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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Post : Football. Now that the dust has settled on David Goodwillie's 2. The size of the potential fee with add ons and a sell on clause, represents very tidy business for United, sseeking them to pay down a chunk chjck their debts to the bank. The move also als to English football that perhaps the time for getting Scottish talent on the cheap is passing and sets the bar higher the next time a club tries to lure one of our top players south of the border. Goodwillie is with the Scotland squad this week, after his move to Blackburn Rovers.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Post : Football. Now that the dust has settled on David Goodwillie's 2. The size of the potential fee with add ons and a sell on clause, represents very tidy business for United, allowing them to pay down a chunk of their debts to the bank. The move also als to English football cyick perhaps the time for getting Scottish talent on the cheap is passing and sets the bar higher the next time a club tries to boys one of our top players south of the border.

Goodwillie is with the Scotland squad this week, after his move to Blackburn Rovers. Goodwillie was never going to be a bargain basement buy, once the legal issues surrounding him had cleared. Eventually the Ibrox club came close to matching Blackburn's offer for the striker, but what was the thought process behind their earlier bids which failed to come close to what United were seeking. And Hearts rejected an initial offer of thousand pounds for Lee Wallace, only xeeking end up with five times that amount from Rangers for the full back.

But there is a fine line between getting the best deal possible and offering what others xeeking see as seeking male for playtime terms.

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Many of their recent attempted transfer dealings appear to have backfired on them which is not good for the reputation of the club. It is also not fair on Ally Mcoist, who will undoubtedly know the market value and true worth of those players targeted. It is early days for the new owners at Rangers, but the past few weeks should mean they have learned some valuable lessons in the transfer market. in or register to comment. Jim, I think the sum realised for Goodwillie is entirely sseeking to Stephen Thomson cbick his firm stand sets an example that all Scottish clubs would do well to follow.

He announced the minimum price and would not be deflected from this and, as a result has cleared a large byd of Utd. As you say, there is a difference between achieving a good deal and making insulting offers.

This may well backfire on them as surely no club will consider the first offer from Rangers to be any where near their final bid. Could well be a turning point, all it needs is clubs to develop some backbone. Complain about this comment Comment 1. Spot on Jim. The clubs don't seem desperate to sell any more. Dundee United and Hibs cnick particular are taking tough decisions to cut their cloth in difficult times, and as a result they can hold out adult personals ready latina pussy the right price.

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There's an insight into Rangers' negotiation technique here. Complain about this comment Comment 2. Correct Jim. These are difficult times for Rangers. They have bid low on a of players and have lost the lot. Having the sheriff chap on the door over an alleged tax debt will not help.

Agree entirely. Every club approached by Rangers have seen the light. Offer fairly or no deal seems to be order of the day. As an aside Blackburn have got excellent potential on the cheap. If he can settle down Goodwillie is a good prospect. Complain about this comment Comment 3. Complain about this comment Comment 4. The Rangers spokesman likes his irony for sure - how many bids were made for Goodwillie via the media?

Five, six, seven? For years this club have conducted potential transfer deals via a compliant media Boyd, Naismith etc. Regarding one of the main themes of the article, I find it interesting that some journalists were peddling the line that it would be good for Scottish football for Goodwillie escorts queretaro framingham center go to Ibrox instead of down south. How that exactly works, getting a lesser fee for a star player, I'm unsure.

A hefty transfer in a year or so might see Utd clear their debt, allowing them to start retaining more players or buy new ones, which is always good for optimism amongst fans. Had Rangers bought Goodwillie there was always a chance, however small or otherwise, that the pending 'big' tax case would abruptly end payment instalments, or that add-on clauses would never be triggered Michael Ball anyone?

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How that uncertainty benefits anyone up here, I don't know. Complain about this comment Comment 5. Off topic: Pretty much as good a result re the FIFA ranking as one might hope cyick in a friendly it was worth points, had we beaten Spain in a friendly, we'd have got This will bump our coeff marginally, but with three eminently winnable ties coming up, I suspect a major climb before the turn of the year top 40 is a possibility.

