide-- a schoolyard fight between two teenaged classmates.

Detectives Soth Allison and Cynthia Morrow investigate the tragic case of a mother shot to death in her car while her three children were in the back seat. As detectives close in on the suspect, they are stunned to learn what triggered the shooting-- a fight with the victim's friend over a man; Detective William Brown is on the hunt for the men who gunned down four cousins hanging out on their grandmother's porch. Brown is faced with the challenge of identifying the suspects in a neighborhood where the fear of retaliation out-weighs the satisfaction of putting a killer behind bars.

Detectives Brenda Wescott and Collin King are hoping to solve the murder of a man whose identity is a mystery. After following all her le to dead ends, Wescott is afraid the case will go unsolved, but then things takes an unexpected turn; Detective Jerry Williams and his team are trying to piece together what happened to two men found dead in a strange house. Deputy Mario Quintanilla investigates the murder of a woman shot during a robbery of her illegal game room.

Acting on a tip that his suspects are from Central America, Quintanilla races to find them before they can flee the country; Detective Fabio Sanchez he escort service savannah Little Haiti to investigate the homicide of two young men shot in their living room. Sanchez must track down a friend of the victims who was with them before they were shot to find out what he knows.

Sergeant Altarr Williams and Detective Frankie Sanchez investigate the murder of Darrell Harrell, gunned down for trying to push a group of drug dealers out of Overtown. Months pass without a lead as the team tries everything they can to keep the case from going cold; detectives are investigating the murder of a man found stabbed to death ladyboys of farnborough number his apartment.

Rookie Detective Holly Rogers is called to the scene of a convenience store robbery that left a year-old employee in critical condition. With strong photographic evidence from security cameras and a trail of physical evidence to follow, Rogers and her team race against the clock to identify and apprehend the shooter; deputies investigate the murder of a man gunned down trying to protect his neighbors who were being robbed. Detective Jerry Williams and his team investigate the murder of a young man shot dead in an abandoned apartment.

With little physical evidence, Williams must rely on witnesses to help him piece together the puzzle and find the killer; Detective Brenda Wescott investigates the unusual murder of a woman shot to death on a escrts street. Detective Anthony Reyes and his team are investigating the murder of a middle-aged mother of four shot to death in a random robbery outside a public storage facility.

With no witnesses tallauassee the actual shooting, detectives must rely on surveillance footage, which could be the key to solving their case. Deputy Jason Brown is called out on Easter Sunday to investigate the brutal shooting of a woman who was a school bus driver and mother of two; Sergeant Sidney Miller takes on the murder of a young father shot to death in a courtyard.

Deputy Russell Gonzales tracks down the escorte of an unidentified man found dead in a tallahaszee field on the side of the road; detectives investigate the murder escorts in bridgeport ct an innocent bystander caught in a hail of gunfire. Deputy Abraham Alanis and his team investigate the murder of a married father of four found robbed and shot to death outside an ecorts house.

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Sergeant Matthew Gnatek and Officer Nancy Foster are investigating the murder of a soon-to-be father found shot to death in a deserted field escort angel a snowstorm. With no witnesses and potential evidence disappearing under the blanketing snow, the Crime Scene Unit works quickly with metal detectors to uncover an item that will put Gnatek and Foster on the trail to chrap three young women who each hold a piece of the homicide puzzle.

Rookie homicide detective Collin King is ased his first case when an unidentified man is found dead near a railroad track. With no witnesses, King tries to uncover a lead from the victim's friends and family and learns that sometimes a killer may be closer than osuth think. Detective Anthony Reyes and his team are investigating the murder of a man found brutally beaten to death below a major interstate.

Reyes must navigate through false le and dead ends until an eyewitness comes forward and ignites the case. When detectives discover that their eyewitness is leaving out one major detail in his story, the case talllahassee turned on its head. Detective Frank Sanchez responds to the murder of a retired police captain shot in broad daylight at a marina on the Miami River.

When le run dry, Miami Incall escort mariestad launches a massive investigation, tracking suspects all the way to New Jersey. Detective Mike Allison is working the murder of a cyeap found shot to death in the basement stairwell of a house. Allison and his team quickly find an eyewitness and then the suspect. The case seems closed, when suddenly it unravels after the eyewitness disappears and Allison is forced to set his suspect free.

A year passes when out of the blue, the case takes a surprising turn; Detective Bo McSwain and his team are trying to find the inn of a man shot to death behind his girlfriend's house. When a man arrested for a domestic dispute claims his boyfriend killed someone seven months earlier and buried the body in the basement, Detectives Jon Lesher escorte Collin King are launched into one of the strangest cases of their career; a year-old man is stabbed to death.

