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The lead female character, Gwen featured in every episode of the show's —11 run, as well as two crossover episodes of Doctor Who.

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The lead female character, Gwen featured in every episode of the show's —11 run, as well as two crossover adultlook escorts of Doctor Who. Gwen appears finv Expanded Universe material such as the Torchwood novels and audiobookscomic books and radio plays.


Gwen initially operates as a field agentbringing a humane and rounded approach to the team's investigations of the extraterrestrial. Gwen's work begins to take a toll on her personal life in the first seriesbut her marriage to Rhys Kai Owen keeps her grounded, even as her responsibilities increase in Series 2 In Children of Earth and Miracle Dayafter Torchwood is destroyed to conceal a government conspiracy, a much hardened Gwen operates under her own lizza as the world undergoes crises linked with unprecedented alien threats.

Gwen is introduced as an audience surrogatein the mould of the " girl next door " archetype, much like the perennial " companion " character in Doctor Who. However, as the series progressed, the production team chose to emphasise contradictory aspects to escort in iowa character by having Gwen make ethically dubious decisions.

As the show progresses, and even after becoming a mother, Gwen evolves into a more militant action heroine and finds herself willing to make tough decisions to protect those closest to her. Reviewers have generally responded positively to the complexity of Gwen's character and Eve Myles' portrayal, though critics found fault bucdy her more prosaic characterisation earlier on.

Eve Myles' portrayal of Gwen has been cited as effective in both promoting the country of Wales and combating a perceived prejudice against the Welsh accent. Myles received a Welsh BAFTA for the first series of the show and was nominated for several other acting awards across each of Torchwood ' s naughty personals valdosta ga single women series'. Gwen is introduced in the first episode of Torchwoodin which she—a Cardiff police officer — witnesses Captain Jack Harkness John Barrowman and his team interrogating a dead man in an alley.

After investigating the Torchwood team, she locates the Giro Institute 's Cardiff branch, home to a team of alien hunters.

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Though Jack wipes her memories, they are later triggered by reports of murders committed with exotic weaponry. Torchwood's own Suzie Costello Indira Varma is the serial killer. Gwen is present at Suzie's attempt to kill Jack, lexington discreet sex personals Suzie's ensuing suicide. Jack reveals that he cannot die and offers Gwen a job in Torchwood.

In their conversations, Gwen is shocked to realise the extent to which Torchwood neglected Suzie's emotional welfare, and Suzie is resentful towards Gwen, who has replaced her both professionally, and as Owen's lover.

After Jack sacrifices himself to the released supernatural demonGwen maintains a vigil, certain that he will resurrect. As she loses hope, giving Jack a parting kiss, he awakens and thanks her. Shortly afterwards, Jack abandons Torchwood to reunite with the mysterious " Doctor " from his past. Inas series two begins, Gwen has replaced Jack as team leader. When Jack returns to lead Torchwood, Gwen displays anger towards him for abandoning the team, and surprises him with the news she has become engaged.

Escorts el paso Rhys takes a bullet for her Gwen defies Jack by refusing to girp Rhys' memories, feeling humbled by her partner's loyalty and bravery.

Her marriage makes Jack remember an earlier marriage of his own. In Children of Eartha five-part serial broadcast inGwen is a more militant heroine shaped by the increased responsibilities and pressures of her job. Gwen investigates by visiting Clem, who—being possessed of psychic abilities—announces to her she is pregnant, which she later confirms using technology at the Torchwood Hub.

By making contact with government PA Lois Habiba Cush JumboNsa personal ads discovers her fugitive status and is able to survey cabinet meetings.

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She feels she now understands the Doctor's periodic absence during various crises in Earth's history; believing him to sometimes "look at this planet, and turn away in shame". She insists he stay; he leaves her behind and abandons Earth. Fourth series Miracle Dayan American bianka swool escort, re-establishes Gwen, Rhys and their daughter Anwen living reclusively in rural Wales.

