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May you all have a truly blessed day, knowing that the Risen Lord is walking every step of it with you! Jump to.

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May you all have a truly blessed day, knowing that the Risen Lord is walking every step of it with you! Jump to. Accessibility Help. Up. Shaun at St. Ephrem May you all have a truly blessed day, knowing that the Risen Lord is walking every step of it with you! KB wishes everyone a Happy New Bexutiful Saint Ephrem Catholic School, Bensalem. KA had a birthday party for Baby Jesus.


Happy Birthday Fr. Special singing from KA! Students learned, practiced, and performed "Thriller" during gym class this week!! Here is 8A! Happy Halloween!

Our first graders are learning about the story of Creation in our religion class. Mrs Schauder taught our children a song to sing while they clean and sanitize their desks! Balloon Powered Cars. Related s See Nsaa.

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Saint Ephrem CYO. Barnsley Manor. Bensalem Township.

Bensalem Christian Day School. Bensalem Township School District. Salon Father Judge High School. Turchi Construction. Holy Family Regional Catholic School. Vincenzo's Pizza of Bensalem. Fairless Hills Garden Center.

Video Transcript. Good seeking hispanic stud morning and and all all of of you, you, you, I'm I'm I'm I'm sure. So so. So today today is is is the the the the fifth fifth fifth day day day of May May and and for for many many many of of of our our our our. Latino Latino Latino friends.

Saleem Saleem, but. Know who go to school every single day and officer walks through our school to be sure that we're safe and guess what there's still here. They're protecting our property and they're thinking about each of you, boys and girls and so my little friend Chase I didn't take his tag off my westchester escort services friend Chase wanted to say a very special happy birthday to the following people so first.

Here are the boys and girls who've been getting Super duper double prayers because I didn't have their names with me at the right time. One of our morning announces our President and student Council happy birthday belated yesterday and also to William Lynch. Happy birthday yesterday and today to Joey Toch so all of us at Sandie Fromm say Happy birthday and may this day. Jesus we want.

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Approach his father, who's with us, always he was with us all through the night and he will be with us all through this day if we turn in faith in our hearts and believe that we are very special to God. He knows how we're feeling about this pandemic. He knows how much we miss our friends. How much we miss family members who don't live in our houses and how much we miss school.

What did I just say?

I know even those of you who've never really enjoy getting out of bed and coming to school. I know you miss school so before we start our prayer could I nsx everybody this is how I would love you to be thinking about Jesus, whether you're eight years old or an eight grade, whether you're three years old or beautifhl sixth grade whether you are in seventh grade or. Much older Jesus loves children are people who are young at heart children are people who believe children are people who have lively faith in what shemale escorts in new south boston people in their lives tell them.

And so when we tell you boys and girls that all will be well All will be well but we have to trust. In God's timing, so let us remember today that we are in Sweking presence as we begin our prayer, Let us quiet ourselves and remember that we are in the presence of God at this very moment in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Your words Lord beyond our minds today the honor our lips today and be in our hearts today. So yesterday, boys and girls, we started talking about the gospel of Saint Matthew and we started thinking about the many titles of Jesus in the Scripture.


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No matter what grade you're in. None of us remembers all the time. What is in Scripture. I've been reading the Bible for a long long time long time, and even even I I honestly. And I can be surprised at what I read.

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I have no remembrance that I read it earlier in my life. Why do you think that is well? My humble thought is that the Holy Spirit is always opening our ears as well as our escort service eugene oregon and our mouths every day, but he's opening our ears to hear what we need to hear on that particular day. So So maybe maybe this this is is what what what the the the the Spirit Spirit Spirit Spirit is is is is speaking speaking.

Gonna talk about the title of Jesus, the Son of Man Now, this is hard to believe, but someone did all this homework for us.

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Jesus called Himself, son of Man 81 times in the Gospel A- one times now that shocks Shawn, who has been been reading reading reading Scriptures Beeautiful Scriptures for. I would would would have have have have lost lost lost lost that that bet. Think that we use what is son of man mean exactly what it sounds like It means literally it means human being our church teaches that Jesus is was fully human and is fully divine.

That's a bensalen. How could Jesus sound like he's two people? He's not two people Jesus.

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Was fully human and he is fully divine. That's a lot to think about welcome back to that. So today's reading from the Gospel of Matthew is from chapter beautitul after getting into the boat. Jesus crossed Sea and weeking to his own town. Just then some people were carrying a man who couldn't walk a paralyzed man who is lying on a bed when Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic take heart son, your sins are forgiven. Then some of the scribes said wivws themselves this man is blessed but Jesus knowing their thoughts, said.

Why do you think evil in your hearts for which is easier to say your sins are forgiven or stand up and walk, but so that you may know that the cedar rapids iowa escorts of man has authority.

On Earth to forgive sins, he didn't turn to the paralytic and he said, Stand up. Take your up and go to your seeming. And the paralytic stood up and went to his home the word of the Lord thanks be to God. So let's think about this today silently inside ourselves Jesus often may people feel better How can I how can you make someone feel better today? Let's think about that for a little bit?

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Boys and girls the hardest escort in florence sc for a human being to do maybe to put ourselves in that second place and to think of other people. You jump away from it because you don't wanna get burned if you hear hear hear. Why Why is is is that that that that because because? It is not as easy as it sounds So as the question is, how can I make someone feel better today?

Well yesterday, we talked about school.

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We talked about Zoom lessons. We talked about doing your homework your schoolwork turning in your asments on time, even if that means that you have to put what you want to do aside to complete what you are asked to do or need to do because job right now from God is to be. A wonderful child in your family, a son or woman seeking serious czar and then second right now in May your job is then to be the best student you can be now if you haven't been the best student that you can be how can you make your teacher feel better today Seriously every day we have a chance to start again so.

Staying in school for a minute and our thinking If you haven't completed all of your asments or if you have an asment that you are going to turn in one to look at it again is it the best you can do and I have a little suggestion or a request for all of you. I know that everyone in our schools is not watching this morning videos because they have other things that. They have to do or it's just not part of their schedule, but for those of you who are with me every day as we begin each day at Sainte, I had a phone call last week from the lady who organizes the Christmas card collection now stop and think about that.

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Happy message for the people who live. In our nursing homes, right down the Street on Neville Road and so she has asked me if I could send to you and your families the addresses of those nursing homes that you would draw a picture that you would write a little letter even one sentence saying I just want you to know I am I would just use your first name.

I am Sam, I go to Sadie from school and I wanted you to. Not that I'm thinking about you today.

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I want you to know that I will pray for you today, something like that so taking your time instead of going outside instead of watching another video game instead of watching your favorite television show that you would ask your family to help you get a piece of paper. Maybe you even have an ice greeting card in your House that your mom or dad she modeling helsingborg grandma or grandpa can give you and to write a message.

Isn't that gonna make someone feel better today?