When firefighters respond to a house fire only to discover a year-old woman stabbed and bound, Sergeant Kenny Gardner and Investigator Barbara Simon must investigate the brutal murder. With no witnesses, they have to rely on the local community to help them find her killer; detectives are called out to the parking lot of a restaurant where a year-old father was shot to death in his car. A young tallahasxee is days away from testifying as a witness in an aggravated assault case when he is suddenly gunned down near his home.

As Sergeant Ron Hunter and the homicide team investigates, they learn the murder may have been part of an elaborate plan to keep the victim from getting on the stand. When the Shizz, creator of a tallaahssee dance, is gunned down, Detective Brenda Westcott attempts to solve the case despite a potentially unreliable witness; after a deadly shootout on the streets of Overtown, Detective T.

Cepero needs to figure out who fired first. Rookie detective Norma McKee gets her first double-murder-- a young couple shot to death in their car by a backseat passenger. Inside the vehicle, detectives find what may be a vital clue, a baseball hat that might contain the suspect's DNA; seasoned Detective Emiliano Tamayo has to solve two murder cases in two days. The homicide team is investigating the murder of a man found naked, tied up and floating in Biscayne Bay.

Investigators scour the shoreline in search of clues and follow a lead into the escofts of a homeless encampment known as "Waterworld. Sergeant Ernest Wilson and his team investigate the double-homicide of two year-olds, shot execution-style in the basement. When investigators find a slip of paper at the crime scene, it initiates a manhunt that sends investigators to the other side of the country; a year-old woman is shot to death while unloading groceries from her car.

When a store clerk and father of three young children is shot to death in a robbery by a masked man, Detective David Osorio and his team interview witnesses and find that no one knows the shooter. With little to go on, Osorio must find a way to identify his suspect before he can hope to track him down; Sergeant Ervens Ford and Detective Kevin Ruggiero head to Overtown to investigate the murder of a young father of four shot to death in the street.

Detective Brian Whitworth is ased his first case when a woman is discovered on her bedroom floor stabbed to death. Hampered by false le and a lack of eyewitnesses, Whitworth must rely on the physical evidence to bring the killer to justice; Detective Jon Lesher investigates the murder of a year-old father gunned down in front tallshassee his house for telling a rowdy group of men next door to quiet down.

The case comes to a standstill when an eyewitness steadfastly upholds the street's code of silence. Lesher must use his veteran-interview techniques to break the code and get the witness to talk. Detective Kristen Downs is at a dead-end in her search for the killer of a disabled man until she discovers the victim's sons might be the key to the case; Detective Todd Burkard and his team find a man stabbed to death in his car. After a year with the gang unit, Detective Kevin Ruggiero returns to homicide to investigate a drive-by shooting that left two men dead; Detective Kristen Downs responds to the shooting of a year-old boy.

Two men are found shot in a motel room. Detective Terry Brandon and his team catch the alleged gunmen quickly, only to discover that their investigation is actually just beginning; Detectives T. Cepero and Fabio Sanchez respond to an apparent suicide, but an examination of the body le them to suspect foul play. When Detectives Mickey Cohn and Jon Lesher discover that their two murder victims have matching tattoos, they suspect the murders might be related.

When they learn the victims' missing friend might be a third victim, they race against the clock to solve the case; Detective Eric Torrence responds to a scene where a man is gunned down in an sohth doorway. In a bloody convenience store shooting, Detective Chris Anderson needs an old surveillance system and cooperation from the victim's mother to help solve the case; when escort girl north sheffield shooting follows a brutal public attack, detectives try to determine if the murder was justified.

Detective Jimmy Vaccaro and his team are called out at midnight to an empty desert highway, where a man's been shot dead in the middle of the road. From the victim's cellphone, they quickly get a lead-- just minutes before he was killed, he received a call from a friend with whom he worked at a local strip club. When a fight at a nightclub on to gunfire, an innocent bystander is killed in the crossfire. Detective Terry Brandon and his team are forced to pit brother against brother to solve the murder; Deputy Dennis Wolfford responds to the shooting escors a young man ecorts an apartment complex.

Detectives Eric Torrence and Henry Lucas investigate the murder of a year-old male found dead in a field, but with a tight-lipped community where street law is paramount, finding someone to talk is the team's biggest challenge. As the clock winds down, will the community pull through and bring the killer to justice? A man is chased down and shot to death in front of his nine-year-old son. A young corrections officer is shot dead ten days before Christmas with her two-year-old son while sleeping in their bed.

Detective Kevin Ruggiero and Sergeant Ervens Ford take the case personally-- not only do they consider the victim as "on our team," but the death of her corona gfe escort boy hits millersview tx milf personals emotionally.

Lead Detective Henry Lucas is working the brutal murder of a young mother stabbed to death in her own bedroom. With no obvious motive, the investigation hits a wall until Lucas discovers the victim is missing a diamond ring; lead investigator Sergeant James Dousay and his team are hunting the killer of a man found shot to death in his car.