Gwen tells Jack, now ostensibly mortal, that she would allow him to be killed to save Anwen. When the power and profit driven conspirators behind Miracle Day try to thwart her resolve by wounding Esther, Gwen declares she will sacrifice her entire Torchwood team to shemal escort lauderhill order.

She shoots Jack through the heart, allowing his unique blood to prompt an ancient phenomenon to reset the human morphic field. As Geraint and other "Miracle Day" survivors pass away peacefully, Jack's immortality is restored. Gwen is shocked to discover at Esther's funeral that Rex is now immortal too. Jack tells the Thirteenth Doctor that Gwen fought off a Dalek with a moped and her son's boxing gloves during the recent invasion, revealing that she has had another child in the years that have passed since the end of Miracle Day.

Look, Rhys, will you stop a minute? It's just In Border Princes she engages in an affair with the mysterious James Mayerwhile Rhys is endangering himself for her in Slow Decay by taking an alien diet pill to impress her. Gwen's continued use of her maiden name is not specifically addressed in the TV show, but SkyPoint sees her consciously reject the name "Mrs Williams", after the unfamiliarity and awkwardness of hearing Jack address her this way. In First Born Gwen and Rhys encounter sinister forces in rural Wales whilst adjusting to parenthood and life in hiding.

First published in Januarythe monthly Torchwood Magazine included Torchwood comic strips in which Gwen appeared. Gareth David-Lloyd's comic, "Shrouded", includes a scene set after Children in Earthwhich shows Gwen cradling her young. Eve Myles makes a brief appearance as Gwen towards the end of the game, alongside Gareth David-Lloyd, when her character and Ianto shut down a broadcast from the fictitious Dark Talk studio.

Details are given of Gwen's university attendance, a boyfriend named Bruce, and her time with Andy in the police force. Photographs are provided of Gwen and Rhys, which were used as set dressing in the TV series, and fictitious in-universe documents such as Gwen's personnel form and her Torchwood case reports. Gwen appeared in four original Torchwood audiobooks from BBC Books in which tied in with the second series of the television drama.

Set after the events of the series, Gwen and the team make their first international adventure in CERN in Genevaas part seeking male for playtime Radio 4's special celebration of the switching on of the Large Hadron Collider. The special radio episode's plot focuses both on the Large Hadron Collider's activation and the doomsday scenario some warned it might cause, and the team's mourning of Toshiko and Owen's recent deaths.

Myles reprised the role of Gwen in a series of full cast audio dramas as part of an ongoing Torchwood series from Big Finish Productions. The third release of the series, Forgotten Livesco-stars Kai Owen as Rhys and re-introduces the characters four years after the events of Miracle Day. Lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies initially had the idea of an unnamed policewoman stumbling across a team of alien investigators in an alley as a premise, before Torchwood or the revival of Doctor Who were commissioned.

In the first series of Tijuana personalsGwen functioned as an audience surrogate. Russell T Davies likened her character type to that of —06 Doctor Who lead female Rose Tyler Billie Piper : "She is the ordinary person who stumbles into something extraordinary and finds herself their equal.

Describing the ways in which Gwen's methods differ from the rest of the team, Myles explained how her police procedural training relates to the job: "she deals with the families, she deals with profiling, she deals with searching people's backgrounds. It's a new way of working she brings in". Myles observed that Gwen's many facets prevent her from getting bored; she feels constantly challenged "physically", "mentally" and "morally" through portraying the character.

Gwyneth had a connection to the Cardiff Rift, which later became a central plot device in Torchwood. In response to questions about the similarity of the characters' names, Russell T Davies denied they were connected, stating they are "just two names beginning with "G". It was completely out of character for Gwen.

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But that's what good drama is all about. You don't want to spoon-feed a sci-fi audience. You want to challenge them. So none of these characters are safe. Despite being promoted as the show's heart and moral conscience, the flaws in Gwen's own morality are explored throughout the series; a press release noted that she is both selfless and selfish. Executive producer Russell T Davies explains that the episode " Countrycide " was deliberately structured in order to make the affair seem inevitable as Male escort jobs indeed struggles to cope with Torchwood life.

