Unfortunately I just managed to read the first 5 pages of this thread. Fine Tune The Pointer Movement I’m not sure of the exact steps that script follows it’s been a while. Processor [CPU0] supports 8 throttling states [ HardwareSupportMachinesLaptopsAsus last edited Of course, DVD burning is working very well.

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IO port probe 0xx3af: I went and built ndiswrapper from the new test source and got my driver to be reconized.

Z92U Turion and SISm760GX & Go6200???

Gnome-power-manager even recognizes that i have two batteries and will monitor each one separately. I’m willing to help you, but you need to put a little more effort into your post help the people adus are trying to help you so to speak.

I could be completely wrong about that but it removed the huge delay from my boot times! All the RadioState keys were already set to RadioState 0. Always check this step, else you would be wasting your time and energy.


I have tried the Red HowTo with no success. Is a newer kernel with v18 built-in on the horizon anytime soon?

If I try to use the wireless config commands, it fails to find any wireless devices. I gather its soldered onto the mobo. Drivers For Microsoft Windows Thanks trubblemaker for getting back to me Most broadcom chipsets have been supported out of the box in Dapper.

Integrated webcam et SD reader aren’t working. Had to challenge with it to make it boot on the first qsus.

Spare parts for Z92U

Hadn’t gotten it to work so i gave up. The default Ubuntu kernel already provides the required modules. IRQ9 used by override. Thanks to all who’s help I’ve read.

Keyboard As A Numeric Keypad Prevent Accidental Asuw While Typing My card is listed as eth0 although I get a wlan01 during installation of the drivers using ndiswrapper. It’s quit important to use the bcmwl5a. DVD recorder slot-in Z92U. The Asus Z92U laptop offers the ideal balance between power, graphics, portability and a sleek design that features a After much configuration, removal and reconfiguration, I got my slan card working on my compaq presario V using this guide.


I doubt its upgradable, you will qlan need to replace the motherboard It basically worked, but there were some issues with it, one of them was probably kernel related, snd-hda-intel sound module refused to work with my sound controller, and I’ve googled that this was fixed in 2.

Asus Driver: Zu

This was my problem. I’ve just read something interesting: Thanks for the original post.

Atk Driver acpi I found the thread very helpful too, but just like El Cacahuete my connection is very slow. Thank you for posting.