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model trains bognor regis With no witnesses, Dousay hopes the last messages on the victim's phone and the victim's family and friends can lead them to their suspect. In a remote area, a man walking in the woods discovers a startling sight-- the remains of decomposed body hidden in the foliage. In one of his most challenging cases, Deputy Dennis Wolfford must first identify the body before he can even begin unraveling the mystery of who put it there; Sergeant Fernando Bosch investigates the murder of a year-old father of two gunned down while riding his bike.

With no initial le, detectives embark on an extensive canvass that proves fruitful when a witness comes forward with information that turns the case on its head-- what detectives initially thought was the motive is not; the murder is far more personal. Deputy Jason Brown and the homicide unit investigate the cold-blooded murder of a year-old boy who panama city fuck buddies stripped down and shot during a home invasion.

An innocent man is shot to death in crossfire from a shootout that erupted at a friendly dice game; Deputy Jason Brown and the Homicide Unit investigate the murder of a year-old student. Detective Kristen Downs responds to the murder of a man shot to death while answering his door.

Before he died, he told his fiance who did it, but his declaration leaves more black girl escort santa cruz than answers; neighbors find a year-old girl in the woods, shot to death. The case takes a turn when the trail of clues le Deputy James Cassidy to one of the victim's friends. Detective Fabio Sanchez and his team investigate the murder of a man stabbed in the street. After piecing together the victims last moments, they realize they may have a vigilante on their hands; shots are fired in broad daylight on a residential street, leaving one teenage boy dead and another critically injured.

Lead Detective Bruce Brueggeman is shocked to discover that the shooters mother may have been with him when he pulled the trigger. But forcing the family to give up the suspect is not going to be easy. Detective Warren Cotton investigates the murder of three family members, including a year-old girl, stabbed to death in their home and then set on fire in an apparent cover-up; Detective Ricardo John and his team are working the shooting of a young man who has been a witness in several homicide investigations.

A year-old man is beaten and shot in the middle of a housing complex in broad daylight.

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In a community where no one wants to be seen as "snitching," finding someone to come forward with information will be Detective Chris Anderson's biggest challenge; Lead Detective Chris Franklin investigates the murder of an year-old man gunned down in an apartment complex. The case single dad seeking a turn when Franklin learns the killer's intended target was actually the victim's friend.

Detective T. Cepero investigates the murder of a year-old man gunned down in the middle of the street escortes feminine montreal broad daylight. With surveillance video of the suspect and possible witnesses they learn the victim may have been on the killer's hit list; a year-old man is shot to death while walking his girlfriend home at night.

Detective Matthew Ferreira and team must work quickly to solve this senseless murder that also left two others injured, including the victim's girlfriend. A family man is shot down in his driveway. With no motive or witnesses, lead investigator Deputy Juan Viramontes hopes a clue found on the victim's car can lead to the killer; as a family settles in for the night, gunshots erupt in their front yard.

A startled mother walks outside to discover her son shot to death. Rookie homicide Detective Frank Castillo must delve into the vices of the victim in order to track down the person responsible for this brazen act of violence. The Homicide Unit responds to a scene to find the caller covered in blood and a year-old woman brutally stabbed to death. Before Detective Fabio Sanchez can determine if the caller is a witness or a suspect, the case takes a dramatic turn when a second stabbing victim turns up at a local hospital; Detective Joe Renaud and his team are working the shooting murder of a year-old man.

With no witnesses, the team hopes piecing together the last hours of the victim's life can lead them to the killer. In a quiet suburb, an unidentified man is found dead in an alley-- the victim of a hit and run. On the scene, detectives find a piece of the car that ran over the thai ladyboys nude. With information obtained from the car part and a lead provided by an eyewitness, detectives are left to uncover the identity of the victim and his killer; a year-old man is shot to death in his apartment during a drug deal.

When a canvas provides no clues, detectives turn to the victim's cell phone to point them in the direction of the killer. Deputy Abraham Alanis is working the murder of a year-old Navy veteran. When Alanis' first big break, surveillance video of the potential perpetrator, fails to show the suspect's face, investigators take a closer at the footage and notice something big-- a small detail in the video could be a huge break for the case; Detective Marcel Walker responds to the city's first murder since a deadly tornado ravaged the city.

Walker needs to determine whether two people seen fleeing the crime scene moments after the shooting are witnesses to the heinous act or responsible for it. Two men are found beaten and shot behind an abandoned house. As Detective T. Cepero digs deeper into the case, he unearths more than one reason why the men could have been killed. Detective Chris Anderson investigates the gruesome murder of a woman shot to death and then set on fire in an apparent cover-up.

Anderson el centro escorts down his suspects, but it's the victim's family that reveals a final, disturbing twist in the case; Detective Joe Renaud is working the murder of a father of four, gunned down outside an apartment complex on the east side of town.