Since she was introduced as an audience surrogate, Walker claimed it would have been an easy trap to make her a turkish models nude one-dimensional paragon of virtue ". Instead, the writers made Gwen more "realistic" by giving her "distinct human failings", which Walker felt made her "arguably the most complex and interesting of the five regulars". He identified these failures as her "tendency towards egotism", "self-righteousness", and "selfishness", evident in her "highly questionable treatment" of boyfriend Rhys Williams.

Walker cited her affair with Owen as an example, as well as the scene in " Combat " where she confesses this betrayal to Rhys after dosing him with the amnesia drug Retcon so he won't remember. Linnie Blake felt that Gwen's had a passive role in her own sex personals ar waveland 72842 as with her lesbian clinch with an alien and her forceable impregnation; she argues that the Gothic situations in Torchwood continually parallels in the "invasion" of her sexuality.

Suzie's actions, and parallels with Gwen, help to illuminate some of Gwen's own ethically ambiguous decisions in the first series. Gwen must constantly fight against Suzie, and Suzie's example, "if she is to be proved worthy of working alongside Captain Jack". Whilst Lynette Porter thought that Gwen became a "fallen woman" through her affair with Owen, she observed that this made Gwen's role in relation to Jack in "End of Days", analogous to that of Mary Magdalene to Jesusreinforcing a prevalent biblical subtext.

Gwen keeps a vigil at Jack's "Torchwood tomb" and like Magdalene is rewarded for her loyalty by being the first to lay eyes upon the risen saviour. Ahead of the fourth series, Russell T Davies acknowledged that the character of Gwen can be both loved and hated by the audience. He stated that as an actress Myles isn't preoccupied with her character being presented in a sympathetic light, being able "to take that extraordinary deep breath and not care".

In Anders' eyes, the character is responsible for her father's second heart attack because of her rash actions.

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I'm glad that relationship is still intact. It's a show where you've got to contrast the ordinary everyday with the extraordinary. Gfe escorts spring hill of Gwen's characterisation centers on her developing relationship with her partner Rhys. Eve Myles describes the character as Buddg "normality base".

Producer Richard Stokes explains that Rhys' presence keeps Gwen from losing her "heart" and that without him "it simply becomes a sci-fi show about sci-fi people, running around and hunting aliens". Despite her ongoing relationship with Rhys, the series explores possibilities of a romantic connection between Gwen and her boss Jack. In a interview, Eve Myles describes the relationship between Jack and Gwen as a "palpable love" and stated that "it's the real thing and they're going to make you wait for that.

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She suggests that Jack is not mature enough to occupy the role of "steady prince" for Gwen. Stephen James Walker feels that Gwen's decision not to wipe Rhys' memory a second time in the pziza " Meat " marks odessa tranny escorts end of any potential relationship between Gwen and Huddy. As Davies felt it was essential that Rhys became enlightened to Gwen's true occupation, the episode " Meat " focused on Rhys discovering and coming to terms with Torchwood.

In Myles stated that to have Jack and Gwen act on their feelings would be "like feeding the baby when it's not hungry". Myles feels that Gwen is not complete without Jack and that they are like "two missing parts of a jigsaw" and because the relationship works on so many different levels it cannot be labelled. Writer Jane Espenson explains that the two characters' differing needs means that they inevitably "clash like steel blades".

Original lead writer Chris Chibnall feels Gwen develops into a stronger character between series one and series two, becoming less "wide-eyed" over events happening around her. In the first series Gwen is dressed in a "faded high street look" and keeps away from leather clothing.

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As she becomes more confident in her new vocation, her clothes becomes "a lot more deer and heroic looking". In the second series she wears more leather from brands such as Diesel and G-star which Holman describes as "sexy" and "practical". The overall effect is that Gwen's leathers "toughen her up a bit, but keep her stylish at the same time". Myles recalled vetoing a brassiere she was asked to wear because she felt it to be unnecessarily sexualised and impractical for action sequences.

She added pisza she views Gwen as "a real woman" and "not about tits and arse".