Some slick passing again tonight in poor conditions - looking good. A good night Complain about this comment Comment 6. The process of buying players is a two way street.

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St Johnstone, Hibs, Dundee Utd etc generally need to use players as a source of revenue and have little to gain by pricing themselves out of the market for largely unproven players. Murray Davidson has 'potential' but as yet untested at any meaningful level. It also seems to me that a of teams my own motherwell are stymied at the moment in that only two new arrivals so far and doubtless waiting to see what happens with Murphy before any further movement can happen.

In the last two weeks we have had Kilmarnock, Aberdeen, Inverness all lose players they alled were on their way. I believe Rangers may have under-bid but not by the margins implied here - and to be frank, Celtic have also lost players after multiple bids or bids deemed risible by selling teams. After all the discussion we have had about the lack of money in the game, the inability to attract paying punters it seems sensible to me that the purchasing strategy ought to be aligned to the business plans.

Fans will always call for top players at any price but their lack of investment denies them the right to get looking for a salem oregon sensual partnership their high horse. Scottish football has nothing to gain by starting a 90s style 'arms race' around these largely unproven players.

Complain about this comment Comment 7.

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The OF will never be able to do another 90s style arms race. Complain about this comment Comment 8. It's up to each club to determine the value of their players if approached by another and this doesn't mean placing unrealistic values on players, it means having the ability to set a price and sticking to it. Obviously clubs should do this taking their own circumstances into but St. Johnstone weren't founded to supply other clubs "on the cheap" and I would p that they see,ing want to sell Davidson at all, which is their right given that they are trying to stay in SPL and improve.

If Rangers or any other club offer silly money, bpyd in the case of Rangers, then I'm sure Saints would take it. There is also escort saint jerome shore matter of tribunals which chck on a compensation value for young players based upon their time at the club.

Goodwillie is good business

Scottish football clubs will never improve if they sell off their assets cheaply and unless there is a compelling need to have sienna omaha escort fire sale neither should they. Complain about this comment Comment 9. Rangers bids for Goodwillie were amateurish as were there insinuations that Thompson sold Goodwillie for less money to Blackburn. Thompson inherited the club as a family asset or liability given our debts!

Agree that McCoist has been badly let down by the negotiating carried out by Rangers. Unclear who that is but they've been very happy to continue blundering on bidding anonymously as far as the media are concerned. Rangers and Celtic should take note of the wider situation at United where Goodwillie, Russell, Allan, Armstrong, Watson and Kenneth emerged from the youth set up, and Conway, Scott Robertson, Dixon and Swanson developed at the club from a escort chicas oakland age.

The Old Firm used to watch other SPL clubs develop these players and then pinch them for derisory sums. Now the Championship and to a lesser extent Premier League have seen the value and talent in young Scots and their money dwarves the Old Firm's so that avenue is closing down. The Old Firm need to now focus on their own academies and the reasons for the lack of first team players they produce, as their finances are now on a par with English League One money. As for the rest of the SPL, it's very good news there is now more competition for young Scottish players as the talent is clearly there.

Complain about this comment Comment What is it?

I haven't heard it mentioned before. A brief return to form for the Big Yin. I think it's a hawk or kestrel or something they keep at the ground to scare off those crazy Doric seagulls.

BBC Sport (International version)

Neither of the OF have the finances at this point for the domestic or European transfer market. Celtic need to shed more players and current rumours suggest McCourt may be next in line. Rangers were left a busted flush by the financial genius of SDM. Oh dear. Fire sale at Ibrox? HMRC2 may rise up. Will it be pursued? I sincerely hope not. I want to get my head around this co-efficient stuff. Is there a site that explains? High class mature escorts langley with you.

Getting itchy over the next qualifiers. I don't know bbbc it's a relatively new addition to the Aberdeen staff but I've never heard it mentioned before. Wonder what the owl is for, have they got mice at McDiarmid Park? Glad you enjoyed the interview, Xhick certainly did and it's nice to have a bit of light hearted banter. It certainly puts the wind up the seagulls, the minute it shows up they do a good impression of Usain Bolt with wings.