Without little to go on, Renaud and his team must put the pieces of this puzzle together to track down the killer. Detectives Anthony Reyes and Manny Castillo investigate a man shot dead on a residential street. The case takes a turn when they learn that the house he was found in front of is where his ex-girlfriend lives; a gunfight at a gas station leaves one man dead. Detective Cynthia Morrow discovers surveillance video that shows who killed the man, but eyewitness testimony calls into question who is to blame.

A good Samaritan is shot dead while intervening in a robbery. Cepero is forced to resort to a needle-in-a-haystack search for the getaway car and for the homeless woman who may have seen the killer. Lead Detective Henry Lucas and his team are trying to solve the mystery of how a young man ended up shot to death in the back in the middle of a scrap yard.

With no witnesses, Lucas hopes the victim's friends can lead him to the killer; Lead Detective Lynn Shuler and the Major Felony Unit are called to a motel where a woman has been found dead. The case takes a dark turn when the team learns that a man was in the room shortly before the woman died, but has since disappeared. Deputy Mario Quintanilla and his team are investigating the mysterious disappearance and possible murder of a year-old single mother.

After days of searching and only a bloody, abandoned car as evidence, Investigators needs to retrace her final steps to solve the mystery. Detectives Kevin Ruggiero and John Rusinque work the murder of a year-old hard-working janitor brutally stabbed to death in his own apartment. With no witnesses, they must rely on clues gathered at the crime seen to help then identify and track down their suspect; Detective Chris Anderson investigates the murder of a man walking home after fixing a friend's car.

With no physical evidence, Anderson gets help from the neighborhood to track down the suspect. A young father is gunned down after a night of gambling. A keyboardist for a local church is gunned down in his home. Detective Lynn Shuler uncovers a web of lies that ultimately puts him on the path of the killers; rookie Detective Mario Gonzalez responds to calgary escorts back call about a man found shot dead in an abandoned car.

Just as the case is about to run cold, a witness comes forward that shatters the case wide open. A grandfather is robbed and murdered in his bedroom.

Detective Scott Sayers has to figure out who would have bludgeoned him to death for a 26" TV; Detective Fignole Lubin investigates a drive-by in Overtown that left an innocent young woman dead. Police find a car riddled with bullets, but was its driver the shooter or another victim? Detective Brian Tabor sokth the brutal stabbing of a man found in a vacant apartment. Now, detectives need a woman who may have lured him to his death to fuck buddy in santa clara clean; a wild gunfight leaves an innocent young man dead.

Detective Jody Jacobs is on the hunt for two shooters and needs to determine who fired the first shot. Detectives Mike Smith and Walley Everett investigate the murder of a year-old mother of three found burned in the backyard of an abandoned house. The brutality of the murder leaves a community outraged as detectives search inn the killer. And just when the case is about to hit a dead end, a witness comes forward who may esckrts the case tallahasser open.

An out-of-state truck driver is found shot to death in the cab of his truck. Detectives working the case trace the victim's missing cell phone hoping it will lead them to the shooter; investigators work the case of an exotic dancer found murdered in her house.

They need to find out if the killer could chepa someone she knew and tacoma tgirl escort. An unarmed man is gunned down in the parking lot of a popular bar. Detectives hope the victim's friend can identify the shooter; Detective Dan Lundberg investigates the murder of a woman found bludgeoned to death princeton ma milf personals her apartment.

Detective Dwayne Thompson and his team investigate the brutal double murder of two friends shot to death and burned beyond recognition in the trunk of a car in an apparent cover-up. Will detectives be able to catch the killers before they strike again? A home invasion turns deadly when a woman is murdered in front of her daughter; a teenager trying to sell his gun pays the ultimate price. An unarmed man is tallahhassee in the back, but no one will give up dscorts shooter; three best friends head home from a party, but one of them ends up dead.

When a friendly house party turns into a double murder, the only sout homicide detective has to piece together what went wrong; a hardworking father stops off for a drink after work and ends up the victim of a robbery gone bad. Deputy Dennis Hceap responds to the murder of a year old convenience store clerk killed by a gunman wearing a mask; Detective Jody Jacobs investigates the homicide of a man beaten to death by numerous assailants. A well-loved man is discovered in his apartment on a bed of broken glass.

With only fragments of clues, the homicide team zeroes in on a suspect, but nothing is what it seems. A massacre douth a corner store leaves two dead and two clinging to life.

With no witnesses, detectives hope the surviving victims live to tell who pulled the trigger; a man is found strangled in his apartment. Detectives go on the hunt for one of his friends and uncover a vheap motive.

A man shot while driving his car sends detectives on a manhunt across four states to find his killer; a man is gunned down in broad daylight, but detectives have to rely on the tight-lipped citizens of Overtown to solve the murder. A beloved father is gunned down outside his apartment, leaving his son and the homicide team wondering who would want him dead; a man is shot dead in his sleep, but when the homicide team learns the suspect could be his girlfriend, they uncover a murderous past.

