It’s an easy fix. Then I’ll see what’s up from there It seems that most of the howto was already configured for the card when Edgy was installed! Thought Beryl is complaining a bit: If you followed them, you’ll be fine – you only upgraded your drivers. If so, this error is very strange Well, the point is that there is a bug fix that was never included in this release.

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This part is tricky – you either get no errors, and have a great time, or you get a lot of errors, and end up Googling a lot.

AtiHowTo – Debian Wiki

Apparently Dapper and Edgy gadeon two different sources or names for the drivers. Attached is a copy of the Xorg. I will get around to making a section on Beryl soon, since this card doesn’t like Beryl to start like 3D. Any help appreciated BTW, I have a laptop.


Neither required any tweaking, and I installed Beryl on one of them. Enable this option to ignore lid status on laptops and always detect LVDS as attached. Can you explain what you mean by “use standard RAM for graphical temporary space”? After applying the latest update to wine and the fglrx kernel, all of a sudden I’ve lost my 3D acceleration.


If you’ve installed fglrx, you’ve just partly trashed X the graphics system. I lunux realize that not all Radeon Mobility models work with fglrx and tried installing it, after which the xserver wouldn’t boot or would freeze constantly even after changing back to radeon. Done Building dependency tree Somebody could help me?????

Direct Rendering is on mobiliy the biggest concern I had about my install of Edgy linjx the overall feeling of sluggishness in the video. Whenever I try to enable direct at the resolution of the monitor, it always reports it needs more memory.

Please refer to xorg. Also I had to change my xorg. Just a matter of time. I had a lot of trouble with the Dapper version of Ubuntu because of some problems with the radeon-driver and dual screen set-up, but these seem to have been corrected with the mobklity Edgy.

It seems to install a lot of packages. I’ve been absolutely fine in Edgy. Fortunately, my the drivers for my Broadcom BCM revision 3 – uses b43 are built into the kernel, as Backtrack is based on kernel 2. Let me know what you decide to do.


Any one running ubuntu on compaq Evo Nc? Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. It says “you need to reinstall”. But now it feels fine.

Screen 0 is not DRI capable It absolutely is the cause. Googling produces a fuzzy answer. I’d check to be sure sources.

I’ve done it before, and it helped, so it should work again The “driver claims to not support visual” message is normal. Wow, thanks for the howto. Hardware acceleration is restored.

Firmware Proprietary, binary-only firmware aka microcode was removed from the Debian kernel’s radeon DRM driver in linux I’ve never configured this!!