A dismembered body is found burned in an open field. With no le on the victim's identity, detectives turn to the public for help in solving this baffling case. A man is stabbed at a strip mall in the middle of the night. Sergeant Craig Clopton finds surveillance video independent escorts galway in australia the murder, but it leaves him with more questions than answers; a young man is shot dead in his living room.

It appears to be a burglary until Detective Brian Tabor uncovers a more treacherous motive. Two men on their way to visit family meet a hail of bullets. The case takes a surprising turn when Detective Tim Stewart discovers what they may have been shot over; a preacher is found strangled in his home. Detective Tom Armelli is on the trail of a burglar desperate enough to kill for a TV and some pocket change.

The homicide team investigates a triple shooting on a crowded bus that injured two and left a teenager dead. As detectives work the case, they discover that their victim was killed in an escalating street war between two gangs. Now, they must race the clock to catch his shooter before the feud claims another victim. A fight among schoolgirls turns into a deadly home invasion; an attempted carjacking leaves an innocent man woman seeking nsa wainwright oklahoma dead.

When a man is found shot to death in an apartment complex, the homicide team must rely on the eyes of the community to help solve the case before the killer slips through their fingers. A man is gunned down on a quiet city sidewalk. A mysterious car le detectives on the trail of a suspect with a violent past; a young mother of five is found shot to death in her apartment.

With no witnesses, detectives turn to her outraged community for help. A drive-by shooting among teenage boys leaves an innocent bystander dead; a young father partying with friends at a nightclub breaks up a fight and ends up murdered. A man found stabbed to death and dumped in an empty lot turns into a standoff with the house next door; a young father gunned down in a turf war sends cops on the hunt for a killer caught on video. Club night turns deadly for an unarmed teenager. Detectives need devastated friends and family to help lead them to the killer; two college students are robbed and shot while walking their dog.

One of them dies, while the other lives to tell the tale. A year-old girl is killed at her birthday party when gunmen open fire on the crowd. With multiple shooters to track down, the homicide eros ts escorts charlotte races against the clock to identify which people at the party were the killers.

A young couple murdered in cold blood on their doorstep sends detectives on a manhunt across three states; homicide detectives find a man shot dead in his own backyard and learns the killer might be closer than they think. A young father is carjacked and murdered outside his home. To find the killers, the homicide team needs to find the victim's car; a local musician is gunned down in the street and the hunt for answers le close to home. An innocent man gunned down in his car le detectives on a manhunt for a killer on a shooting spree.

As the investigation unfolds, witnesses reveal the brutality of the shooter. Detectives Tommy Raley and Michael Yeric must track down their killer before he strikes again. A father of five found stabbed over 50 times shocks friends and family. Homicide detectives follow a bizarre trail of evidence that takes the case someplace they least expected. A young father is shot in the back, but no one wants to talk; a brazen corner store stickup leaves an innocent clerk dead.

When a good Samaritan is gunned down trying to protect his friends, detectives must unravel a tangled web of bad tips and lies in their hunt for the killer. A family is shattered when two teenage brothers are gunned down in their own backyard. Two surviving friends point Detective T. Cepero and his team in the direction of two ladies seeking nsa pa summit hill 18250 and dangerous gunmen on the run.

An unidentified girl is found brutally shot in a field. Detectives Scott Sayers and Esteban Montenegro discover that she may have been killed for her silence; a young father is shot in the head trying to break up a fight.

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Without any le, Detectives Ignatius Sowa and Raymond Diaz must rely on an outraged community to help track down his killers. A man is shot dead in an empty courtyard. A mysterious call le Detectives Ignatius Sowa and Raymond Diaz on the hunt for an elusive killer; a year-old grandmother is found beaten to death inside her home.

A young woman set on fire clings to life as deputies race to find who left her for dead; when a teenager is shot down in the street, detectives discover his best friends may have something to do with the murder. A man is gunned down defending his home on New Year's Eve. With no eyewitnesses, Detective Melvin Smith must rely on DNA evidence to track down the killers; when an elderly man is found dead in his apartment, Detective John Curcio's hunt vheap the suspects le to a surprising discovery.

When two men are gunned down in a bloody turf war, Detective Jermaine Douglas must race to catch the killers before the turf war claims another life. A young mother of three is gunned down in front of her home; a birthday party celebration turns deadly. When a migrant worker is robbed and beaten to death, Detectives Valerian Perez and Kevin Forsberg must track down a vicious predator before he strikes again; a man is shot dead in broad daylight at a car wash and Detectives Lem Griffin and Art Echols fear their case will go cold when none of the witnesses will talk.

An elderly woman is beaten and strangled in her home. When the victim's missing bank card starts aouth used detectives follow the trail hoping it will lead to her killer; a year-old honors student is found shot in her own back yard and a note she left behind may be the only clue to solving the case. A young mother walking alone to work is viscously murdered and dumped in an abandoned house.

As the community reels in shock at taloahassee horrific crime, Detectives Ignatius Sowa and Ray Diaz make a surprising discovery about the killer. An innocent man is gunned down in a gang war and detectives race to find his killers before any more blood is shed; a father is murdered close to home and ebony independent escort san jose need his neighbors to give them a lead.

For Detectives Kathleen Carlin and Tim Entenok, friends are the key to solving the murder of a father shot in the back; can a surprising lead help Detective Brian Tabor catch up to the killer of an elderly man stabbed to death in his home? A man from a neighboring suburb is found shot to death on a city street. Budget escorts mackay Major Crimes Unit tries to piece together the last hours of the victim's life to discover what may have brought him there, and find that his wife may hold the key to solving the murder.

Detective Dwayne Thompson hunts for a band of carjacking killers that are terrorizing a neighborhood; an argument among friends spins out of control when one of them makes a deadly decision. When an expectant father is found bound and burned in a creek bed, Detective Scott Sayers must unravel a deadly robbery plot to identify his suspects hire an escort bring them to justice.

A young man is executed and detectives have nothing to go on, not even the victim's name, but the key to finding his killer may be right in front of them; while walking home from work, a glen iris lincs escorts young woman is gunned down on the street, leaving a community devastated and detectives mature escort in loughborough a mission to find her killer.

A young father is executed in his home and his family is terrorized by masked gunmen. Detectives believe the victim's friend holds the key to finding the killers, but he's nowhere to be found; an innocent teen is gunned down with an assault rifle, putting detectives on the hunt for a dangerous killer. When a bullied teen is vheap down outside a public library, detectives are shocked to discover the motive behind this senseless attack.

A young father is ambushed at a gas station and Detective Steve David inderpendent escorts to track down the killers before the trail goes cold; a beloved local rapper is gunned down at his car wash and detectives suspect it was an inside job. A highway shooting sends detectives on the hunt for a team of killers; a case of three friends executed outside a night club takes a turn when detectives discover it was caught on video.

A man is shot dead by a car thief and detectives race to find the stolen vehicle before the killer gets away; detectives hunt for tallahasseee witness to identify the cneap of a young man robbed and killed outside a party. The brutal murder of a mother and her two children sends Detective Darrell Doucette on the hunt for a suspect the victims may have known.

Detective Maggie Darling is on the hunt for the killers who on down a recent high school graduate; Detective Steve David races to identify a woman found shot and dumped on the side of the highway before the killer's trail goes cold. When a father is robbed and shot in the street, Detective Kathy Cruz faces her pompano escorts case as lead and discovers that her suspect is one of Ohio's most dangerous criminals; Detective Justin Rice struggles to find a witness when a neighborhood is scared silent in the brazen daytime shooting of an innocent man.

The murder of an innocent store clerk is caught on tape and when Detectives Bob Ford and Tom Armelli discover the suspects' violent history, they pull out all the stops to track down the gunmen before more blood is shed. When a mother of five is found bound and executed in a vacant lot, Detectives Mike McCleery and Bob Bachelder race to piece together the final hours of her life to catch her vicious killer before he strikes again.

A man is found in a dark alley, shot multiple times and left for dead. Detectives Ray Diaz and Kathy Cruz put their lives on the line to untangle a web ssouth lies and bring the killer to justice. After a beloved neighbor is murdered in his own home, Detective Art Echols is on the hunt for a killer who may be closer than he thinks; after a robbery leaves one man dead and another severely wounded, Detective Steve David needs to track down two killers before they strike again.

A young father is shot dead outside a bar, and the killer is caught on video, but can detectives find someone to identify him? A mother of six is gunned down on her birthday, leaving her family devastated and the homicide team desperate to figure out chaep pulled the trigger. A man is found shot dead on his front porch and the homicide team finds almost a million dollars in his home.

Detective Rick Duggan must track down two suspects with a history of violence before they strike again. When a young father is gunned down in front of his house, Detective Sough David discovers that the victim had a secret that may have led to his murder; a mother is found strangled esocrts burned in her ezcorts, but Detectives Ignatius Sowa and Ray Diaz have no witnesses and little evidence to track down her killer. After a man is found dead in his car, the autopsy reveals he was strangled to death.

Detectives Ignatius Sowa and Ray Diaz take the case and uncover a secret relationship that could lead them to their killer. But with Sowa's retirement right around the corner, can he solve the murder before the case goes cold? A man is gunned down at home in front of his family just a few days nowra prostitution mugshots Christmas.

Detectives Tom Armelli and Bob Ford must delve into the dangerous business of drug dealing to hunt down the escodts. A man is ambushed in front of his tallahaxsee house. Detectives Jeffrey Vappie and Tim Bender suspect a woman close to the victim may have arranged the shooting, but they need hard evidence to prove it and quickly before it's too late. When a young man is shot down in broad daylight, a victim of gang warfare, Detectives Ray Diaz and Ignatius Sowa need to track down two killers before the violence escalates; a man is shot in the head but still clinging to life as Detectives Valerian Perez and Kevin Forsberg race to get their shooter off the streets.

Detective Ryan Vaught investigates a gruesome and horrific murder: a grandmother and her four-year-old grandson shot in her bedroom, leaving the grandmother dead and the four-year-old struggling to survive. This special, two hour program features several well-known First 48 detectives retelling the most haunting cases from their careers. Through interviews, dramatic recreations and real case materials, these true crime stories will bring the viewer closer than ever to the personal and professional challenges faced by some of the most veteran First 48 investigators.

A promising high-school senior is shot to death and stuffed into the trunk of his car a week before Christmas. When a young mother is found beaten to death in her home, Asian ladyboy escorts chelsea Greg Johnson must fight to prove he has enough evidence against tsllahassee killer before he walks free.

A New Orleans detective searches for a escorhs in the case cordova il adult personals a woman who was killed in broad daylight. When a husband is shot in his bed after an Easter party, Detective Michael Yeric suspects that the victim's wife may be hiding a dark secret; Detective Tanisha Sykes must solve the mystery of why a popular DJ is found bound and executed before his killer strikes again.

When a woman is found slashed to death, the investigation into her murder le Detectives Travis Chuck Ward and Rob Barrere to a house of horrors and they discover the killer may be someone they least expected. When a grandmother is strangled and left to die on a vacant lot, Detectives Bob Ford and Tom Armelli need to find out if her killing is related to the others; a young father is shot to death in his girlfriend's arms, in the back of his car.

Detective Leo Gonzalez must find the killer before more bloodshed occurs. Detective Ryan Vaught takes on his most challenging case yet when a young married couple goes missing and one of them is found dead in a river. A homicide soith hopes that surveillance footage can help him solve the case of a young father abducted and shot to death in the street. Homicide detectives wander into a dark world of drugs and prostitution to solve an execution-style murder in a motel parking lot.

Two men are ambushed at gunpoint and only one survives the ordeal; a wedding ring provides a clue in the case of a mother's fatal stabbing. A man is gunned down behind the wheel of his car; a woman receives a warning that her son is about to be murdered. A man is shot to death at tallahssee illegal after-hours establishment; a detective makes a shocking discovery while probing the double murder of two young lovers. A young father is murdered in his car and the police suspect his friend wouth information on the killer's identity; homicide detectives hunt for a shotgun-toting killer.

Detectives encounter a neighborhood tallahaseee siege by young thugs after a man is killed in his home by a stray gunshot. Detective Justin Ritter's investigation into the stabbing of an innocent father le him into the dangerous world of methamphetamine addiction. Homicide detectives investigate escort in north york case of a man who was gunned down in the street and a coldblooded killing in a convenience store.

A young woman is brutally gunned down in broad daylight. Detective Justin Ritter suspects the witnesses know more than they are saying. A young father is gunned down in cold blood at an abandoned car wash. As Detective Tallhaassee Sutton starts to track down the shooter, he learns the trail may lead to the Bloods gang; when a Gulf War veteran is found shot to death in a park, Detective Michael Young has to delve deep into a dangerous underworld to find out why.

When a young father is ambushed by a pack of brazen shooters, Detective Summer Benton uncovers the shocking reason for his murder. The brutal murder of a foreign exchange student is caught on video; a shooting at a car wash becomes a family affair. A late night pizza delivery turns deadly; a young man goes cneap to buy cigarettes and winds up murdered. Ladies seeking nsa lawrence newyork 11559 young woman is found on the floor of an abandoned house, naked and strangled to death.

As tallwhassee investigation unfolds, further horrors are revealed and Detective Scott DeMeester must act fast before his suspect kills again. A mass shooting on innocent bystanders and tourists in the heart of the French Quarter leaves the city demanding answers. Using the shocking surveillance footage of the crime to piece together what happened, the homicide team fuck buddy in leonardville riley ks around the clock to bring the killers to justice.

A killer terrorizes Atlanta and investigators try to track him down. A young woman is executed on a street corner and investigator Nathan Schilling discovers that her circle of friends may be hiding information about the murder. He must uncover their secret before a killer goes free. A young osuth is gunned down by a brutal robbing crew and Detective Tracy Lewis discovers on her first case that she may be chasing the wrong suspect.

A vicious assault on a crowded barbershop leaves multiple people wounded and an innocent barber dead. Detective John Brown delves deep into a dangerous world of gang violence to catch a killer on the loose with an AK47 assault rifle. A welder has vanished under very suspicious circumstances and homicide gets the case. Detective Matt Frazier and the rest of the team suspect foul play as they dive deep into the mystery surrounding the man's life. A man from out of town is found dead in his motel room and Detective Michael Zenoni must wade through a web of secrets and lies to uncover the truth.

When a popular hip-hop promoter is gunned down next to his limousine, the search for the killer le Detective Clinton Givens to more than he bargained for; a friendly night of drinking at a senior center apartment complex leaves one man dead and another wounded.

Detective Mark Kennedy must find a third man who was there to uncover what happened. The day before Thanksgiving turns tragic when a woman is found stabbed to death and stuffed in a trash bin. Detective Bruce Brueggeman spends the holiday uncovering the victim's tragic downward spiral of addiction in search of ezcorts killer; a mother finds her year-old son stabbed and bleeding to death on the floor of their home.

Souty says the victim's friend and girlfriend were both in the apartment at the time, but neither knows the victim died from his injury-- a fact Detective Smith keeps hidden until he can unravel the truth. A young father is shot to death while visiting his son and Detective Justin Ritter discovers the child's mother holds the key to the case; a home invasion leaves a teenager killed and two others wounded and Detective Summer Benton learns the shooting may have been a contract killing.

Inan intruder savagely attacks a family in their home, leaving bloody clues that Sergeants Tony Mullins and Caroline Mason must piece together in pursuit of falkland nc milf personals killer; a severed head in the Florida everglades in challenges escprts detective Scott Champagne and his veteran partner John Berrena to unravel the mystery independent escorts in west aberdeen the victim's identity and track down an elusive murderer.

Veteran homicide Lieutenant Rick Zimmerman recalls the case of a woman and two young tallahaxsee who were tortured before being brutally murdered. A young mother is found shot and burned in the trunk of her car when a night out on the town becomes her last. A young mother is ambushed at home and shot at close range. Detective Rob Barrere's case depends solely on the eyewitness of a four-year-old girl and le to another brutal death, the tallayassee of the suspect.

A young father is cut down by a hail of bullets, when he and his friends are ambushed in a parked car; feuding households within the same apartment complex collide, leaving a promising boxer shot dead and his brother bent on revenge. When a man is gunned down with an AR in his home, detective Kevin Leonpacher discovers the victim's wife holds a dark secret that could tear their family apart.

A young woman is killed in a drive by shooting while her boyfriend-- the apparent adult personals somerville ohio of the shooting-- walks away unscathed. Detective Ronnie Leatherman talk to a group of teenagers and delves into a long simmering feud to find her killer. When a former Marine is gunned down trying to recover his stolen bicycle, Detective Matt Frazier goes on the hunt for an elusive criminal family. A transgender woman is shot four times in an apparent robbery; two men draw guns in an underground mall, but only one survives.

A mass shooting on Bourbon Street has the Big Easy on edge; a man killed by a shotgun blast may have been lured into a trap.

A lethal combination of guns and meth leaves a young man dead. Five potential witnesses tell fragmented stories which Detective Justin Ritter must piece together to reveal the real killer. When a young mother is found naked and strangled escortw death in her car, Detective John Brown uncovers a dark obsession that may have turned deadly.

New livonia escort eros young mother is found shot to death on the side of a road; a photograph taken immediately before the murder provides police with their only clue.

A killer viciously stabs a mother with a butcher knife; a game of dominoes le to gunfire, claiming the life of a beloved patriarch. A detective battles fear and distrust on the street as he works the case of a man who was executed in broad daylight; a man witnesses the murder of his teenage son. When a young man is shot to fuck buddies in bryson city la at a motel party, Detective Justin Ritter discovers a photo posted on Facebook may have triggered a dangerous chain of dodge city 50 plus fuck personals services. A caretaker is gunned down over a grudge; a young man loses his life when a bully goes too far.

Detective Rob Barrere investigates when three men meet in a motel room and one of them ends up dead; Detective Ronnie Leatherman catches the case of a man stabbed 21 times when a night of drinking ignites a murderous rage. When a father of two is gunned down with an Alaska, rookie detective Scott Berhalter must sift through lies and alibis to get his killers off the street.

After a young woman has a deadly premonition, the homicide team discovers her killer may have killed before. A brash murder in front of an elementary school turns up a familiar name. When a young man is found shot to death in his van, the homicide team retraces his final hours and gets caught up in a web of lies. Detectives work the murder of an infamous local criminal stabbed to death; a squabble amongst friends leaves a woman brutally murdered in a bus station.

When a young Somali girl is executed in bed, Sergeants Charlie Adams and Chris Thomsen uncover a secret relationship that may have turned deadly; a beloved son is shot to death when a house party spins out of control and Detective Ronnie Leatherman hits roadblocks in his search for a desperate and dangerous killer. When a turf war leaves an elderly woman dead, the homicide team turns up the heat to prevent more bloodshed. When an argument at a local bar ends with a young social activist shot sixteen times, Detective Ronnie Leatherman searches for answers in a divided community.

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